I have seen the `` Akakawa Fireworks Festival '' where you can enjoy exciting fireworks and craftsmanship and enjoy a lot of excitement

There are various fireworks displays, from small ones launched at local festivals and events to large ones held as tourism resources and industry. Among the large-scale fireworks festivals held throughout the country, one of the fireworks festivals recommended by those who like

fireworks is the Akagawa Fireworks Festival . I actually went to see what kind of fireworks are going up at the Akagawa fireworks display.

Akakawa Fireworks Festival Hundred Flowers Rebellion-The Story of Each Person Over the Night Sky '

The venue is between Haguro Bridge and Mikawa Bridge, Akakawa River, Tsuruoka City, Yamagata Prefecture.

The vast riverbed area is the venue, and there are various types of paid seats and free areas, from chair seats for 1 person to pier seats for 6 people.

The state of the pay seat side around 18:30.

Not only food and beverage stalls, but also the official merchandise store was popular and was waiting in line.

The goods related to the official character of the Akakawa Fireworks Festival 'Hanabu Akagawa' are so popular that they are sold out.

The Akagawa Fireworks Festival is a fireworks competition called the National Design Fireworks Competition ...

It consisted of 5 large star mines (continuous launches) such as opening and ending.

Immediately before the start of the fireworks, we witnessed the staff raising their spirits in circles. I feel enthusiasm for this fireworks display.

At 19:15, fireworks started to fire as soon as the countdown was over.

WANIMA 's “again” flows and fireworks open all at once.

Alps Smoke Industry Co., Ltd. was responsible for the awning. The opening will be handled by the company that won the previous Design Fireworks category.

There are many Chiwa that florets open all at once.

The fireworks will become gorgeous as the song rises.

At the end, fireworks will bloom all together and the opening will be closed. It was a gorgeous opening that made me feel that I was glad to come to this fireworks display just by looking at this opening. The announcement “The Alps Fireworks Industry was in charge of this opening. Please give us great applause.” Announces “Which fireworks company made this fireworks production” to the audience.

The Akakawa Fireworks Festival opening “Akakawa Hanae Maki” can be confirmed in the following movie.

Opening `` Akakawa Hanae Maki '' [Akakawa Fireworks Festival 2019]-YouTube

The program continues with a structure of 6 large starmines, 6 competitions, and large starmines. The competition has a fireworks section for design and a fireworks section for fireworks. In the section for design fireworks that competes for Starmine, each fireworks company launches a special Starmine. Limited company Ando Fireworks Store 'Ale-Light to Spring'

In the section of fireworks, there will be a total of 2 shots, each of which will compete for content such as whether the balls have opened successfully and how they were designed. It seems to be a simple competition, but it is a competition where you can enjoy the most craftsmanship pursuing the artistry of one fireworks. Nitta Smoke Shop “Four-core change chrysanthemum with rising music”

After the competition fireworks of the five companies are over, the next is the dramatic fireworks “Tatsumi Mimon ~ Tsuruoka Sanjo ~” by

Kabuya Smoke Shop . Just like the fireworks theater unfolded in ' I've seen the ISOGAI Fireworks Theater' where you can enjoy a heartwarming Christmas Eve with a collaboration of music and jewelery fireworks in the night sky. It is. The story begins with the theme of Mito Komon because it is a crest of the frog.

Fireworks go up together with the voice play. The delegation who visited Tsuruoka began to investigate when he heard that the local specialty

, Dachacha Bean, was monopolized by evil villains and the common people could not eat.

Skillful conversation between the villain and Shoya was held, and the oval danced in line with the familiar lines of “The Lord is also a bad habit”.

A party appeared there, and after chasing the bad guys in Chambara, a trefoil of the trefoil was launched, saying, “Is this monkey not visible?” The villains prostrate as “Haha”.

We took dadacha beans back from the bad guys and ate them together.

The ending will be over again with the theme of Mito Komon, and the dramatic fireworks will end.

Here, there is a time to wait for the smoke to come off, but the announcement will flow, saying `` Let's go to the sky all at once, such as a fan on hand '', and the direction that all the audience will blow out the sky was. It is an interesting and interesting place to enjoy the fireworks display with the participation of visitors.

After the competition fireworks were held, the third large star mine of the tournament, citizen fireworks 'The Gratest Rock × Fireworks Akagawa' began. “

The 111th Nagano Ebisu Fireworks Festival” was a spectacular fireworks display where the stars of the full sky were shining . QUEEN 's “We Will Rock You” flows and the fireworks that blow from the bottom rise to the right and left and the rhythm.

Next is “Bohemian Rhapsody”. From a spacious a cappella part.

Chiwa bloomed just before entering the guitar solo part. A wide range of wide and gorgeous fireworks go up one after another.

In the opera part and the rock part, it was blown up from the bottom to the melody one after another. Blown-up fireworks type is rich, is exhilarating to rise out rather than in a continuous endlessly.

At the end of the final part, the bronze squeaks, and the bronze crown was opened to the fullest extent.

The public fireworks 'The Gratest Rock x Fireworks Akagawa' can be confirmed in the following movie.

Citizen fireworks `` The Gratest Rock × Fireworks Akagawa '' [Akakawa Fireworks Festival 2019]-YouTube

Subsequently, after the competition, the fourth large star mine, the light of hope, “Illuminate. Beyond” began. The person in charge is Marugo Co. , Ltd. , ' I've seen' Shinmei's fireworks 'where light moves and shines in rainbow colors, and fireworks beyond my imagination rise .' ONE OK ROCK 's “Wasted Nights” flowed and colorful fireworks rose one after another.

From the middle to the second half, your favorite time-difference fireworks go up continuously.

The deeper the fireworks, the higher the density of fireworks.

From the competition fireworks, the winner of the design fireworks section was “GENESIS ~ Hymn to the Creation ~” by

Kita Nippon Fireworks Industry Co., Ltd. The opening of the 2020 Akagawa Fireworks Festival will be handled by the North Japan Fireworks Industry.

This is the “

War of fireworks ”, “Quarter-change chrysanthemum with rising curvature” and “Ichimatsu pattern flower” from Marutamaya Kokatsu Fireworks .

Finally, the ending large star mine “ephemeral bloom”. The fireworks were in charge of the '

've seen about 480m thing the large-flowered incorporating also 17 shot two feet balls bloom super extra large star mine' NTN super-extra-large-process 'Kuwana riverside district in the fireworks of' limited company Ina fire It was a fireworks shop in the factory . Fuji Fabric 's 'All of youth' flows and fireworks are launched.

In the first half, it was a production that made you feel “the end of this fireworks display is approaching” in a slow and calm atmosphere.

At the end of the game, the time-lag fireworks will be repeated and the venue will be exciting.

A wide-ranging tiger (fireworks rising like a tiger's tail from the bottom) and a bronze crown rose with the end of the song. Although applause occurs from the venue, it feels like it's a little unsatisfactory. Then ...

Superfly 's “bloom” began to flow, and a lot of flowers bloomed in the venue.

Fireworks go up one after another from end to end.

In the end, when the fireworks in Happo came out, a cheer came out from the venue.

At the final crown, the biggest cheer and applause of the day comes out. There were people who expressed their impressions of “surprising” and “best” around the lap.

If you try to see large-scale fireworks from famous fireworks companies, you can not see them unless you go to the large-scale fireworks held by each fireworks company. You can taste the volume and excitement that you have collected, and it is exactly the best album of the fireworks display. The impression was that it was a “new-year fireworks display” by actively introducing fireworks companies and encouraging visitors to advertise on SNS.

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