MegaBots that realized a huge robot battle between Japan and the United States goes bankrupt, Eagle Prime fought against Kuratas to sell on eBay

MegaBots, the developer of “ Cratus ” by Suidobashi Heavy Industries and “Eagle Prime” which developed a giant robot battle between Japan and the United States, went bankrupt. MegaBots listed Eagle Prime at an eBay auction at a starting price of $ 1 to auction their assets.

Giant Robot on eBay starting at $ 1-YouTube

MegaBots appeared in the world in 2015. `` I made a huge battle robot, but Suidohashi Heavy Industries first created a giant robot, Kuratas, so I could not become the world's first battle giant robot '', so I challenged Suidohashi Heavy on YouTube It became a hot topic.

A challenge letter arrives from the United States to a huge robot `` Kuratas '' that people can ride and operate-GIGAZINE

Suidobashi Heavy Industries also took on the challenge of MegaBots, and struck back to Japan and the United States by saying, 'Make it cooler,' 'American culture that should be gunned to big things,' 'Isn't it Japanese culture, a giant robot?' A huge robot battle will be held.

Giant robot `` Kuratasu '' publishes response to challenge from giant robot in the United States on YouTube-gigazine

In 2017, the US-Japan robot battle became a reality. You can read the details of the hot battle between Kuratas and Eagle Prime in the following article.

Japan-U.S. Giant robot battle, Suidobashi Heavy Industries `` Kuratasu '' tears one win with full punch-GIGAZINE

However, after the US-Japan robot battle, the cash flow deteriorated and MegaBots went bankrupt. In order to fulfill its obligations, we decided to sell our own Eagle Prime on eBay.

The Eagle Prime exhibited on eBay is 16 feet (about 4.8 meters) in height when standing, 11.5 feet (about 3.5 meters) when squatting, 15 tons, and two passengers It is a super giant robot, and it is the aircraft that developed a huge robot battle by close combat with 'Kuratas' on the Japanese side.

In addition to the 430-horsepower V8 engine, it has a complex electrical system and hydraulic drive system. However, oil leaks from the hydraulic system every 4 hours during operation.

The wheel part is a caterpillar type similar to heavy machinery and tanks. Because Eagle Prime is too heavy, you can only turn it on level terrain.

In addition to Eagle Prime itself, spare parts, shipping containers, and replacement attachments are also sold as a set. Claw arm of the type that is caught between the arm parts and ...

Approximately 230kg iron knife arm.

A drill arm with a saying that it was too dangerous and was used only once.

A 6-inch (about 150mm) double barrel compressed air gun is also included.

However, the double-barrel compressed air gun was damaged during the battle with Kuratas and may not move.

Eagle Prime is shipped from Oakland, California, so shipping to the west coast of the United States is $ 4,000 (about 430,000 yen) + shipping period 1 week, resident to the east coast of the United States $ 17,000 (about 1.8 million yen) + shipping period It takes 50,000 dollars (about 5.4 million yen) + 2 months shipping period each week.

Eagle Prime, listed on eBay, states: “There is some scratches and dents due to close combat with the prestige of the nation in order to give it a state-of-the-art giant robot and second-hand technology inferiority.” And a note is attached. There is no minimum price, and the starting price is 1 dollar, and the end date and time is 10:30 on October 4, 2019. At the time of article creation, there was a period of more than a week until the end, but 39 bids have already been made, and the maximum bid price was $ 50,100 (about 5.4 million yen).

15-Ton 2-Story Tall Gasoline Powered Car-Smashing Piloted Giant Battle Robot | eBay

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