Cruel Minesweeper `` Kaboom '' which is cruel and no compromise is allowed

Minesweeper is a simple but addictive game that removes mines from a minefield. `` Kaboom '', which is famous as a standard game on Windows and can play Minesweeper that can be played from the browser by searching for `` Minesweeper '' with Google search, in a VS computer pseudo-match format, Created and published by Paweł Marczewski, working as CTO on the software platform Codility .


In the initial state, Minesweeper of 10 × 10 squares can be played. It looks like Minesweeper itself, and at the bottom of the screen the number of land mines hidden in the squares (20) is written ...

Click 'New game' to restart the game at any time. You can freely change the number of squares and mines from `` width (horizontal) '' `` height (vertical) '' `` mines (mine) '', `` I'm too young to die '' `` Hey, not too rough '' `` Hurt You can also change the number of squares and mines from 'me plenty' or 'Ultra-Violence'.

At first glance, it looks like a normal minesweeper, but in fact the positions of the mines are not yet all fixed. While playing, the computer will gradually determine the position of the mine.

There is a 'Give me a hint' button that can get a hint, and an 'Undo' button to move back. However, the hint button does not work unless you can only proceed with the hint.

Click “Debug mode” ……

As shown below, the squares that can be clicked are green, the squares with mines are red, and the squares where the mines have not yet been positioned are displayed in yellow.

According to the author, Marczewski, he came up with the idea of 'a minesweeper in the form of playing against a computer' and started creating Kaboom. In normal Minesweeper, it is also possible to click a square with a mountain intuition, but in Kaboom, if you click other than a square where a mine can not exist, the mine explodes with haste and the game is over. However, if there is no way to select a square other than a mountain intuition, clicking on the screen will not step on a mine. That's why Marczewski describes Kaboom as 'a very cruel but fair game.'

The source code of Kaboom is released on GitHub.

GitHub-pwmarcz / kaboom: Cruel but fair Minesweeper clone

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