Congratulations, GIGAZINE again this year

Congratulations on January 1, 2020. Thank you again for GIGAZINE this year, Pokori.

This year's New Year's card looks like this. '

GIGAZINE Manga Award' Started recruiting in October 2019 & Top drawing making is like this-GIGAZINE 'Illustration by Toriname . It reaches various places related to GIGAZINE.

I printed a lot.

Reached a height of about 33cm.

First of all, this year, you will be able to start a new series of the GIGAZINE Manga Awards little by little. The process of the GIGAZINE Manga Award so far is summarized in the following e-book.

[Limited time free] Looking back on the last year of the 10th year with an illustration collection that summarizes the illustrations and treasured making of the 2019 'GIGAZINE Manga Award' [until 17:00 on January 1st]-GIGAZINE

In addition, present planning articles are continuing smoothly.

GIGAZINE New Year's holiday gift large release project 'Please answer the questionnaire and bring all together!'-GIGAZINE

What 's the progress on the example ? We will publish a report article called. We will also release a report for members of GIGAZINE Secret Club .

That's why I hope that I will work hard this year again and forward with Jiwajiwa. Thank you.

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