Which app's emoji is the “actually usable scissors emoji”?

Emoticons are defined by Unicode , the industry standard for character codes, but their expressions vary slightly depending on the OS or application. Therefore, for example , it has been talked about that the emoji of cheeseburger is different between Apple and Google . Blogger wh0, who noticed the subtle differences in emoticons that differ from app to app, is studying which app pictograms are practical as scissors?

Which emoji scissors close

Based on the scissors emoticons released on Emojipedia of the emoji version of Wikipedia, wh0 created `` scissors emoticons with blades closed '' independently, and which scissors emoticons for each application are practical Is being evaluated.

Mr. wh0 categorizes each pictograph into three types: 'left-handed scissors,' 'right-handed scissors,' and 'deficient drawing.'

◆ Left-handed scissors
・ Facebook Messenger
The message service provided by Facebook and the Facebook Messenger scissors message application for text and voice communications have a purple handle with a glossy thickness. The screw that connects the two blades at the 'key' part where the blades overlap is almost indistinguishable from the blades.

The 'blade closed' version created by wh0 looks like this. The blades do not close completely because the handles hit each other first. wh0 commented, 'When cutting, half the blade is useless.'

・ Samsung
The emoticons of scissors mounted on Samsung's smartphone are as follows. A protrusion called a 'hit point' is drawn at the position where the 'finger rings' that pass through the fingers collide with each other, or a 'small blade' that is the part of the blade that actually cuts things is drawn, With the discrimination of the screws, the scissors are quite real for the purpose you saw.

However, Samsung's scissors emoticons can not completely close the blade, it is clear from the image created by wh0. While wh0 accused 'Samsung emoticons can only use half the blade', he commented, 'The overall design is better than Facebook Messenger.'

・ JoyPixels
The predecessor of the open source of the pictograms library 'EmojiOne' JoyPixels pictogram of the red handle of the scissors. In contrast to the rounded handle part, the small blade is firmly drawn on the small blade, realizing both simplicity and realism.

JoyPixels's scissors emoji allows two blades to overlap. Strictly speaking, the two blades do not overlap exactly, but wh0 says 'within the margin of error' and gives a compliment 'very wonderful' 'gold medal in left-handed scissors'.

◆ Right handed scissors
・ Microsoft
Microsoft's scissors emoticons are abstract patterns that are far from reality. The outline is painted black.

Mr. wh0 assumes that 'the black outline is not part of the scissors, it is just a design' and 'scissors other than the black outline'. However, even on that assumption, Microsoft's scissors are never closed and useless. wh0 expresses his dissatisfaction, saying, 'I am irritated when watching.'

・ Apple
Apple's scissors emoji has a fairly large ring. Small blades and screws required are drawn.

Apple's scissors can't close the blade because of the large ring. Wh0 simply states, 'It looks pretty sturdy, but it's useless at all.'

・ Google
The Google scissors emoji has a clear screw, but no small blade.

Such Google scissors will have their blades crossed more than in the closed state. Because of its characteristics, wh0 wrote, 'It is not clear whether this scissor is right-handed or left-handed.'

・ Facebook
The Facebook scissors emoji has a design in which the ring is bent outward.

Many emoticons from other companies have been determined to be unusable because the finger ring hits first before the blade closes. Therefore, Facebook scissors with a design that the ring part is less likely to interfere look good at first glance, but wh0 says, `` The handle part close to the screw required hits '', and the Facebook scissor emoticon is `` almost usable Will not be '.

・ WhatsApp
The scissors emoticons installed in WhatsApp Messenger, the world's largest instant messenger application for smartphones, have a handle at the bottom and a blade at the top.

When trying to close WhatsApp's scissors, the scissor blades 'close almost completely'. “It's wonderful,” wh0 complained about the result.

・ Emojidex (Emojidex)
You can also post your own emoticons. Emoji Dex offers scissors emoticons that are slightly inclined. The blade is divided into two colors, black and white, and expresses the reflection of light. Hit points are clearly drawn between the two rings.

Emoji Dex's scissors 'closed almost perfectly,' praised wh0.

・ LG
The following is the LG scissor emoji. Looks like silver-colored medical scissors.

Such LG scissors are said to be completely closed. Mr. wh0 praised, 'LG is the # 1 emoji of scissors that can withstand practical use.'

In addition, wh0 also categorizes 'shortage of description' in addition to scissors for 'left-handed' and 'right-handed'.

◆ Lack of description
・ Twitter
Twitter emoticons are left-handed scissors.

The problem that plagued wh0 is the thickness of the handle (the red frame below) other than the finger ring called the 'arm'.

In terms of design, the arm looks like the same thickness as the blade, but it can be thought that it has the same thickness as the handle. Mr. wh0 considers two patterns of the arm part 'the same thickness as the handle part' and 'the same thickness as the blade', and when thinking that the arm part is the same thickness as the blade, the blade closes to the following image. In any case, it will not be completely closed. '

・ OpenMoji
The following is the scissors emoji provided by the open source emoji project OpenMoji . Although it is a right-handed scissor, the screw and small blade are not drawn, so it is a very simple design. Since the two handle parts have already hit, the blade does not seem to close any more.

Mr. wh0 first calculated that the center of the part where the two blades overlap was the position of the screw required as a fulcrum.

Based on the calculated screw positions and the assumption that the handles overlap, the following 'Emoji with the blade closed' was created.

'Calculated, OpenMoji's scissors work well,' says wh0.

Mr. wh0 who rated each scissors ranked the scissors emoticons of each company as 'LG is the first place, emoji dex is the second place, WhatsApp is the third place.'

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