A lithium sulfur battery that can hold a smartphone for 5 days and extend the traveling distance of an electric car to over 1000 km will be developed



The research team at Monash University in Australia has developed a new lithium-sulfur battery that has four times the performance of a conventional lithium-ion battery, can be used for 5 days by charging it with a smartphone, and has a mileage of 1,000 km with an electric vehicle.

Expansion-tolerant architectures for stable cycling of ultrahigh-loading sulfur cathodes in lithium-sulfur batteries | Science Advances

A new battery could keep your phone charged for five days | New Scientist


New lithium-sulfur battery could charge your phone for five days-CNN

Lithium-ion batteries are generally used for applications that repeatedly charge and discharge, such as smartphones. Lithium-sulfur batteries have also been used in some aircraft and automobiles, but the sulfur in the cathode undergoes a volume change of about 78% due to expansion and contraction during the charge / discharge cycle, resulting in lower capacity and shorter charge cycles. Had the problem of inviting

Mahdokht Shaibani and colleagues at Monash University redesigned the cathode to handle volume changes. As a result, we succeeded in suppressing performance degradation. Its performance is equivalent to four times that of a lithium-ion battery, and will maintain 99% battery efficiency even after more than 200 cycles of charging and discharging.

Shaibani says that sulfur is abundant, inexpensive, and affordable, which can reduce the cost of electric vehicles and other batteries. The battery will be tested further for commercialization within a few years.

In addition, at the news siteNewScientist, just like cobalt used by children of the Democratic Republic of the Congo as miners is used for lithium ion batteries, lithium sulfur batteries have similar ethical problems in sulfur production. Point out that you may be facing

The fact that the smartphone battery is made of cobalt discovered by child labor-gigazine

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