Cuteness Princess class `` Princess Connect! '' Was overflowing with charm anyway beyond the dimensional barrier

In the smartphone application “

Princess Connect! Re: Dive ” that has been decided to be animated, a colorful girl dressed in an avatar of a VR game will appear. Even at One Fest 2020 [Winter] , I was able to meet Pricone's character figures, but among them, the silent Elf girl Kokkolo was especially popular.

5-23-10 The crane's house displayed a kokkolo concept figure that springs out of the goblet with water. It is not only a character, but a stylish design of the whole design.

The kokkoro that appears from the goblet is just like a fairy.

The silence and expressionlessness are so cute.

5-15-12 KDG / Toy BOX exhibits a battle-style kokkoro with a spear.

It guides the hero without changing his expression.

You can also feel the texture of the adventure costume, and pay attention to its commitment.


Spear 's display is a swimsuit costume kokkoro. The light blue dress, which is different from the usual dark green, is full of cuteness.

It is irresistibly cute that the normal expression is slightly broken.


Sukimado that was exhibition, of chemo ear Detective girl, Kasumi.

It seems that there is a state that he is performing reasoning with his face.


Alumite exhibited a summer-specific mini-figure of Tamaki, a commercial soul girl with chemo ears.

The appearance of wearing a bikini according to the image color and holding ice on the left hand is cool anyway.

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