Important points to watch out for in dog care

Dog owners brush, bath, and trim their dogs, but shampooing and cutting more than brushing is actually a step into the dog's personal space and requires a lot of skill . Paul McGreevy, who conducts research on animal behavior and animal welfare science at the University of Sydney, discusses important issues that owners must keep in mind when dogs are groomed.

Why dogs don't care for being groomed (and for the love of dog don't snip their whiskers)

In general, terriers and poodles often have their hair cut, and Poodle quality standards state that 'traditional lion cuts are strongly recommended.' When the poodle was kept as a hunting dog, there was a merit that this lion cut entered the lake and river and immediately dried the wet poodle. Hair around the joints also helped protect the body.

Originally, many dog breeds were developed to do some work, and hair was practical and maintenance-free. However, in recent years there are many owners who groom, such as haircuts and dyeing, for their 'looks good'.

It is important that the cut does not make the dog uncomfortable. Grooming for dogs is 'detained, deprived of freedom in the water, over-contacted by unfamiliar people, and sometimes painful when brushed and pulled.' Therefore, it makes a bond with the dog (PDF file)

Dog Manship you will need a professional hand with the ability to minimize the discomfort of the dog to calm the dog.

In the case of dogs, not all hair is meaningful, but mustaches act as sensors. A dog's mustache moves around the mouth, has a network of blood vessels and nerves, amplifies vibrations, detects nearby obstacles, and maintains a sense of balance. It is not clear how beards detect and help the world, but it is said to be important for playing and playing with friends. Care must be taken in Europe, as cutting horse beards is illegal under the Animal Welfare Law and, like horses, cutting dog beards can have a significant effect on dogs.

And dog-to-dog contact is short-lived, and grooming by human professionals takes much longer. Nevertheless, the fact that the dog is still or closing its eyes tells the other person that it is calm so that they can not be interpreted as 'hostility' by making eye contact or moving. He is trying to do so. In other words, grooming humans need to recognize that a dog is 'patient' rather than 'enjoying' it. For this reason, trimming salons need to provide rewards and treats in addition to minimizing contact with dogs.

The owner must keep the dog as comfortable as possible. Grooming not only helps combat mites, but also helps to quickly identify health problems such as injuries and tumors. Grooming is important, but the owner also needs to be aware of the greatness of the trimmer and the patience of the dog.

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