GIGAZINE's electronic book summary, such as a readable MAX bicycle world travel record and comics in which a live delivery princess and a great gamer form a forbidden tag

In order to enjoy plenty of reading while staying at home during the consecutive holidays in May 2020, Chariderman's travels around the world by bicycle and the princess of the game distribution world meet the strongest gamer and make a forbidden ghost play Introducing all the e-books released by GIGAZINE on Amazon's Kindle, such as full-color comics and making collections of illustrations inspired by the Manga Award. All can be read for free at any time by Amazon Unlimited members, so check out what books are available at this opportunity.

◆ Charider Man Bicycle Travel Man / Run the World
Traveling around the world on a bicycle Takuya Suto @ Chariderman 's footprint in 150 countries is an electronic book that is too large a volume. With about 12,000 photos actually taken by Charider-Man himself, and a life story of traveling around the continent by bicycle, there is no doubt that those who like overseas travel can fully enjoy those who do not. The volume is too large, so be careful of the capacity and communication status when downloading. See this article for more details.

Charider-Man Bicycle Travel Man-Running the World First Volume (GIGAZINE) | Takuya Suto, GIGAZINE | International Travel | Kindle Store | Amazon

Charider-Man Bicycle Traveling Man-Running the World Second Volume (GIGAZINE) | Takuya Suto, GIGAZINE | Overseas Travel | Kindle Store | Amazon

By the way, as some Amazon reviews have reported, at the beginning of distribution, photos and text were not displayed well due to the terminal and environment, making it difficult to read. Here have already improved, how resolved to what kind of trouble here can be checked from.

◆ Collection of 'Light Painting' works
In 'Light Painting,' a collection of art works that uses light as a brush to draw a locus in space, you can enjoy the fantastic paintings of about 230 works of light. See this article for an introduction to the book. If you're interested in the record that wrestled with Adobe Indesign for a more enjoyable layout of your work, you can read it here .

Light Painting | Keisui Yamazaki, GIGAZINE | Art, Architecture and Design | Kindle Store | Amazon

◆ Full color comic 'Princess and Gamer'
The full-color comic 'Princess and Gamer', which was serialized in GIGAZINE, is a story about 'Princess' who plays the game live on the video / live distribution site. The princess who wants to be number one looks at the amazing gamer who goes to the same high school as the last resort. Check out the Kindle Comics for more!

Princess and Gamer | 撒 い お, Sankyu kyo, GIGAZINE | Manga | Kindle Store | Amazon

Also, 'Princess and Gamer' is releasing the movie of the first episode on YouTube. This is recommended for those who want to check it out.

[Free manga] If the game 'Hime' meets the strongest gamer ... [Episode 1]-YouTube

You can read the 'Mageograph Exchange Diary' of the same original / drawing combination for free at any time with Kindle unlimited.

Manga 'Mageosho Exchange Diary' book has been released & new manga information & Adobe Indesign's hardship making-GIGAZINE

In addition, a movie that allows you to read episodes 1 and 2 together is also available for the Magic Book Exchange Diary. Please check them together.

[Free manga] Lies, true intentions, love, and hate of girls connected by a magical 'exchange diary'. -YouTube

◆ GIGAZINE Manga Award Illustration Collection
At the ' GIGAZINE Manga Award, ' which we announce every month at GIGAZINE, we asked illustrators to draw very nice illustrations as 'top drawings.' 'GIGAZINE Illustration Collection' that summarizes the illustrations received for one year, 'Illustration complete version' where you can see the making with comments of the author and professional retakes, and 'The GIGAZINE Manga Award serialization decision work' You can read specially the manuscript at the time of application such as the work currently being serialized.

I ordered it with an illustration that reminds me of 'Manga Award' Summary GIGAZINE Top Painting Collection 2018 | GIGAZINE | General Art | Kindle Store | Amazon

GIGAZINE Manga Award 'Top Drawings' Illustration Collection 2019 Edition | GIGAZINE | General Art | Kindle Store | Amazon

◆ Free manga serialized
In addition, the manga serialized on GIGAZINE can be read free of charge at any time, whether it is the work that has just started serialization or the work that is almost complete. Please check all together at this opportunity.

Magic Book Exchange Diary Spin Episode 1 'What is Evil?'-GIGAZINE

[Free manga] Devil's side business life as a brave company Desma 1 'Starting a side job!'-GIGAZINE

[Free manga] Ameame Fure Fure lie, episode 1 'A girl who likes rain and Amao'-GIGAZINE

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