Attempt to further back up the backup power supply with bicycle power generation

There is a way

to introduce a generator to continue to supply electricity even if there is a power outage, but in order to use a gasoline generator, it is necessary to prepare gasoline, and it is possible to supply electricity in situations where gasoline is not available. It will be gone. David Schneider , editor of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) journal, IEEE Spectrum, has combined bicycle and solar power to build a system that can supply electricity at any time.

Use Your Bike as a Backup to Your Backup Power Supply --IEEE Spectrum

The east coast of the United States, where Schneider lives, is a region that is relatively unaffected by hurricanes, but storms and severe winter snowstorms can still cause power outages. Schneider built a private power generation system because the power outage was expected to last for a long time due to the increased need for access to the Internet, where electricity is essential due to the corona disaster, and the reduction in the number of people involved in electrical work. I decided to do it.

At the IEEE, a hurricane that struck New Jersey in 2012 made gasoline unavailable anddata centers were shut down . 'We need a gasoline-independent generator to supply electricity even if we don't have gasoline,' Schneider said, using solar power for his private power generation system.

Schneider can store two 100W solar panels and a nominal 420Wh on to secure the 300Wh power needed to run four laptops, cable modems and wireless routers for four hours. I bought a 12V / 35Ah battery and combined it with the 35A DC-DC converter I already owned to build a power generation system. This made it possible to supply electricity even if it rained for several days, but if it continues to rain for a long period of time, it is expected that solar power generation will not be possible and the battery power will be used up. I will. Therefore, Mr. Schneider thought that he needed a power source to further back up the solar power generation, which is a backup power source.

'I thought about using wind power, but I came up with a more reliable energy source,' said Schneider, who chose 'both feet' as the energy source. In other words, we will back up solar power generation by bicycle power generation.

Mr. Schneider made his own bicycle generator by attaching a motor and coupler to the bicycle stand . In addition, a digital monitor and a bicycle generator can be connected to monitor current, voltage, and power generation. A bicycle generator created by Mr. Schneider can generate enough power of 60Wh to connect a laptop to the Internet or make a phone call for several hours.

'It's a good experience for children to generate electricity with a bicycle generator. Every time you turn on a TV or a light bulb, you can think about how much power you need to generate the electricity you use. '.

In addition, if you want to secure power in an emergency more easily without building such a power generation system, you can use a portable power supply that is expected for outdoor use.

I tried using an ultra-large capacity outdoor battery 'Anker PowerHouse II 400' that can charge eight devices at the same time with a maximum output of 516 W --GIGAZINE

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