Chat service integrated application 'Beeper' such as Twitter, Slack, Discord has appeared, iMessage can be used on Windows and Android

If you are using multiple chat services such as Twitter's direct message, Slack, and Discord, many people will want to manage them all in one app. The service ' Beeper ' that fulfills such a wish has been released by

Eric Migicovsky and others, the founders of the smart watch ' Pebble '. The feature is that iMessage, which is installed only in Apple's OS, can also be used.

Beeper --All Your Chats In One App

Pebble founder launches Beeper, a universal chat app that works with iMessage and others | TechCrunch

Beeper is an app that can integrate multiple chat services and can be used on Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android. The chat services supported at the time of article creation are as follows.

・ Whatsapp
・ Facebook Messenger
・ IMessage
・ Android Messages (SMS)
・ Telegram
・ Twitter
・ Slack
・ Hangouts
・ Instagram
・ Skype
・ Matrix
・ Discord
・ Signal
・ Beeper network

Other services that aim to unify chat services include ' Texts ', and Beeper is not the first. However, a major feature of Beeper is that iMessage, which is installed only in Apple's OS, can also be used in Windows and Android. In the past, trying to available Microsoft is the iMessage on Windows attempt underneath is not yet led to a corresponding in the article was created. TechCrunch also points out that apps that can use iMessage on Android, such as AirMessage and weMessage , have restrictions such as having to prepare their own Mac.

Beeper controls each chat service with bridge software that uses the open source messaging protocol ' Matrix ', and iMessage is also sent and received using this bridge. In addition, although the jailbroken iPhone 4S owned by Beeper is used for iMessage forwarding, it is said that the contents of the message cannot be read from the Beeper side. It seems that it uses the same technology as the jailbreak application ' Remote Messages ' that allows you to send and receive iMessage on Windows, so even if the iPhone on the Beeper side becomes unavailable, you can replace it with your Mac or iPhone. ..

It costs $ 10 a month to use Beeper, but if you host Matrix and Bridge yourself, you can use it for free. The source code is published at the following URL.

GitHub --spantaleev / matrix-docker-ansible-deploy: Matrix (An open network for secure, decentralized communication) server setup using Ansible and Docker

Beeper · GitLab

At the time of writing the article, Beeper is in the stage of gradually expanding the number of users and cannot be used immediately. You can register an account from the account registration URL and wait for the expansion of users.

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