I tried using the portable power supply 'Anker PowerHouse II 800' that can output up to 11 units at the same time with a battery capacity of 216,000 mAh

Anker , known for its mobile batteries and quick chargers , will introduce the Anker PowerHouse II 800 portable power supply with a battery capacity of 216,000mAh on February 24, 2021. I actually used a portable power supply that boasts twice the battery capacity of the ' Anker PowerHouse II 400 ' that appeared in October 2020, and tested the power supply capacity.

Anker's Portable Power Supply / Outdoor Battery Product List Page | Anker Japan Official Website

The outer box of 'Anker PowerHouse II 800' looks like this.

On the side of the outer box, 'smartphone can be charged 55 times' 'notebook PC can be charged 10 times' 'digital camera battery can be charged 38 times' 'lantern can be used for 63 hours' 'small refrigerator can be used for 6 hours' 'It is possible', and the power of the large-capacity power supply is appealing.

When you open the lid of the outer box, you will see the instructions and Styrofoam that protects the top of the body.

Under the Styrofoam, the main body of 'Anker PowerHouse II 800' was wrapped in a plastic bag.

The main body of 'Anker PowerHouse II 800' looks like this. A liquid crystal panel that displays the remaining battery level and output is mounted on the upper part, and various ports are arranged on the lower part.

The ports are as follows, 4 USB Type-A ports on the upper side, 2 USB Type-C ports compatible with Anker's original output technology '

PowerIQ 3.0 ' and 2 types of DC input ports on the lower side It is installed.

In addition, there is one cigar socket on the left and two AC ports on the right.

The back looks like this. The white part at the top of the back is equipped with an LED, which can be used as an emergency light.

There are 3 levels of LED brightness, and the brightest state is like this.

The upper part of the main body has a handle that is convenient to carry.

The bottom looks like this. Two large rubber pads are attached.

The battery capacity of 'Anker PowerHouse II 800' is 216,000mAh. The maximum DC input is 120W (11-28V / 10A). The USB Type-C port has a maximum input of 60W (5V / 3A, 9V / 3A, 15V / 3A, 20V / 3A), and the maximum output is also 60W (5V / 3A, 9V / 3A, 15V / 3A, 20V / 3A). .. The USB Type-A port has a total maximum output (5V / 6A). The AC output is 500W (110V / 4.54A). The output of the cigar socket is 120W (12V / 10A).

There is a slit on the left side of the main body.

On the right side, an LED light is mounted on the top of the slit.

The brightness of the LED light mounted on the right side is like this.

The 'Anker PowerHouse II 800' body weighs 8.6 kg.

It looks like this when a man with a height of 170 cm holds it in his hand. Although it weighs 8.6 kg, it has a large handle so it feels easy to carry.

The accessories look like this. From top left, USB Type-A and USB Type-C cables, USB Type-C cables on both sides, a cable for DC input from a cigar socket, and an AC adapter for DC input.

In addition, the instruction manual and Anker products included the familiar 'Happy?' Card.

Before using 'Anker PowerHouse II 800', first charge the 'Anker PowerHouse II 800' main unit from the DC input port.

The remaining battery level is displayed on the LCD panel at the top of the main unit.

Use 'Anker PowerHouse II 800' to charge a total of 8 smartphones and tablets with 0% battery. This time, connect '

iPad Pro 12.9 inch ' and ' Pixel 5 ' to the USB Type-C port. Connect ' 2nd Generation iPhone SE ', ' iPhone XS Max ', ' iPhone 11 ', and ' iPhone 11 Pro ' to the USB Type-A port. In addition, I connected the iPhone 11 Pro Max and Pixel 3a XL to the AC output port via an Apple 20W power adapter .

After connecting the terminal, press the circular switch located at the top of each port. When this switch lights up in blue, the output from 'Anker PowerHouse II 800' will start.

During output, the LCD panel displays the total output and the estimated output time.

To see the effect of PowerIQ 3.0, I used a watt checker to measure the output from the USB Type-C port to the Pixel 5. Looking at the measurement results, you can see that the 'Pixel 5' of 8.54V / 2.13A (about 18W) can be charged with

the maximum input in the specifications .

After charging for 2 hours, 'iPad Pro 12.9 inch' is 100%, 'Pixel 5' is 100%, '2nd generation iPhone SE' is 98%, 'iPhone XS Max' is 94%, 'iPhone 11' 97%, 'iPhone 11 Pro' 51%, 'iPhone 11 Pro Max' 100%, 'Pixel 3a XL' 100%, most terminals can be charged to 90% or more battery level It was.

After charging 8 terminals, the battery level of 'Anker PowerHouse II 800' is 75%.

It seems that it can still be used, so I will try to power the notebook PC and full HD display.

I did some work such as text input and image editing for about 2 hours, but the battery of 'Anker PowerHouse II 800' remained as much as 52%.

As a result of actually using 'Anker PowerHouse II 800', I charged 8 devices including a tablet, and even after 2 hours of PC work, more than half of the battery remained. The battery capacity of 'Anker PowerHouse II 800' is 216,000mAh, and it can output up to 500W. In addition, it also supports input from cigar sockets, so it seems to be useful outdoors and in the event of a disaster.

The price of 'Anker PowerHouse II 800' is 74,800 yen including tax. From February 24, 2021, it will be available on the official website of Anker Japan and Amazon.co.jp.

Amazon.co.jp: Anker PowerHouse II 800 (ultra-large capacity portable power supply 216,000mAh / 778Wh) [Pure sine wave AC500W (instantaneous maximum 1,000W) / 11 units simultaneously charged / powered / total maximum output 770W / ◇ PSE certified] Camping Outdoor Overnight in the car Emergency / Emergency power supply: Home appliances / cameras

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