Kouta Hirano's manga 'Hellsing' to be made into a live-action movie by 'John Wick' screenwriters

It turned out that Kouta Hirano's manga 'Hellsing, ' which was serialized in Young King Ours and was animated twice, is scheduled to be made into a live-action movie. Amazon Studios , which produces original video content for Amazon Prime Video, and Derek Colstad, who wrote the script for the action movie ' John Wick' starring Keanu Reeves, will team up.

'John Wick' Writer Adapting Script For Manga Comic'Hellsing' – Deadline

According to Deadline, which deals with Hollywood movie-related news, the work is a 'live-action feature film.'

The encounter between Mr. Colstad and 'Hellsing' was made several years ago when his brothers informed him of the existence of manga and anime. Mr. Colstad, who liked the work, learned that the team of producer Mike Callahan had secured the right to partner with Brian Kavanaugh-Jones and Amazon, and thought, 'What a dream!'

It is still unclear how far the project is going and when it will be released.

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Anime '

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