'Cloth to replace smartphone display' is developed, can be used even after washing and drying 100 times

A research team at Fudan University in China has developed fibers and cloth that can be used like displays on smartphones and PCs. Clothes made from this cloth can display message exchanges on the cuffs and maps on the arms.

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A research team at Fudan University has developed transparent fibers with conductivity and fibers with luminescence. By combining these two fibers, we have completed an electronically luminescent fabric that can be used like a smartphone display.

The composition of the cloth looks like the following. The blue part is the conductive fiber, the green part is the luminescent fiber, and the gray part is the cotton, and the fibers intersect like a general fabric. It is suitable for practical use because it is breathable and durable, and it seems that the part where the two newly developed fibers overlap emits light.

There are various colors ...

Both emit light for each color.

When embroidered, it looks like this.

Similar 'cloths that can be used as displays' have been developed so far, but none of them could withstand the deformation of the cloth when it was worn or washed. The newly developed cloth is said to have high durability without becoming unusable even after repeated bending and stretching and pressing, and even after 100 washing and drying processes.

You can see how clothes made of cloth are actually used as a display from the following.

The message 'Hi' sent from the smartphone on the left side is also displayed on the cuffs on the right side ...

It is also possible to reply to the smartphone side by pressing the key provided on the cuffs.

It can also be used as a map substitute using GPS as shown below.

The research team created a cloth with a width of 25 cm and a length of 6 m. Spread the wrapped cloth ...

Partially emit light ...

You can make the whole light emit light.

Even if I handled it with a lot of effort, it did not break or stop emitting light. You can see that it is very flexible.

Huisheng Peng, who conducted the research, believes that this invention will revolutionize communication and help people with voice and conversation difficulties to express themselves.

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