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Every year, that April Fool 's Day has begun without any sexual discipline. What is true, what is a lie, what is a story, and maybe it is really serious? The borderline rattles and collapses, and in many ways it's the beginning of a terrifying day that is 'predictable and unavoidable'!

◆ A convenient way to know immediately every time an April Fool's article is updated
The editorial department of GIGAZINE will literally update each site that is preparing various things by piggybacking on April Fool's Day from 0:00 to 24:00 on April 1st in real time for 24 hours, and will continue to add it to this article collectively. Updates will be added over time, and this article will become longer and longer. In the case of 'Reloading the page and checking if there are any additions is a waste of giga ...', we will post update notifications to GIGAZINE's Twitter official account and Facebook official account at any time. So, it is useful to follow it. In addition, for Chrome and Firefox, you can click the 'Notification' icon in the upper right to see the update with push notification.

◆ How to make a story about April Fool's Day
If you find 'I'm doing April Fool's Day!' On a site not listed in the article, or if you can send me a self-recommended message 'I'm doing April Fool's Day!' It's OK. As a point to keep in mind, even if the editorial staff of GIGAZINE goes to see the site, they can not judge because 'Which is the story of April Fool's Day ...?' & The editorial staff gives up the article without understanding the meaning of the story There is no choice but to do it ... or 'It seems that something has changed normally, but I do not know the state of the original site, so I do not know exactly where or how it changed ... I was in trouble ...' since the case to or or crazy delay could not be certain about the mountain every year, when the tipster is 'is a point to be here to see!' always 'is different here in previous with such sites, April Fool's Day joke of this sense If you write the explanation, commentary, points to see, and points to be held here together with the URL and address of the page, both the GIGAZINE editorial staff and the readers will understand 'I see!' It will be easier and more understandable, so we apologize for the inconvenience, but thank you for your cooperation!

◆ Summary list from here
The contents vary from official collaborations to informal ones by individuals.

◆ Virtual slap tool 'BINTA!'
Internet service provider Interlink has started offering a virtual slap tool 'BINTA!' Specializing in slaps.

Interlink, which closed its office in June 2020 and teleworked all employees, thought that it would be possible to slap as if there were employees next to them even with remote work, and led to the development of 'Binta's Virtual Office'. It was said that. BINTA! Can easily slap without worrying about whether the other party is present or busy. However, you cannot chat, talk to, or consult with us. Various effects have been confirmed, such as 'I started to think about the parts that I couldn't reach when I gave a whisper to my subordinates with BINTA!' And 'I was able to solve the lack of communication.'

In addition, in a survey of 2000 men and women in their 20s and 30s nationwide, 81.2% said they had considered slap because of dissatisfaction with their boss. So, BINTA! Is also equipped with a 'revolution mode' in which people in positions such as the president, department manager, section chief, chief, and chief cannot slap at all.

In the normal mode, it is possible for the participating employees to slap each other, while in the revolution mode, the person in the position is in a punching bag state where only the slap is received. Therefore, Interlink cautions that '(Revolution mode) is a free option, but it is not affected by temporary emotions, so please think carefully before using it.'

◆ [Signboard girl training game] Biccame girl
'Biccame Musume', a training game that turns a BicCamera store into a beautiful girl, has been announced by Aitior, a cloud-based telephone service.

You can see the PV of 'Biccame Musume' from the following.

[Signboard girl training game] Biccame girl ON LIVE! Now available! (BicCamera store anthropomorphic project)-Nicen Games #April Fools-YouTube

◆ A large number of bubble bobbles, the main characters of the 'Bubble Bobble' series, invade Tokyo! ??
It is reported that Bubble Bobble, the main character of the popular games ' Bubble Bobble ' and 'Puzzle Bobble', has proliferated and is advancing in Tokyo. Below is a picture of the invasion of the proliferating Bubblen, taken by the interview team with the thought of dying. It seems that the total number has increased to 35.

According to Taito, the publisher of 'Bubble Bobble,' it has been 35 years since the arcade version of 'Bubble Bobble' was released. To commemorate this, 10 types of Bubblen's GIF animation that can be used on SNS are released on

the official page.

'Of the local review bulletin board explosion site .com ', we have developed a 'BAKUMINTIA (explosion Mintia)' in collaboration with the 'MINTIA' of the mint tablet.

Baku Mintia is said to have been adopted by NASA's space food at the enthusiastic request of astronauts, who are heavy users of has announced that even non-astronauts will be able to purchase Baku Mintia at supermarkets and convenience stores nationwide from April 2, 2021.

◆ 'Quest Board', an app that allows guilds to solicit and receive orders for quests in games and light novels
Guild Works , the developer of the product management tool 'GuildHub', has developed a bulletin board app for posting quests in games and light novels.

Anyone can recruit and apply for quests using the quest board. You can also nominated rewards and quest completion deadlines before ordering a quest.

In the product version, it will be possible to pay rewards with PayPal, an electronic payment service. At the time of writing the article, the quest board has a demo version released for Android.

The APK file is distributed on the official page , so if you are interested, please actually install it and try it out. However, since it is under development, there are restrictions such as 'I can not pay the reward', 'I can only display up to 10 items in the list', 'I can not transfer the data to the product version', 'There are problems everywhere'. ,You should be careful.

◆ Tofu Font 3D
'Daisy bell ', which creates and distributes original fonts, has released TofuFont 3D , which is a type stamp for letterpress printing.

When I visited the official site of TofuFont 3D, the font on the site was garbled and replaced with a square like tofu.

You can actually purchase stamps that can print 'tofu', which is annoying to web users, in the real world from the following.

TofuFont 3D / Tofu Type For Letterpress Printing (April / 01) --Daisy Bell --BOOTH

◆ Guru-Mi-Jack the mischievous guru of the movie 'Homunculus'
The live-action movie 'Homunculus ' released on April 2, 2021, based on Hideo Yamamoto 's manga serialized in the weekly Big Comic Spirits, has been hijacked by the mischievous Guru Mi. Looking at the official poster, Go Ayano, who starred, has been replaced by Guru-Mi.

Guru-Mi-was the original and appeared as a stuffed animal possessed by a high school girl. Hearing that such 'homunculus' was made into a live-action film, Guru-mi participated in the preliminary preview. However, because there was no turn in the live-action movie, Guru-mi-the person himself was sad and trembled with anger.

On Twitter, Guru-Mi posted a protest tweet to director

Takashi Shimizu about the fact that he couldn't appear in the live-action movie even though he appeared in the original manga.

In addition, Guru-Mi announced a protest statement on March 31, 2021. In addition, Guru-Mi-the person himself cannot speak, so the owner, Piti, is commenting on his behalf.

'Why didn't you appear in the movie even though it appeared in the original comic ... Why can't I see it?'
I was looking forward to the preview, but maybe because I wasn't there, I was angry and attacked more than usual. I can't speak Guru-mi, so I, the owner, will protest instead. Tomorrow, I will jack the official website the day before the release, and let me calm the anger of Guru-Mi, who has nowhere to go. From Piti

In addition, the anger of Guru-Mi-cannot be stopped by hijacking the poster, and it is breathtaking that the official website , Twitter , and Instagram are also hijacked.

◆ Medibang Paint
Medibang, the paint app 'Medibang Paint ' and the illustration / manga posting & SNS site ' ART street ', has released 'Medibang Paint Goku -KIWAMI-', a drawing software that goes beyond the concept of paint.

'Medibang Paint Goku -KIWAMI-', which has evolved with the installation of AI, has a 'work ip function' that makes it fun to work on behalf of friends, and a 'rebuke encouragement function' that compliments you ... …

It is said that it is full of functions that can reach the itchy part of the painting, such as the 'approval desire protection function' that buzzes the picture and satisfies the approval desire.

In addition, Medibang has launched

'EAT street, ' a service for drawing people who tend to forget to sleep and eat and immerse themselves in their creations.

EAT street introduces a lot of innovative recipes for people who are 'difficult to think about what to cook' and 'don't know how to cook' ...

'MediBang Eats', which delivers the dishes listed on EAT street to your home, will start soon.

◆ Kitty's younger sister Mimmy finally makes her solo debut on YouTuber!
Hello Kitty 's twin sister, Hello Mimi, who is a popular Sanrio character and is also active as a YouTuber with more than 270,000 registered users, has decided to make her solo debut as a YouTuber. In commemoration of this, HELLO KITTY CHANNEL will become 'HELLO MIMMY CHANNEL ' for one day only, and a comment return video by Hello Kitty will be posted.

Also, the icon of Hello Kitty's LINE official account has changed to Hello Mimi.

In addition, Hello Mimi's YouTuber debut was April Fool's Day in 2020, and it was announced in the following movie.

[Hello Mimmy Channel] Trailer !? --YouTube

According to Sanrio, not only Hello Kitty and Hello Mimi, but also other characters are preparing various stories. If you are interested, please check Sanrio's official Twitter account.

◆ Anime 'Bungo Stray Dogs Wan!'
The official Twitter account of the TV anime 'Bungo Stray Dogs Wan! ', In which the character of 'Bungo Stray Dogs' becomes adorable and minimal, has changed to the 'Gakuen Bungo Stray Dogs Wan!' Specification set in the school building. I will.

In addition to the images, the following introductions are also available.

'Eh? Do you want to know my past? What should I do ...'
The entrance ceremony where the cherry blossoms dance. Atsushi Nakajima, a poor high school student on the verge of starvation, meets a man trying to hang his head under the cherry blossoms.
The man's name is Osamu Dazai. A man who is known to be of unknown age after repeated hospitalizations and discharges cannot be stepped on by teachers or disciplinary committee members.
He is said to be a member of the 'Armed Student Organization', which is rumored to solve the aragoto.
Atsushi Nakajima, who for some reason helped with the work of the 'Armed Student Organization', gradually learned to search for tabby cats and school reserves.
I'm involved in the work behind the garden ...
Ryunosuke Akutagawa, a member of the school's hostile organization 'Port Mafia,' stands in front of Atsushi, who has stepped into the back-office work.
Karu. A mysterious transfer student, Chuya Nakahara, who knows the past of Osamu Dazai appears here ...
The reason why Atsushi is targeted, Dazai's past, and the secret of the school revealed ...!
Does Atsushi Nakajima have a fun school life? ??
…… That ︖ Somehow, did you explain this before?
Rabbits and monsters weave together with pleasant friends Yuruto Gakuen Saiharu Gag Spin-off ︕ Opening here! ??


◆ Omi communication
According to Tarekomi, a function that makes you insanely scary when you access the general news site Omi Tsushin by introducing an advertisement blocker has been implemented. If you access Omi Tsushin with the ad blocker add-on disabled, the normal specification page will be displayed ...

When you access Omi Communication with the add-on enabled, it looks like this. The background and letters were dyed red like blood, and the eyeballs and garbled messages were displayed where the advertisement was. too scary.

In addition, the color and garbled characters of the site are said to be limited to April Fool's Day, but it seems that it is a normal specification that the eyes are displayed when the advertisement is blocked.

◆ Shibaura Institute of Technology Toyosu Campus No. 1 School Building
On the Toyosu Campus of Shibaura Institute of Technology, the 'Toyosu Campus No. 1 School Building' has been completed, complete with pilotis that make cats want to enter.

From the design stage, the Toyosu Campus No. 1 School Building, which adopted the concept of 'Shibaneko', a regional cat that lives on the Omiya Campus of Shibaura Institute of Technology, has been very popular with cats since the first day of completion on April 1, 2021. was.

◆ Kuroko's Basketball
A pinup with the theme of Alice in Wonderland has been released on the official Twitter account of the anime 'Kuroko's Basketball' that was broadcast over three seasons.

◆ Usseewa! Hawk Gerion Daughter's Blade RISE
The anime 'Secret Society Eagle Talon', which counts the 15th anniversary from the start, will start a new series as a live-action work of guinea pigs 'Usseewa! Eagle Talon Musume no Blade RISE'.

The amount of information posted on the official Twitter account is quite large.

◆ 3D action adventure game 'blue archive' will be released!
It has been decided that the RPG game 'Blue Archive' for smartphones will be released as a 3D action-adventure game. The preview movie is available on the official Twitter account.

'Blue Archive is now an action-adventure game!'

Introducing Shiroko, a sand wolf wearing a balaclava

A car exploding and burning on the street

A large bundle of bills packed in a bag

A fierce car chase with a helicopter

Shiroko blows up the entire building and leaves the place immediately.

It is a package design that I have seen somewhere, and it is designated as Z for 'only for teachers'. The 'blue archive' will be sold only in Kivotos in 20XX.

◆ Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle
It has been decided that the Android / iOS game app ' Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle ' will be equipped with a new mode 'DOKKAN OF THE DEAD' that protects the city by defeating the resurrected dead with a special move. If you look at the movie posted in the tweet announcing the new mode, you can see how the zombies swarming are being blown away.

◆ Is 'Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid S' a live-action TV drama as a TV drama 'Sachiko Kobayashi's Dragon Maid S'? !!
It was announced that the TV anime 'Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid S ' scheduled to air from July 2021 will be made into a live-action drama as ' Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid S'. The official website is a live-action version, so life-sized figure Thor and singer Sachiko Kobayashi are lined up. It seems that 'Mr. Kobayashi' will play the role of the main character, Mr. Kobayashi.

In addition, the full-body image of Sachiko Kobayashi and the information 'cv Sachiko Kobayashi' have been added to the column of Mr. Kobayashi on the character introduction page.

The icon and header image of the official Twitter account have also been replaced with the live-action version.

In addition, a message from Sachiko Kobayashi, who plays the leading role, is published on the official Twitter account.

◆ Mount Renyaa
Morinaga Milk Industry's chilled beverage, Mount Rainier , has announced a new 'Mount Rainier' whose package has been hijacked by cats. In addition, Mount Rainier's official Twitter account has also become Mount Rainier specifications.

◆ d anime store
For some reason, 'recommended properties' are introduced instead of 'recommended anime' at the d anime store, which is a streaming anime distribution site. If you try clicking on a tattered property that says 'No deposit, key money, rent! You can move in immediately!' ...

In the anime '

Hina Matsuri ', the time when the supernatural girl Apricot lost her place and started a homeless life in the park was displayed.

◆ Working UFO Boys!
The UFO of 'Part Time UFO ', an action game for Nintendo Switch of HAL Laboratory, which is famous for the 'Kirby of the Stars' series, has been newly announced as 'Part Time UFO Boys!'

UFO from space challenges the part-time job of the earth by making full use of its proud crane. is what they said.

◆ ROCK / POP / CUTE Harajuku character design brand 'HYPER CORE'
Harajuku's character design brand 'HYPER CORE' has released 'Hyper Beats', a service that delivers beats by delivery.

Deliver various types of beats to your home. You can enjoy club sounds while you are at home.

The equipment of the delivery staff is very substantial. In addition to a dedicated helmet, bicycle, and backpack-type component, the total weight of the effector, turntable, beat, and equipment is very heavy.

◆ Mysterious unidentified creature Saba originals actually existed! !!
Airsoft and Sabage information site ' Hyper Douraku ' has released a reportage chasing the mysterious unidentified creature 'Saba Genjin' that appears in the Sabage field.

Footprints of a surprisingly realistic size with a length of over 30 cm ...

What did the interview team see in the Sabage field using ancient bullets as a clue?

BGM is also available for Hyper Dora, so if you want to follow the mystery of unidentified creatures with immersive music, please visit

the official site of Hyper Dora.

Theme From SWAT-Rhythm Heritage --YouTube

◆ mineo shop Hollywood 'Zako' branch | ☎️0120-924-803 (free call)
K-Opticom, which operates the cheap smartphone / SIM service mineo, announced that it will open the mineo shop Hollywood Zako branch as an over-exaggerated sales base for mineo from Thursday, April 1, 2021.

On the official website, the face of Hollywood Zakoshisyoh , who is the branch manager of Hollywood Zakoshisyoh, will be displayed in the background of the announcement. In addition, a toll-free number window where you can listen to 'exaggerated voice guidance' by Hollywood Zakoshisyoh is open to the public.

Since the sales base is overstated, the business hours, the number of parking lots, and the line generation are orders of magnitude.

◆ Magic: The Gathering
The official Japanese website of the trading card game 'Magic: The Gathering' has undergone a major renewal based on opinions such as 'there are many images and the display is slow'. The site after the renewal has an access counter with a nostalgic atmosphere ...

Information on the latest set 'Strix Haven: Magic Academy ' scheduled to appear on April 23, 2021 is posted along with a simple GIF animation.

If you click the button on the upper right, the wallpaper of the site will be noisy at once with a gimmick.

Perhaps because of the gimmick, or because the opening movie explaining the process of the renewal is being played,

the score of 'PageSpeed ', which is an index of page display speed, is '50', which is not good. I did.

◆ Late Late Kamekar [Official]
The browser game site ' Raterate ' where you can play the lateral thinking quiz ' Sea Turtle Soup ' has become the official site of the new TV series 'Late Late Kamekar'.

The synopsis of each story was also introduced. The first episode, 'YES! It's lunch time,' has a heartwarming content, 'Midori, a turtle car, has drank sea turtle soup ...'.

There is also a collaboration cafe menu. However, probably because it uses a turtle as a motif, it has a plain color such as green or brown as a whole.

◆ Golden Corda Starlight Orchestra
The smartphone game 'Golden Corda Starlight Orchestra' with the theme of youth stories and orchestras played by high school students has released a PV of April Fool's Day, which is called 'Festival of Fools Celebrating Spring'.

◆ 'Princess Principal Crown Handler' official website
The official website of the anime 'Princess Principal' has been occupied by a butler.

When I visited the official website, the nice middle-aged girls, not the girls, enjoyed the tea time with the message, 'We are tired of lying.'

◆ Future Gadget Research Institute
The official Twitter account of the 'Science Adventure' series such as the popular adventure game 'STEINS; GATE' has announced the new business of the circle 'Future Gadget Research Institute' that appears in Steins Gate.

You can see what kind of item the new product 'Telephone Range (Tentative) ' scheduled to be released on April 1, 2036 is in the following movie.

Future Gadget Research Institute Released on April 1, 2036 Phone Range (Tentative) --YouTube

Also, if you go to the official website of the telephone range (provisional), reservations for new products are accepted ...

It seemed necessary to transfer the world line to make a reservation.

◆ Custom cast
The 3D action defense game 'CUSTOM CAST DEFENDERS' can be played on April 1st only with the smartphone app 'Custom Cast' that allows you to create 3D models of Virtual YouTuber and distribute it on Nico Nico Live Broadcasting.

Actually launch a custom cast.

Tap the 'CUSTOM CAST DEFENDERS' banner displayed on the left side of the home screen.

The start screen will be displayed, so tap it.

Game Start. The stage is an eerie Western-style building.

You can work with your own 3D model.

You can also shoot with a gun.

When I was wandering around because the field was too wide, I attacked Robo Nei from behind. The game is over when a huge drill pierces the place where I tried to look back and shoot. If you are confident in your action shooting game skills, please try it.

◆ Otomate
'Otomate', a brand of romance games for women, has announced 'OTOME TUNE', a video distribution site for otome games.

The 'OTOME TUNE ♪ Award ', which decides the number one distributor of OTOME TUNE, is said to count 613 times this time.

◆ Animation 'Good night at Demon Castle'
The movie version has been announced on the official website of the TV anime 'Sleepy Princess in the Demon Castle' and the official Twitter account. It will be open to the public for 3 days from February 29th to February 31st, 2022, and will be held at the Demon Castle's Sleeping Hall.

… And, of course, the movie version is a lie of April Fool's Day. However, on March 28th, the official Twitter account released a newly drawn visual with the message 'Please pay attention to the ongoing development of' Sleepy Princess in the Demon Castle '!'. The TV anime ended in December 2020, but the signs of new movements seem real.

◆ Four Rhythm EXTRA Nyan Beyond the Cat
Sprite, who works on the popular romance game 'Ao no Kanata no Four Rhythm', has announced a new work 'Cat Beyond For Rhythm EXTRA Nyan' featuring the stuffed animal 'Jigami-chan' that appears in the film. According to the official website , it is scheduled to be released in 2222, and the platform will be a game machine that exists at that time.

◆ Only Sacre Lemon!
Futaba Foods' long-selling product, ' Sacre Lemon Only!', Which is a package of only sliced lemon and surrounding ice, was announced on Twitter. It is a product that you can enjoy only cold and bittersweet sliced lemon and sour and crispy ice. Of course, this is April Fool's story, but the tweet contained a large number of replies eager to commercialize it.

◆ Handsome series
CYBIRD, which handles the romance game 'Ikemen Series' for women, has announced the start of offering content services for feature phones with the scent of Heisei.

From the QR code prepared on the special site ...

You can access various contents reminiscent of the black history of yesteryear, such as 'self-professional' and 'dream novel'.


◆ Honda Motor Co., Ltd.
Honda Motor Co., Ltd. (Honda) , one of Japan's leading automobile and motorcycle manufacturers, has a Twitter official account, and in April 2021 the TV animation ' Super Cub ' based on the super cub with a cumulative total of over 100 million units produced worldwide To commemorate the broadcast from the 7th, we released the manufacturing method of Super Cub. It seems that a good 'turnip' will grow by carefully planting the key in the soil.

◆ Love Live!
The official Twitter account of the 'Love Live!' Series has released the game 'Final Battle! Aqours VS Aliens' where the school idol group Aqours and the aliens who attacked the city fight.

When you access the portal site of 'Love Live! Sunshine !!', a link to 'Final Battle! Aqours VS Aliens' will be displayed, so click it ...

The game starts with 'Gameplay'.

The content of the game is to click on aliens instead of clicking on Aqours members. As the game progressed, aliens running at high speed began to appear, so the game was quite responsive.

The official Twitter account for the 'Love Live!' Series also announced 'Nyangasaki,' which depicts the story of cats living leisurely in the school, set in Nijigasaki High School in Odaiba, Tokyo.

The story of 'Nyangasaki' will be released on Twitter one after another. The story of Kasumi, one of the member cats, looks like this.

From the following, you can watch a movie that introduces Nyangasaki.

A movie introducing the story 'Nyangasaki' that you will find with Minya-YouTube

◆ Let's play with Pinyakorata! ~ Idol quiz king deciding match ~
At The Idolmaster Cinderella Girls Starlight Stage (Deleste) , a quiz game will start on April 1st only.

When you start Dereste, an event will flow and the appearance of the quiz game will change completely.

The moderator of the quiz show 'Quiz de Cinderella' is Pinyakorata, a familiar mascot character in Dereste.

The content is a quiz game in which four players participate online. Various quizzes will be given, from problems that can be said to be common sense for Dereste players to difficult problems that only those who are quite familiar with it will understand.

◆ pixiv FACTORY
We announced that the original goods production platform 'pixiv FACTORY' provided by the illustration communication service 'pixiv' and the online shop creation service 'BASE' can now make radishes.

Actually access pixiv FACTORY and try to make your own original radish. First, click 'Try to make'.

Click 'OK'.

Click 'Add Image' and then 'Select Image' to upload the image you want to print on the radish.

If you click 'Preview' on the upper right after uploading ...

It is possible to see what happens when you actually print an image on a radish.

You can design the only original radish in the world, but you can't really order it.

◆ Fate / Freedom Order ~ My Unite War ~
In TYPE-MOON's popular game ' Fate / Grand Order ', the April Fool's exclusive game app 'Fate / Freedom Order ~ My and You's Unite War ~' was delivered.

When I accessed the official website of Fate / Freedom Order ~ My and Your Unite War ~, a notice of the end of service was suddenly displayed.

The app is available for iOS and Android. To download the iOS version this time, tap 'Download from App Store' on the official website.

You will be taken to the App Store page, so tap 'Get' to install it.

When launching the app, you will be asked to access the camera to use the AR function, so tap 'OK'.

That's why the app starts. The character design is

Mr. Bernard Lyot III, who is familiar with the ' Understanding with Manga! Fate / Grand Order' series.

Decide the gender and name of the main character and tap 'OK' to start the game.

For some reason, Da Vinci devised a mysterious game of 'assembling servants to create a servant and fighting' in order to train the main character.

In the battle, you can use the AR function to watch the battle between the evasive servants on the desk taken by the camera. Point the camera at a flat surface and tap the white frame ...

The battle of servants begins.

You can draw a gacha using the sacred stones that you can get to win the battle.

Also, by breaking up the drawn servants and combining the head, body, and background ...

I was able to create my own servant. The game will end at 23:59 on April 1st, so it is recommended that those who want to mass-produce evasive servants check it out early.

◆ Alice Gear Aegis
Alice Gear Aegis, a game for smartphones, announced that a quantum computer has appeared as a new life support campaign.

When I started the game, a huge quantum computer was sitting on the home screen. When I tap it ...

A mini game called 'DEPTH SEARCHER' has started. Tap the screen to start the game.

This time, select 'Beginner'.

Then, a screen with hexagonal squares (hexes) lined up will be displayed, so tap one of them.

Then the blue hex was opened and became a white hex. The number written on the white hex represents 'the number of adjacent hexes where the enemy is lurking'. In other words, this mini-game is

a version of Minesweeper 's square changed from a square to a hexagon.

Tap the button at the bottom right, then tap the hex that you think the enemy is lurking to mark the enemy you want to defeat.

In the same way, when you open the hex ...

I was able to clear it.

Even though it is a new life support campaign, it seems to cost 1.98 billion yen because it is the latest quantum computer.

◆ Zombie Land Saga Revenge
The TV anime 'Zombie Land Saga Revenge', which started broadcasting on April 8, 2021, has started a 100-day serialization project of a 4-frame manga. The four-frame manga is produced by Yuuki Kikuchi, the author of that 'crocodile that dies in 100 days '. However, unlike the crocodile that survived for 100 days, Sakura Minamoto was suddenly hit by a truck on the first day, as at the beginning of the first period of animation.

Yuuki Kikuchi also tweeted her enthusiasm for the series.

In addition, director Munehisa Sakai, who is the director of the TV series, confessed that he had discouraged the crocodile-like image tweet of 'crocodile dying in 100 days' after hearing this April Fool's Day project.

◆ Is the Order a Rabbit?
Day-to-day anime 'your order Is Rabbit?' Which was a coffee shop rabbit house to stage the official Twitter account of, special site ' your order Is mortal sin? ' Was published.

When I accessed the special site, a mysterious story was displayed. First, click on the image of the door.

I arrived at the entrance of the Western-style building, so click 'Explore the mansion'.

Then click 'Go Back'.

I was asked which is more important, 'mofumofu' or 'smooth', so I chose 'mofumofu' this time.

After that, if you answer some questions ...

'Cocoa Greed', which symbolizes one's sin, has appeared. After clicking 'Accept Sin' ...

You can download the illustration of 'Cocoa Greed' by clicking 'Receive Painting'.

By uncovering the seven deadly sins in this way, it seems that the door locked by the key can be opened.

◆ 'Granblue Fantasy' Sky Hajike Festival
'Granblue Fantasy (Granblue Fantasy)' collaborated with the legendary jumping gag manga 'Bobo-bo-bo-bo-bo-bo' for some reason.

Looking at the official Twitter account of Granblue Fantasy, the icon and header image are bobo bobo bobo bobo, and the profile also says 'Tweet the popping notice from the operation', the information of Granblue has already exceeded 27 million people with the title logo. In the state of only letters.

Bee of the official 4-frame manga 'Grand Blues! ', Which is familiar in April Fool's Day of Granblue Fantasy? Appeared. I'm planning something, but what's behind it is ...

It was the Toei Animation logo.

Is it a

disturbing woman? Is it pretty? Be worried? A yellow shadow that appears in front of.

That's why Bobobo-bo-bo-bo-bo, who will celebrate his birthday on April 1st, appears in Granblue Fantasy. In addition, the voice is properly attached to the dialogue.

Buty's sharp thrust is also alive and well.

Bobobo, Don Patch, and Jelly Jiggler are quite reliable companions.

In addition, at Bobobo, the promised

popularity voting material was also firmly suppressed.

◆ Burning Kabaddi
The animation 'Burning Kabaddi' with the theme of Kabaddi , the national sport of India, will start broadcasting from April 2021, so when you access the official website , the top page of the site will be in Hindi, the official language of India. It was changing.

Even the tweets on the official Twitter account are in Hindi.

◆ Dragon Quest Die's Adventure
On the official website of 'Dragon Quest Dai no Daibouken', where the second TV anime series is being aired, the fake hero 'Derorin' and his friends are posing instead of the main characters such as Dai and Pop. ..

Furthermore, in the official Twitter account, it was titled 'Dragon Quest Derorin's Great Adventure' started! ', And an audio comment from Derorin (voice: Hiro Shimono) was released.

◆ Tourism Bureau of the Republic of Nauru
The official Twitter account of the Japan Office of the Tourism Board of the Republic of Nauru reported that it was decided to grant Nauru nationality to its followers. The number of followers on the account has reached 174,000 at the time of writing, and this decision is expected to dramatically increase Nauru's total population from 13,000 to 170,000.

◆ Congratulations on this wonderful world! Fantastic Days
The official Twitter account for the game app 'KonoSuba! Fantastic Days' was the personal account of Megumin, the Red Demon Ark Wizard.

◆ Subway
Subway's official Twitter account has announced a new product, 'Cat Sand'.

If you visit the cat sand page , you will find a lineup of cat sand ...

You can see how to make it at home.

◆ Cinderella Nine in August
The official Twitter account of the social baseball game 'August Cinderella Nine' for smartphones introduces guests whose birthday is April 1st. The silhouette of the shaved head is ...

It was Masumi Kuwata, who was a former Yomiuri Giants pitcher. In the main game, you can see an event limited to April 1st, so if you are interested, please check it out.

◆ Iwashita Foods
President Kazutoshi Iwashita of Iwashita Foods, known for 'Iwashita New Ginger,' announced that the Tochigi Cultural Hall in Tochigi City, Tochigi Prefecture, where the company is located, has become 'Tochigi Iwashita New Ginger Hall.' In addition, President Iwashita's tweet has a hashtag of '#April Fool's Day', but due to the naming rights business, the nickname of Tochigi Cultural Hall will be changed to 'Tochigi Iwashita's New Ginger Hall' from April 1, 2021. Is a fact . In other words, treating this announcement as an 'April Fool's lie' is itself an April Fool's story.

◆ Muv-Luv 'BETA' Forbidden Hollywood movie!
In the official Twitter account of the adventure game ' Muv-Luv ' series, the Hollywood movie 'MIB eta' based on the extraterrestrial species 'BETA' that is hostile to humankind is announced. MIB eta is an abbreviation for 'Mafia Kajita , Itecomas Beta'.

When you access the special site, you can see Mafia Kajita, who is dressed in black and holds a silver ray gun, and BETA's ray class and tank class.

In addition, Mafia Kajita is active in multiple fields such as writers, actors, and voice actors, but it seems that the identity was a powered suit operated by a small Mafia Kajita. Various other confidential information is collected, so if you are interested, please take a look at the special site to the end.

◆ SCP Foundation
The top page of the Japanese version of the SCP Foundation , which works secretly with the mission of containing and suppressing goods, existence, and phenomena that violate the laws of nature, is a nouveau riche hobby.

If you click on the banner of the 'Otegoro Contest' that is being held only on April 1, 2021 ...


document about 'Winning and rolling ' was displayed.

◆ Idol Master Million Live! Theater Days 'Milli Woman Fight'
Start the music game 'Idolmaster Million Live! Theater Days (Mirishita)' distributed for Android / iOS and log in to start the event. One day, the producer fell asleep ...

When I woke up, I was involved in a mysterious fighting event.

That's why the 3D fighting game 'Milli Woman Fight' begins.

Story mode is a three-person team that wins.

The following movie is where I actually played Milli Woman Fight.

The Idolmaster Million Live! The April Fool's Day project 'Milli Woman Fight' at Theater Days looks like this-YouTube

While playing, I thought, 'I've seen each and every motion somewhere ...', but when I saw the news, it said, 'I'm getting the cooperation of the Tekken project.' Certainly, the movements of the idols in Mirijo Fight may have been similar to the skill motion of Namco Bandai's 3D fighting game 'Tekken', such as Heihachi, Xiaoyu, and Bob. Miri Onna Fight is just an April Fool's story, but it is scheduled to be added to the game corner in the summer of 2021.

◆ Sega
The official Twitter account of game development company Sega posted a GIF animation called 'Garsey' instead of the familiar 'Sager' in commercials.

In addition, the same account distributed the material of the image 'I will not lie to April Fool's Day' the day before.

◆ Eve's World Toys
In the music game for smartphones, 'Bandri! Girls Band Party! Bandri! Girls Band Party! ', 'Eve's World Toys ', which moved the stage to the Warring States period, has started.

The title screen is completely in Sengoku mode.

Chiyu Tamate was Masamune Date, Yukina Minato was Shingen Takeda, Eve Wakamiya was Nobunaga Oda, Nanafuka Hiromachi was Mori Motonari, and Kasumi Toyama was Yoshihiro Shimazu.

Play movies are also posted on Twitter.

◆ Matsuya
The official Twitter account of Matsuya, a beef bowl chain store, announced that it will switch to a curry shop from April 1, 2021 in response to the popularity of ' curry with lobster sauce'. In addition, it is said that the ' Goro Chiki Curry ' that appeared in 2019 and caused a series of addicts will be revived in the near future.

◆ Holosters
The movie 'HOLO STARS -OVER THE SKY-' starring the male VTuber unit 'Holostars' has been announced. The poster clearly looks exactly like the blockbuster movie based on the American comics.

◆ Kaginado
Key's official Twitter account, known for its romance adventure game 'CLANNAD,' has announced the company's first crossover story, 'Kaginado.'

According to Kaginado's special site, Kaginado will be a magnificent co-star woven by a total of more than 100 characters appearing in Key's work.

◆ Youth simulation game 'Super AI Nurturing Story Kizuna Ai Gakuen' sent with Kizuna AI
It was announced that the popular VTuber Kizuna AI will be a school romance simulation game. The image was released on Twitter under the title 'Super AI Nurturing Story Kizuna AI Gakuen'.

What kind of game it is actually is released in the following movie.

[Decision to make a game] School romance simulation [Kizuna AI Gakuen] --YouTube

◆ TV Anime 'The Quintessential Quintessential Bride ∬' Official Homepage | TBS TV
On the official Twitter of the TV anime 'The Quintessential Quintessential Bride ∬', the official website commentary of 'The Quintessential Quintessential Quintessential ∬' is announced.

When you access the official website of 'The Quintessential Quintessential Quintessential ∬', 'Fuko Uesugi' in a wedding dress is surrounded by quintuplets. It is appealing, 'The five-person, five-color romantic comedy performance of 500% handsome!'

The character information has also been changed to the groom's specifications. 'Fuko Uesugi' was introduced by her father to become a housekeeper for the Nakano family.

The character information of the quintuplets was also changed to the groom's specifications.

◆ Virtual YouTuber Usada Pekora is arrested
VTuber office ' Hororaibu of the popular virtual user tuber that belong to the' Usaida Pecora san, it has been suddenly arrested during the broadcast of a news program. The charges are under investigation, and he seems to have denied the charges.

[New program] Pekonews | PekoNews !!! [Hololive / Usada Pekora] --YouTube

Other Hololive members commenting on Pekora's arrest.

It seems that the person himself will make an emergency live broadcast from 21:00 on April 1st.

◆ Virtual YouTuber Sara Hoshikawa
VTuber office ' rainbow disaster of virtual user tuber that belong to the' Hoshikawa Sarah 's is, seems to be through to the no host club also Shokori. At 0:08 on April 1st, I will post the following tweet that appeals to be a weak girl ...

A few seconds later, I'll post a tweet like this:

◆ 'Vivid Army' 'Amy', the character of 'the topic in that advertisement' has changed! Hyper muscle evolution implementation!
It is said that 'Hyper Muscle Evolution' has been implemented in Vivid Army.

There is an advertisement for Vivid Army that says, 'Amy will never return as a result of unimaginable training.'

It is said that the implementation of Amy, a muscular muscle that faithfully reproduces the advertisement, has been decided. It is introduced as 'a character suitable for the hero who will support the vivid army in the future'.

◆ [April Fool's Day] New OVA 'Azur Lane Bisokuzenshin! 'Bisoku's Roots' production decision! | TV anime 'Azur Lane Bisoku Zenshin!' Official website
The official Twitter of 'Azur Lane Bisokuzenshin!' Announced that the production of 'Azur Lane Bisokuzenshin! Bisoku Roots', which depicts the encounter of four ships, was decided the day before. I will.

When I accessed the official website, I found that along with a graphic novel-style announcement image, 'Aptitude test is just a real battle', 'Shipships being overrun by the red-eyed Offnya unit', and 'Azur Lane Bisokuzenshin!' The story of 'The Roots of Bisoku' was introduced.

◆ Bee Musume-Pretty Connect Re: Dive God Derby
The game production company ' âge ' has released a completely new work 'Bee Musume-Pretty Connect Re: Dive God Derby'.

When I opened the official website of âge, the logo of 'Bee Musume-Pretty Connect Re: Dive God Derby' was announced. It is a design that mixes the titles of games developed by the game development company ' Cygames'.

The game content is that the extraterrestrial species 'BETA' that appears in the game '

Muv-Luv ' developed by âge becomes a beautiful girl 'Beemusume' and races while destroying the city with a unique Beemusume.

◆ Captain Usopp announces next time at ONE PIECE
Captain Usopp is giving the next notice. Usopp took his friends and headed for 'Raftel', the final point of the 'Great Route (Grand Line) ', where one piece of treasure (One Piece) is said to sleep. '.

◆ Thunderbolt Fantasy Project
It is said that the production of a collaboration film of 'Thunderbolt Fantasy Higashi Riseki Yuki 3' and 'Fate / Grand Order', which was inspired by the puppet show 'Glove Puppet', which is popular in Taiwan, has been decided. ..

The doll of the popular Fate / Grand Order character 'Altria Pendragon (Saber)' has also been released.

◆ Domino's Pizza Cheese Perfume | Domino's Pizza
The official Domino's Pizza website has an introduction page for 'Domino's Pizza Cheese Perfume'. It is a perfume that reproduces the 'rich and mellow cheese scent that scents from hot pizza.'

It is supposed to be used when you want to talk about love with the scent of cheese.

◆ White Cat Project
COLOPL , which develops the RPG ' White Cat Project ', has announced a new 'White Dog Project' in collaboration with Snoopy.

[White dog project] Beta version pre-release PV --YouTube

Looking at the official website , it looks like this.

◆ Shirow Miwa
Shirow Miwa , a member of the creator group supercell and serializing 'DOGS / BULLETS & CARNAGE ' in Ultra Jump, posted an illustration of 'Holy Grail Robot War GRAIL ROBOT WARS GRAND OEDER' on his Twitter account. He is in charge of the illustrations of Brynhildr and Sigurd appearing in Fate / Grand Order, but in the illustrations of the Holy Grail Robot War, servants and treasures with a more mecha-mechanical appearance such as Mecha Elichan, Charles Babbage, Xiang Yu are lined up. ..

◆ Fate / Grand Order ・ 'Become your favorite horse and run through the singularity with your equestrian girl !!'
Illustrator ReDrop, who is in charge of the illustration of the servant 'Kama' appearing in the popular smartphone game 'Fate / Grand Order', announced 'Delusion Singularity Equestrian Girl' where the servant becomes a 'equestrian girl' and runs a singular point. did. The event will start on April 1, 2201.

◆ TV Anime 'Higurashi When They Cry' Official Website | TV Anime Starts Broadcasting in July!
The official account of the TV anime 'Higurashi When They Cry' announces that Sanrio Puroland was built in Hinamizawa Village, the stage of the anime.

When I accessed the official website of 'Higurashi When They Cry', I saw an illustration of the characters holding Sanrio characters.

According to the introduction, in Hinamizawa Village, where Sanrio Puroland was built, 'No tragedy or haunting of Oyashiro-sama will occur, let alone a story of people who live happily surrounded by Sanrio characters, far from a series of mysterious deaths.' Will be deployed.

On the page of Satoko Hojo, who introduces the characters, it is written that 'I don't know the reason, but

Pochakko 's voice imitation is unusually good.'

◆ Higurashi When They Cry
On the official Twitter of the smartphone game app ' Higurashi When They Cry Life', it is announced that Satoko Hojo's uncle, Teppei Hojo, will appear as 'Converted Teppei'. If you organize 'Converted Teppei' and Satoko into the same party, you have the skill to take over the damage of Satoko, which is suitable for calling 'Converted Teppei'.

◆ Hanamaru Udon
Hanamaru Udon's official Twitter account announces the distribution of 'Oageno Mask' using plump and juicy rice. Oageno Mask is said to be characterized by 'moisturizing', 'safe two-layer structure', and 'comfortable feeling'.

◆ SHOW BY ROCK !! Fes A Live
The smartphone game 'SHOW BY ROCK !! Fes A Live ' has been transformed into an 'enthusiastic band cooking game'.

SHOW BY ROCK !! When you open Fes A Live, you can listen to the theme song 'Ben To Fly'. In addition, the video of making fried chicken is adopted in the MV.

◆ Kikkoman soymilk becomes a giant robot
The soymilk drink 'Kikkoman Soymilk' sold by food maker Kikkoman has become huge and has appeared around Tokyo Tower.

◆ Virtual net idol Chiyu 32 years old
The text site 'Virtual Net Idol Chiyu 12 years old', which celebrated its 20th anniversary on February 14, 2021, has been renamed to 'Virtual Net Idol Chiyu 32 years old' and the top image is from a 12 year old girl. It has changed to a woman holding a mug. In addition, 'Sake Umee' is written in the 'Chiyu memo' at the top of the top page.

◆ After-school service club
The official Twitter account of the virtual river group 'After School Sefuku Club' is a mask-wearing version of the romance adventure game 'Aikis 2 ' that takes into consideration the social distance 'Aikis 2 Keep on a mask !!' We are announcing that it will be released on the same day.

◆ Hatena Anonymous Diary
The name 'Masuda' used in the anonymous diary posting service ' Hatena Anonymous Diary ' provided by Hatena has been replaced with 'Yoshida'. Named 'Masuda' is, Hatena English name of the anonymous diary comes from 'Anoni Masuda Iari', 'Masuda' Hatena anonymous diary itself, the user of that is referred to as the 'original Masuda'.

Also, when I tried to search for 'Masuda', it was replaced with 'Yoshida'.

◆ Remote gym service 'Teletre' between Tokyo Robotics and NTT Communications
Tokyo Robotics, which develops robot technology, announced 'Teletre', a service that allows you to train at the gym while you are at home, which was jointly developed with the telecommunications carrier NTT Communications.

Remote gym training service 'Teletre' --YouTube

By attaching a dedicated robot arm and head-mounted display, it is possible to share vision and movement with robots in remote areas.

In addition to accurately transmitting the weight felt by the robot to the wearer, the wide range of movement of the arm and the ease of wearing are appealing, and those who experienced it also said that they 'actually feel the weight'. I will. Unfortunately, it's a fictitious service, but the technology itself is genuine.

◆ Smartphone game 'Ikemen Sengoku ◆ Love over time'
The romance game ' Ikemen Sengoku ◆ Time- Keeping Love' has announced that it will release a hair color 'Ikemen Heakara' that can be dyed with the hair color of the characters. All eight colors are planned to be developed, and color names such as 'Urutsuya Yuigadokuson Black' and 'Invincible Little Devil Pink' are given after the characters.

◆ Love Live! School Idol Festival-Sukufesu
lovelive! The School Idol Secretariat has announced on Twitter that 'something is happening at School Idol.'

When I actually start Sukufesu, the notification screen says 'Something is happening at Sukufesu' with a familiar silhouette.

On the top screen,

'Kotori Minami ' drawn in the style of the anime 'Crayon Shin-chan ' is winking.

After switching the screen once and returning to the top screen, Kazama-kun who shouted 'Kasukabe Defense Corps, Fire!' Was displayed this time.

Also, on the live selection screen, '

Ora wa Ninkimono 2019 MIX ' can be selected as a special live.

It seems that various other things are happening at School Idol, such as special stories and changes in the live background of specific songs.

◆ Ootoya Rice Shop
The restaurant chain ' Ootoya Gohankoro ' has announced 'Kurozu Andake Set Meal'. The side dish is said to be the ultimate dish with only the popular seasoning 'Kurozu An'.

◆ Daily Portal Z
When you access the top page of Daily Portal Z, the 'Highlights of the Day', which is usually written in text, is replaced with a movie.

When I played the movie, it was displayed as 'Today's Daily World's First Singing and Understanding Portal Site' in a karaoke telop format along with music.

'Karaoke Thursday' is written in the upper left of each article ...

Articles are also introduced in karaoke format. Along with this, the description 'Daily Portal Z has become the world's first information karaoke site' has been added to the article.

◆ Idol training game 'Idol Master SideM'
At 'THE IDOLM @ STER SideM', an uninhabited island will be presented to the office '315 Production' to which the idols belong. Pioneering! ”Is being held.

When you arrive on the island, select the five idols you want to explore.

After cultivating, it seems that you can receive rewards according to the number of times you went to see the state of the island.

◆ Weis Schwarz | Weiβ Schwarz
The official Twitter account of the trading card game 'Weiss Schwarz' has announced the decision to participate in 'Cute Animals'.

On the Weiss Schwarz card introduction page, 'Booster pack cute animals' such as ' Amane Shindo and Nakayoshi Tanuki' ...


Suzuko Mimori and Nakayoshi Pudding' ……

It has been announced that 'cute animals' such as '

Yuka Nishio and Nakayoshi? Caught fish' will participate in the war.

◆ Smartphone game 'Infection x Girl' The RPG ' Infection x Girl ' for smartphones has announced the second part of the story, 'Deer Girl Amazones Dirty'.

In addition, information on the spin-off app 'Paca's Prince' is also available.

◆ Re: Life in a different world starting from zero --Rezero EX 'Gakuen Rezero! 4th hour! 』\
Is the original author of: 'Re different world life to start from zero' gray cat Mr., 'Re: different world life to start from zero,' the public were transplanted to modern Gakuen Mono 'school re-zero 4 hours!' The I am.

'Gakuen Rezero! 4th hour!' Says 'It follows the promise of gal games quite a bit', and Mr. Masuiro Neko said, 'Only those who are okay with the characters in the main story should read it.' It states.

◆ TV anime 'Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear' official website
'The official website has been hijacked by a cow!' Is posted on the official Twitter of the TV anime 'Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear'.

When I actually accessed the official website, Yuna, who should be wearing a bear costume, wore a 'cow costume'. In addition, the title logo has been changed to 'Ushiushiushikau' and the background has been changed to a cow pattern. The catch phrase is 'Momo life with milk and steak.'

◆ Fukui Prefectural Satellite Project | Fukui Prefecture Homepage
Fukui Prefecture launched the artificial satellite 'Suisen' on March 22, 2021. It was explained that the purpose of launching this 'Suisen' was 'to make Fukui Prefecture a base for the space industry', but the true purpose was to 'change Cancer to Echizen.'

Echizen Crab's feet are tagged with yellow, but in 2015, a research institute told Fukui Prefecture that 'around the claws of Cancer, there is a star that shines yellow like the Echizen Crab's tag.' I heard that I received a report. Fukui Prefecture claims that the artificial satellite 'Narcissus' was launched to find this shining yellow star.

◆ Sapporo potato
Sapporo Potato's official Twitter account announces that new products will appear in the Sapporo Potato series. There are three new products: 'Ed potato mashimashi vegetable', 'Naha potato Okinawa red potato flavor', and 'Osaka potato takoyaki horse mackerel'.

◆ Rage of Bahamut
The social game ' Rage of Bahamut ' has announced a new game ' Labroland Koi no Exclusive Mercenary '.

The main character will be assigned to a mercenary training school full of men with good-looking mercenary candidates, and will spend exciting days with mercenary candidates. In addition, the characters that appeared were introduced on the in-game site.

ELECOM , which develops computer peripherals, announced 'mouse bun ' and ' stump tap'.

It is said that the mouse bun was created with the mouse developed by ELECOM as a model. ELECOM makes a video of the trial and error in creating it.

The stump tap looks like this. In addition to the outlet hole, a USB port is also installed.

◆ Project NxN4
MMORPG 'that Nexon operated Tales Weaver to the official Twitter account of' virtual idol calling himself suddenly 'Zerippiー' has posted a notice of the idol group established crowdfunding.

According to the crowdfunding page, it is aiming to launch a 4-member virtual idol group 'Project NxN4', and the target amount is set to 10 million NXN.

The members of ProjectNxN4 are 'MapleStory', which is the image of MapleStory, and 'Zerippy', which is the image of TalesWeaver.

There are four people, 'Bread' that imaged Mabinogi and 'Dungeon Sister' that imaged Arad Senki.

Even PV with dialogue is prepared for each of the four people.

[Project NxN4] Aiming for V idol debut! --YouTube

◆ Caligula 2
On the official website of the game software 'Caligula 2', a character 'Devilman Mo' that does not appear in the main game has appeared.

Devilman Moe sits in the corner of the

character introduction page.

The introduction page of Devilman Mo is like this.

Devilman Mo is an original character that appears in Caligula's official spin-off manga '

Extreme Homecoming Club' by manga artist Bkub Okawa.

◆ Fashion magazine 'ROMA' Public Relations Department
Mr. Akamakoto 's Twitter account, which draws fan art for the Fate series, has changed to the account of the public relations department of the fashion magazine 'ROMA', and we are announcing the release of the April issue of 'ROMA'.

The catch phrase of 'ROMA' is 'Roman Corde for Rome', and the April issue seems to have special features such as 'The best dress for dance' and 'How to choose a conceptual dress that will not fail'.

◆ Date A Live Girls Side
Light novel ' Date A Live ' by Mr. Tachibana announced 'Date A Live Girls Side' as a new project.

[New project] 'Date A Live Girls Side' project started !? Character voice video (CV. Nobunaga Shimazaki) --YouTube

In the story of Date A Live Girls Side, the main character 'Itsuka Kotori' is Yatogami Toru, Tobiichi Orion, and Ice Bud. It is said that he will move to the 'Private Ratatosk Academy' where Yoshiki Kawashi, Yoshiki Himekawa's puppet 'Yoshimune', and Kyozo Tokizaki are enrolled, and choose a son-in-law. thing. Voice actor Nobunaga Shimazaki is in charge of all male character voices.

◆ TV anime 'Weak character Tomozaki-kun'
On the official website and Twitter account of the TV anime 'Weak Chara Tomozaki-kun', a new animation 'Sai-chara Kobaton-kun' was announced in which the heroine Aoi Nichinan teamed up with Saitama Prefecture's mascot Kobaton. It is said that the strongest tag is a story that captures 'Omiya', which is the stage of weak character Tomozaki-kun, and it is scheduled to be broadcast in April 2002.

There is also a figure of Kobaton reading the script in preparation for the upcoming anime broadcast.

◆ [Dragon Quest Walk] Ryuou Kabuto will be released
From the location information RPG game 'Dragon Quest Walk ' for smartphones jointly developed by Square Enix and COLOPL, 'Ryuou no Kabuto ' has appeared, which makes you feel as if you have obtained half of the world.

You can understand what kind of equipment 'Ryuou Kabuto' is by watching the following movie.
[Dragon Quest Walk] Ryuou Kabuto to be released --YouTube

'For me, this morning is the happiest morning ever.'


'That's because I've become Ryuo.'

'It feels like you want to give someone half the world.'

'Ryuou no Kabuto' will be released

In addition, it is said that Aderans is also involved in this project.

◆ D4DJ Groovy Mix
It was reported that the rhythm game 'D4DJ Groovy Mix' for smartphones was mischievous by Lyrical Lily's Shiratori Koto and Takeshita Miiko. Some maps, rhythm games, SE, etc. have been damaged.

In addition to the title call being in cat language, 'Nyanyanya' ...

'Walnut and Miiko's mischievous DJ medley' has been implemented, and it seems that the SE in the rhythm game has also changed to 'Nya'.

You can also see a limited conversation between walnuts and Miiko, which is also mischievous on a part of the map.

It is said that a song with a special musical score that reduces physical strength when touching Notes is also implemented. The mischief will be corrected at 0:00 on April 2nd (Friday).

◆ 'Ensemble Stars !!' Main Story Part 2 'Space War Edition' has started! !!
Ensemble Stars, a smartphone game with a story about the main character who has moved into the 'Produce Department' newly established in 'Private Yumenosaki Gakuin' specializing in male idol training as the first female student to produce unique idols. !! ”has released the second part of the main story,“ Space War ”.

'In 20XX, the four offices that make up Ensemble Square will advance into space as the final stage of the'ES Plan'. The new'Dreifes', which combines robot combat and live performances, will dominate the entertainment industry around the world. It was a big event, and the idols became more than a nation, but the new era of idols did not last long. The bombing in the colony triggered them to fight for their lives. You can watch the PV of the space war edition of the story 'Is there hope ahead of the rushing war?' From the following.

Ensemble Stars! !! Main Story Part 2 PV-YouTube

◆ Earth Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
It was announced that 'Earth Insect Repellent Net EX ' sold by Earth Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. will be reborn as 'Earth Insect Repellent Net EX' that collects more and more insects just by hanging. 'Earth Insects Net EX' is said to be able to collect insects at home because insects gather more and more just by hanging them by the window.

◆ The popular 'Magical Kamizumo' is now available in the official manga 'Magia Report' of 'Magia Record Magical Girl Madoka ☆ Magica Gaiden'!
The popular 'Magical Kamizumo ' has appeared in the official 4-frame manga ' Magia Report ' of the RPG ' Magia Record Magical Girl Madoka Magica Gaiden ' for smartphones based on the TV anime ' Puella Magi Madoka Magica'.

On the special site, you can actually download (PDF file) the 'Paper Sumo Kit' that you can print on A4 paper and play with.

In addition, 'Magical Kamizumo' has also appeared as a mini game in the game of 'Magia Record'. You can play until 14:59 on April 14, 2021.

◆ 'The detective is dead.'
It was announced that three spin-offs will be released from 'The Detective is Already Dead', which is a popular light novel of MF Bunko J and the animation will start broadcasting in July 2021. The first spin-off 'Classmates can't stand it anymore', which spotlights the heroine Natsunagi Nagisa, will be released on November 25, 202100.

The second 'Idol already knew' is a spin-off that hit the heroine Yui Saikawa, and is scheduled to be released on December 25, 202100.

The third installment, 'Agents are already smiling,' which focuses on the heroines Charlotte, Arisaka, and Anderson, is scheduled to be released on January 25, 202200.

◆ Idol Master Shiny Colors
In the training simulation browser game 'THE IDOLM @ STER Shiny Colors ', a special event 'World x Code ' has appeared in which hidden options are combined to play patterns that match the situation. 'World x Code' can be played from the '?' Banner that appears at the bottom right of the home screen.

When you start 'World x Code', three options '???' will appear. If you choose one for the time being ...

The selected option will be added to the blank below.

Fill in all the blanks to open the hidden options. This time, the content was 'Detective' x 'Closed room' x 'Explosion device' x 'Decision line'.

Press 'OK' to view the story corresponding to the selected option. There are 81 patterns in total, and you can get benefits every time you see 10 patterns.

◆ The must-buy item 'Gokumon Kai', which supports spring life, is now available for pre-order from the official 'Jujutsu Kaisen' mail order!
Dark fantasy battle cartoon of popular serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump ' magic around game ' of official mail order site 'exchange ten' is, special grade fetish us to collectively solve the worries of your out time 'Gokumon Xinjiang (Gokumon today).' We have started accepting reservations for.

When I stay at home every day, I have troubles such as 'I want to concentrate on my work and study', 'I want time for myself', and 'I want to take a rest'.

In such a case, we recommend the special-grade spell 'Gokumon'.

'Gokumon' is a spell that can seal only one substance, and won the first place in the spell category.

“I promise you a comfortable time!” Said Jie Natsuyu, a special-grade magician who has only four people in Japan.

To use it, wait at a radius of 4m after opening the gate, and wait only 1 minute in the brain time.

Since physical time does not flow inside, you can spend a relaxing time. It is ideal when you want to be alone or when you want to take a rest, and it can also be used as a study room or study room.

We are receiving a lot of gratitude from users, saying, 'I was able to spend a relaxing time that I can't usually enjoy.'

The special-grade monster 'Gokumon' is a system that displays the correct price only for those who really need it and can jump to the purchase page. Please note that once sealed, it will never be torn from the inside.

◆ The legendary mini-game 'Tales of Donjara' appears in Tales of the Rays
The legendary mini game 'Tales of Donjara' that existed in the PS2 game software 'Tales of Fundam Vol.2 ' released in 2007 has been implemented in the app game 'Tales of the Rays'.

When you launch the app, you will see the 'Tales of Donjara' icon on the left side of the home screen. When you tap the icon ...

The menu screen opens. Tap 'Game Start'.

When you select a character and tap 'OK' ...

You can play Ponjan.

◆ Launched the new mini vehicle 'Mira Guinea Pig' that Daihatsu rides on and runs steadily
Daihatsu , an automobile manufacturer whose main business is small cars with a total displacement of 1000cc or less, has introduced the 'Mira Guinea Pig, ' a smart guinea pig that realizes the idea of 'bringing guinea pigs to everyone.'

The 'Mira guinea pig' is a guinea pig-type mini vehicle whose slogan is 'ride and run.' Equipped with the latest technology 'Smart Guinea Pig III' that assists the driver's judgment and reduces accident damage, the safety design is fully deployed. The fluffy doors on both sides provide a fluffy ride for both getting on and off and loading.

There are 15 color variations, and there is also 'Makeup Limited' that makes the charm stand out. A 'Bait Rakı Box' that stores fresh vegetables and pellets rich in vitamins is provided at your feet, allowing you to feed from the driver's seat or passenger seat. Since the guinea pig tax reduction is applied to the food cost that you care about, it is a clean car that is environmentally friendly and friendly to your wallet.

Driving on a rainy day is not recommended because the 'Mira Guinea Pig' may catch a cold, and the 'Smart Guinea Pig III' is a system that assists the driver to the last, so the surrounding conditions during driving. In addition to paying attention to the driving environment and driving environment, it is necessary to take a good mood by feeding the 'Mira guinea pig'.

◆ 'Drinking Kimwipe' with plenty of Kimwipe extract will be on sale for a limited time

The official Twitter account of the paper waste 'Kimwipe ' widely used in universities and private laboratories announced that Nippon Paper Crecia, which manufactures Kimwipe, has succeeded in developing 'Drinking Kimwipe'. 'Drinking Kimwipe' uses abundant Kimwipe extract extracted from Kimwipe, and it is said that it is characterized by 'roughness', '100% Kimwipe taste that becomes a habit', 'no wiping ability', '818 Kimwipe love', 2021 It will be sold only on April 1st.

In addition, the recipe for 'Kimwipe pudding' made with 'Drinking Kimwipe' is also open to the public.

In addition, Nippon Paper Crecia's parent company, Nippon Paper Industries' Paper Pack Research Institute 'Carton Lab,' also announced that a haniwa holding a Kimwipe beverage was excavated. It has become clear that Kimwipes beverages have been popular with people since ancient times.

◆ 'Kirara Fantasia' lamp is newly appointed as game director
The new director of the RPG game 'Kirara Fantasia ', in which a popular character from the monthly four-frame cartoon magazine ' Manga Time Kirara ' adventures in the fictional world 'Etoilea', is the lamp of a girl who has left the temple to save the world. Mr. has taken office.

Mr. Lamp said, 'We will revolutionize so that you can enjoy it more!' And started distributing special items that can obtain commemorative titles.

In addition, he said that he acquired the right to use Twitter specially only on April 1, 2021, and is jacking official Twitter. You can check Mr. Lamp's tweets at ' # Lamp Fantasia'.

◆ Digimon and Medabots are official collaborations, and 'Omedamon', 'Gray Wars', and 'Garuru Metal' are born.
'Digimon ' and ' Medabots ', which have been popular for many years, have collaborated to create a new character that fuses their worldviews. The Digimon Web official reports that the mysterious Digimon 'Omedamon' has appeared in the Digimon Encyclopedia, and that the cause is 'mixed data from another dimension of the Digital World.'

According to the information contained in the Digimon Encyclopedia , 'Omedamon' is a variation of the data of 'Toaru Game' that was popular at the end of the 20th century, and will not stop functioning in battle unless it receives a certain amount of damage to the head. Will continue to fight.

In addition, Medabots' official Twitter account has also lifted information on the mysterious Medabots 'Gray Wars' and 'Garuru Metal' reminiscent of dragon warriors and metallized wolves.

You can also check the information on 'Gray Wars' and 'Garuru Metal' on the official website. It is said that all Medabots were developed with reference to the data of 'a certain game'.

In addition, the official Twitter account of the first smartphone game '

Medabots S ' in the Medabots series also confirmed that the data of 'a certain game' was affected in the app. With the end of maintenance scheduled for 16:00 on April 1, 2021, the impact seems to be reflected.

In addition, an official collaboration between Digimon and Medabots that is not April Fool's Day has also been realized, and Dim, which is a collaboration between Digimon and Medabots, is a reprint of Medabots, which began accepting orders at Premium Bandai from April 1, 2021. The card is to be included.

◆ Kobe Digital Lab opens 'Undersea Digital Lab', the ultimate form of telework base
Kobe Digital Lab, which handles a wide range of IT consulting and information system development, operation, and maintenance, has opened the ultimate form of telework base, ' Undersea Digital Lab .'

At the time of the pandemic of the new coronavirus, Kobe Digital Lab, which was the first to adopt 'hybrid work' that allows you to choose to go to the office or telework, faced a new eruption when the house became a workplace. Telework users say, 'I can't relax at home' and 'My private work is becoming ambiguous.' In response to these voices, Ichiro Nagayoshi, the representative of Kobe Digital Lab, decided to set up a telework base on the seabed where the bright and deep blue will heal the heart, making use of his career as a graduate of the Department of Fisheries, Department of Bioproduction, Faculty of Bioproduction, Hiroshima University. did.

The appearance of the 'Undersea Digital Lab' is the 'Digi-Gon' type of the company's mascot character. Use the direct elevator for traffic from the ground.

The office space is set up in a position where you can overlook the beautiful view from the seabed from the large 10m window fitted in the abdomen of the Digigon, and it is said that the BGM uses the sound of waves with a high healing effect. The response within the company has been good, and the company has set a limit of 'up to 5 people a day'.

◆ Cerezo Osaka's Yoshito Okubo, Orix Buffaloes' pitcher Taisuke Yamaoka, and Osaka Evessa's Rei Goda have joined Osaka Metro.
Three professional sports teams in Osaka have announced that three players will join Osaka Metro. Yoshito Okubo from Cerezo Osaka of the J League will join Osaka Metro and will be appointed vice president in charge of Osaka Point. The reward is paid by Osaka Point.

Pitcher Taisuke Yamaoka from Orix Buffaloes of NPB joined the company as Vice President of Osaka Point of Osaka Metro. 'I want to buy sweets for adults at #OsakaPoint !!'

Osaka Evessa, a professional basketball team belonging to B.LEAGUE, said that Rei Goda will join Osaka Metro and said, 'Every time I score three points, everyone's #OsakaPoint is tripled.'

In addition, it is said that the three people were officially appointed not by the vice president of Osaka Metro, but by the cheering party of #OsakaPoint. To commemorate the inauguration of the three athletes, Osaka Metro is conducting a gift campaign to win autographed uniforms of the athletes.

◆ Movie 'How to repel pigeons'
The official Twitter account for the movie 'Pigeon Repelling Law' scheduled to be released in the summer of 2021 is 'Which is the ruler of the veranda, pigeon or human?' We introduced the contents of the April Fool version, which says 'How to repel pigeons !?'

When you look at the official website, an image that imitates the cover of a paperback book is displayed, and a catch phrase 'If you can do it, try it. It's a pigeon.' A flock. A plan to conquer the world of pigeons, which is gradually becoming clear. The offense and defense of the veranda was just the beginning of a battle that shakes the world. ' Shinichi Tsuda played by Tatsuya Fujiwara is a 'legendary pigeon repellent', Kenjiro Kurata played by Etsushi Toyokawa is a 'thug sent by a pigeon', Nanase Nishino is a 'woman who loves pigeons', and Hidekichi Terachi played by Shunsuke Kazama is 'loved'. 'A man whose wife was robbed by a pigeon,' and Naomi Torikai, who plays Tao Tsuchiya, is a 'journalist who pursues the mystery of pigeons.'

In addition, the outline of the

paperback edition 'Pigeon repulsion method ' actually released on Amazon is as follows.

Shinichi Tsuda, a writer who once won the Naoki Prize, continued to live in a small town as a pick-up driver for the 'Actress Club'. Over 30 million yen of cash rolled in under such a former writer, but for a short while, an unexpected fact was revealed. -You used a fake 10,000-yen note yesterday. The police are not the only ones tracking the source of counterfeit notes. It is said that 'that person' in the underworld, who is always involved in the tumultuous incidents that occurred in the city, including the disappearance of three family members a year ago, is also keeping an eye on the trends. A masterpiece among the masterpieces of the novel master Shogo Sato. The 6th Yamada Futaro Award winning work that received overwhelming evaluation.

◆ 'B-PROJECT' launches 'Wizard of Fairytale' edited by Magic Academy
The idol project ' B-PROJECT ' by MAGES.'S maiden brand LOVE & ART has released the story 'Wizard of Fairytale ', a magical school that nurtures many legendary wizards in fairy tales.

The campus is divided into grades and dormitories, and the system is that wizards are also divided into each type and trained by assignment. 'Wizards have long tended to emphasize pedigree, and many are particular about whether they are pure blood or not.' 'It is said that vampire blood is mixed because there was a history of a big war against vampires in the past. The background is revealed that the red-eyed wizard may be seen as a 'traitor', and the SD characters of the B-PROJECT idols who entered the magic school are lined up on the top page.

◆ 'Yumeiro Cast' 'Hamuiro Company' is back again, and Genesis' daily reconnaissance report is released
The mascot character of the musical rhythm game ' Yumeiro Cast ' in love has jacked the official Twitter account three times, and released a report that scouted the daily life of the rival theater company 'Genesis' as 'Hamuiro Company'. He reveals the daily lives of Genesis members, such as 'I am the oldest but often mistaken for a child' and 'Actually, the Date glasses theory'.

◆ 'My youth romantic comedy is wrong.' Isshiki Iroha and Hikigaya Hachiman's new anime series 'My youth romantic comedy is wrong. I' will be aired.
Popular light novel series, 'the whole world total circulation has topped 10 million parts still my youth romantic comedy is wrong. ' New series 'still my youth romantic comedy depicting the color ABCs and Hiki valley Yawata of the future of wrong The airing schedule for 'I' has been decided.

Isshiki Iroha, who grew up by being involved with Hachiman and the service department, went on to a university in Tokyo after graduating from high school and resumed with Hachiman. The story is that Yawata is involved in the resumption, and Iroha's daily life becomes more exciting.

The broadcast start date is June 8, 2031.

◆ Green creatures appear in the library of 'Bungo to Alchemist'
The official Twitter account of 'Bungo to Alchemist ', an app game that reincarnates and fights literary books to protect literary books, reported that 'green creatures live in the library'.

When you start the app, you will see a notification saying 'What is the topic of'green creatures' in the library ...?'.

When I moved to the library, the icon 'Rotating drama Crocodile Taro's Adventure Wo Writing Seyo' was displayed. When you tap ...

A scenario in which Miekichi Suzuki and Nankichi Niimi appear will be developed. Eventually, a 'green creature' appeared from the peaches that the grandfather and grandmother broke.

◆ 'Yotsume Shrine' is the first recruitment recruitment, beginners and inexperienced people are welcome & migrants are OK at home and open workplace
'Yotsume Shrine', which is the stage of the mystery solving x escape novel game ' Yotsume God -Reunion-' released on February 16, 2021, has started recruiting for the first time.

In the job advertisement, Mr. Shuji Sagara, the current head of the Sagara family, appeals a refreshing smile next to the words 'Work to protect tradition.' 'Beginners and inexperienced people are welcome' 'Migrants are OK! Support for living and work' 'It is a cozy and open workplace'.

◆ Klab's media mix project 'A Opera' holds April Fool's Day diagnosis
The media mix project 'A Opera ' developed by KLab, which develops 'Love Live!' And 'Lapis Relights', is holding 'April Fool's Diagnosis' on the official website for April 1, 2021 only.

Access 'April Fool's Day Diagnosis'.

When you answer the displayed questions ...

It is diagnosed which character is close to the type that appears in 'A Opera'.

In addition, I was able to see the limited conversations of the characters on the diagnosis result screen.

◆ Nijisanji's virtual river Masaru Suzuki releases a gacha-only game with a 100% SSR probability
Masaru Suzuki, an eternal 13-year-old virtual river belonging to Nijisanji, has released 'APRIL FOOL'S DAY Masaru Suzuki Gacha ', a gacha-only game with a 100% SSR probability.

The actual play screen looks like this, and you can play gacha from the 'pull once' button at the bottom right.

Click to move to the page where the YouTube movie is embedded.

You can enjoy Masaru Suzuki's SSR production movie as many times as you like.

◆ '100 Sleeping Princes and the Kingdom of Dreams' holds a special event 'Secret Love is in the Office'
A smartphone puzzle RPG for women, 'Dream Kingdom and 100 Sleeping Princes, ' where you can enjoy a sweet story with more than 170 princes, is holding a special event, ' Secret Love is in the Office.'

If you read the special story in which the two princes Will (CV: Akira Ishida) and Tiga (CV: Daisuke Kishio) appear until the final episode, you can get the hideaway costume 'Suit (April Fool's Day)'.

◆ The local Sengoku warrior character 'Solitary Dragon Neko Masamune' is dressed as 'Shokudaikiri Mitsutada Goku' in Touken Ranbu.
Date Masamune 's crescent helmet is a trademark of Sendai / Miyagi's local Sengoku warrior character 'Solitary Dragon Neko Masamune', who performed a cosplay of Touken Ranbu 's ' Shokudaikiri Mitsutada Goku' on official Twitter. Shokudaikiri Mitsutada is said to have been made by Mitsutada , a swordsmith in the middle of the Kamakura period, and is known as the sword used by Date Masamune.

◆ An incident occurred in which the shrimp on Calbee's Twitter icon was boiled.
An incident occurred in which the black shrimp used in the Twitter icon of Calbee, a major snack maker known for ' potato chips,' was boiled and turned into a delicious red color.

By the way, this black shrimp is an unofficial character, and there is no individual name. The official name is 'black shrimp'.

◆ Coco's is developing a 'parfait larger than a giraffe'
The official Twitter account of Family Restaurant Coco's announced that 'We are currently developing a parfait larger than Kirin!' In the image, lion and giraffe toys are staring at the parfait, but since it says 'Because it will be on sale from April 22nd, please look forward to it', a new parfait will actually be sold regardless of whether it is larger than the giraffe. There seems to be a possibility.

◆ The super popular taxi tour 'Sanwa Kotsu' 'Spirit Spot Pilgrimage Tour' will be made into a movie
Sanwa Kotsu, which operates taxi and hire businesses in Kanagawa, Tokyo, and Saitama prefectures, has decided to make a movie of the super popular taxi tour 'Spirit Spot Pilgrimage Tour ' held every summer with a winning probability of 40 times.

The story is that during a tour walking through the psychic spots of a dim tunnel, mysterious white smoke is possessed by tourists one after another, and strange events begin to occur. Takahide Mizoguchi, an officer of the company, will take on the challenge of directing and starring.

[Celebration! Movie] Spirit spot pilgrimage tour THE MOVIE [Public decision] [New project] --YouTube

Takahide Mizoguchi is also popular as a 'dancing taxi uncle'. A short tie and a loose dance that makes you feel sick are available on TikTok.


This is also Thank you echo is too large everyone or say, but I took came out a little # # jenkka # # Super j channel # # Super j # # folk dance # # tense # # TV Asahi # # TV # # Sanwa traffic

? Jenka-Yukio Hashi / Hibari Children's Chorus

◆ Shiki Theater Company invites 'Bridge', 'Utahashi' and 'Bridge' to the new show for free
The new show 'Shiki Theater Company The Bridge ' will be performed nationwide in April 2021 by Shiki Theater Company, which is the driving force behind the Japanese musical scene. We announced that we will invite 'Bridge / Kakehashi', 'Utahashi / Utahashi' and 'Bridge / Buriji' for free.

It was an announcement that I met April Fool's Day, but the theater company Shiki said, 'It's a project like a lie, but I really really invite you!', So applications are being accepted until April 7, 2021. ..

◆ The 'Bikkuriman Charter', which became a hot topic in the 1980s, has been revived, and 41 recipes that can be eaten deliciously will be released.
Lotte's chocolate confectionery 'Bikkuriman', which has been on sale since 1977, has set April 1st as 'Bikkuriman Day' from 2015 based on the concept of 'surprise and surprise people'. On April 1, 2021, Bikkuriman announced that 41 kinds of 'Surprise Man's Arrangement Recipes' will be released.

The arrangement recipe is scheduled to be announced in five parts on April 1st, spring, summer, autumn and winter, and the first one is '' surprised 'croissant' '' surprised 'gyoza' 'baked surprised marshmallow chocolate'. Five types of 'surprised' chocolate marshmallow pizza and 'surprised' snacks are open to the public.

Along with this, it was also announced that the 'Bikkuriman Charter', which became a hot topic in 1980, will be revived as a modern version. In the 1980s, the 'Bikkuriman Charter' received a series of cases in which only the sticker was pulled out and the contents were thrown away, and 'prohibition of buying and selling stickers, complete eating of chocolate confectionery, and deepening friendship by trading stickers'. It was made to recommend the three articles. The 'Bikkuriman Charter 2021' arranged in the modern version stipulates that 'collecting stickers while eating chocolate deliciously, referring to the arrangement recipe to eat chocolate deliciously, and spreading the arrangement recipe around'.

◆ Yuki Yuna is a brave man
The April 1, 2021 limited event ' Kamiki-sama ga Miteru ' has appeared in the first smartphone game ' Yuki Yuna is a Hero, Hanayui no Kirameki ' in the 'Brave' series. A girl heading to a private Sanshu Gakuen with a fierce dash. The limited event of the story that a person with a student organization stops her is available only during April 1, 2021.

◆ The world's first! Carp streamer type bicycle parking rack 'Chari streamer' is born
MINIPA, which provides a bicycle parking lot sharing service that allows you to easily rent and rent an empty space as a bicycle parking lot, has developed the world's first carp streamer type bicycle parking rack ' Chari Nobori'.

The 'Bicycle Nobori' can be easily installed with a single touch. The standard type can store 3 units vertically, and the deluxe type can store 100 units horizontally. Even at home, where there is no bicycle parking space, it is possible to manage a bicycle parking lot if there is space for one PET bottle, which is expected as an item that solves the shortage of parking lots.

◆ Black beer 'Yeah, this blend black' using 4 kinds of coffee taken from animal droppings by Sankt Gallen is on sale for 24 hours only
Sankt Gallen, which brews and sells beer, will sell April Fool's black beer 'Yeah, this blend black' using 4 kinds of coffee from animal manure for 24 hours only on April 1, 2021. I am.

'Yeah, this blended black' is a black beer made from coffee beans extracted from various animal droppings.

The blends used were 'Kopi Luwak' from civet feces, 'Black Ivory' from elephant feces, 'Uchunyari coffee' from coati feces, and Jaku, a fellow of the fox. Four kinds of 'jack coffee' taken out from feces. All of them are expensive and rare coffee beans, and they are combined in a well-balanced manner to create a blend that will surely say, 'Yeah, this blend is delicious!'

It's a joke-like product introduction, but you can actually buy 'Yeah, this blended black' at an online shop.

◆ Agricultural corporation 'Yasui Farm Co., Ltd.' is searching for missing broccoli
Yasui Farm Co., Ltd., an agricultural corporation that owns about 30% of the broccoli planted area in Ishikawa Prefecture, reports that broccoli has disappeared. There are traces of 'broccoli splash' on the scene, and it is said that the surveillance camera showed a figure that seems to be broccoli escaping, so it seems that it may be hidden on the refrigerator or dining table at home.

On March 31st, the day before, he was doing a good splash at TL.

◆ Ebina City rebuilds the seven-storied pagoda into a five-storied pagoda
Ebina City, Kanagawa Prefecture, which will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the enforcement of the city system in 2021, rebuilt the monument of the seven-storied pagoda in front of Ebina Station City into a five-storied pagoda in honor of the 50th anniversary.

The seven-storied pagoda in front of Ebina City Station is a tourist symbol that reproduces the seven-storied pagoda of

Sagami Kokubunji , which was built in Ebina City in the middle of the 8th century and is said to have been burnt down afterwards, on a one-third scale. Because it exists in the form of a shopping mall, it was also known for the mismatched sight of a modern shopping center and an old-fashioned seven-storied pagoda.

It was reborn as a five-storied pagoda to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the enforcement of the city system, but it was rebuilt as a six-storied pagoda in the 60th year of the city system and a seven-storied pagoda in the 70th year of the city system. Will be held. In 2071, the 100th anniversary of the enforcement of the city system, the tower in front of Ebina Station is expected to become a 'ten-storied pagoda.'

◆ New sensation smartphone card battle 'Alst Card' appears in 'Alchemia Story'
In the MMORPG 'Alchemia Story ' for smartphones provided by Asobimo Co., Ltd., a new 1vs1 battle type smartphone card battle 'Alst Card' has appeared on April 1, 2021 only.

The number of decks of 'Alst Cards' is 5, and players build decks according to the rules such as 'The total cost of the deck is 13 or less' and 'You cannot put more than one same card'.

There are 'cost', 'main attribute', and 'attribute value' in the card, and the matching players put the card into play and play against each other. After applying the randomly activated field effect, the attribute values of each card are compared, and the player with the higher attribute value gets points.

The player who reaches 3 points first wins.

In addition, from 18:00 on April 1, the match of 'Alst Card' will be broadcast on the official live broadcast channel of Alchemia Story.

◆ Avabel Online
At Asobimo 's full-scale 3D action online RPG ' Avabel Online ' for smartphones, a special event 'New Job Kodora Implementation! ' Is being held where you can change jobs to the monster 'Kodora'.

In 'New Job Kodora Implementation!', A challenge dungeon that can be transferred from the dedicated event map 'April Fool's Day' has appeared. In this dungeon, the only skill that can be used is 'Kodora' that transforms into Kodora, and the enemy monster looks like a player character.

In the dungeon, the abilities of all players are constant, and when you clear the dungeon, you can get 1 magic stone, so it is an event that even players who are just starting the game can enjoy.

◆ Voice actor unit 'UMake' turned into a visual kei band, and the first single 'Insomnia.'
Voice actor Yoshiki Nakajima and Kento Ito have announced that the music unit ' UMake ' will change its course and become a visual kei band.

Not only was a shocking artist photo with visual make-up released, but also the distribution of the first song 'Insomnia.' After the transformation was announced.

In the audio comments sent to ORICON NEWS [Anime] , 'I was finally able to express ourselves,' 'I was able to expose my inner self,' 'The song came down,' and 'The lyrics came down at all.' You can hear the remarks such as 'I didn't.'

◆ New radio program 'Interactive Stories featuring Hayami Shou' of 'ALT DEUS: Beyond Chronos' has started
VR interactive story action game ' : ALTDEUS Beyond Chronos YouTube radio program' to promote the ' interactive Stories featuring Kito Akari ' is revamped, of Deita role in the new personality said Susumu Hayami, the director assistant Haruki Kashiwakura welcomed Mr. 'Interactive We will start again as ' Stories featuring Hayami Shou'.

The first episode can be viewed from the following. The 37-minute dialogue between Mr. Hayami and Director Kashiwakura talking about 'ALT DEUS: Beyond Chronos' with sake will be released only on April 1, 2021.

Interactive Stories featuring Sei Hayami [Radio] --YouTube

◆ 'Spportunity' announces crowdfunding for an event to hold a soccer world tournament in VR space
Spotunity, a crowdfunding service specializing in sports, announced that it will hold a crowdfunding project for the 'Virtual World Football Championship', an event where soccer clubs around the world play games in virtual space. ..

VWFC is an ambitious project to hold a soccer world tournament in virtual space using sensing technology and VR in response to the influence of the pandemic of the new coronavirus on the games of the national teams of each country. The crowdfunding period is from April 1st to June 30th, 2021, and the target amount is 5000 trillion yen.

◆ Osaka Townscape Watching Site 'Gorimon Days'
The watching site 'Gorimon no Hibi ', which records the changing cityscape centered on Osaka and Umeda, has released a scene of Osaka where the number of people infected with the new coronavirus is increasing again. In Dotonbori, Glico Sign wears a gray mask.

Similarly, Dotonbori's specialty,

Cui-daore Taro, is also wearing a surgical mask.

The Tower of the Sun at Expo '70 Commemorative Park is not just the 'golden face' at the top, which represents the future ...

'The face of the sun' on the front fuselage that represents the present

All three sides of the 'black sun' drawn on the back, which represents the past, are masked. We are doing our utmost to prevent the spread of infection.

◆ Setagaya Natural Foods Opens Leisure Land 'Guru-Guru Amusement Park'
Setagaya Natural Foods, which is familiar with green juice and supplements, announced that it will open a new leisure land 'Guru Guru Amusement Park'.

In addition to the 'round and round' attractions such as the Ferris wheel, trapeze, tea cups, and roller coasters, the round and round amusement park ...

There is also a corner unique to Setagaya Natural Foods, such as glucosamine manufacturing experience and barley young leaf harvesting experience.

Also, by using VR head gear, you can enjoy it with your family and lover who live apart.

◆ Point income mascot character 'Potaro' starts accepting reservations as a pet-type robot 'POVOT'
Point site 'to break through management experience for more than 10 years, the total membership number 4 million Point Income mascot character,' ' PoTaro ' has started accepting reservations as poi active specialized robot 'POVOT (Pobotto)'.

POVOT is a pet-type robot that remembers its owner by having conversations. It is equipped with a rich facial expression like a human being, a function that automatically greets the owner when he / she returns home, a convenient notification function, and a Q & A function.

The notification function is a function that notifies the completion of point exchange and the completion of advertisement judgment with the sensor on the head. The sensor can be freely set from 5 colors: red, yellow, green, blue, and purple.

The facial expression function makes you smile after using the advertisement or after reflecting the passbook, or makes a grimaces when it is judged to be invalid. When frowning, there was also a comment saying 'somewhat', which is Potaro's habit.

The Q & A function is a function that gives you an accurate answer when you ask a question verbally when you meet something you do not understand about Point Income.

The automatic driving function is a function that rushes to tell you when an advertisement registered as a favorite becomes a time sale. You will be able to use advertisements without missing a chance.

In addition, POVOT may imitate the behavior of the owner or rob humanity of work in the future.

◆ A true tour like a lie! One bus to yourself! | 'Shachi Bus Tour' from Nagoya / Aichi
A bus company that operates mainly in Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture Orca ( Orca ) We are announcing a tour where the bus can be chartered by one person.

In addition, it seems that you can actually apply for this tour. It is an itinerary that departs from Nagoya Station at 13:00 and returns to Nagoya Station at 20:00 after a tour of tourist attractions, and the price is 88,758 yen including tax.

In addition, it is possible to apply for groups of up to 4 people, and even in that case, the total price will remain at 88,758 yen.

◆ Enkei, which manufactures aluminum wheels for automobiles, sells aluminum foil
Enkei, which manufactures aluminum wheels that connect automobile tires to cars, has announced the sale of aluminum foil goods as a new product.

Enkei wheels are made with high performance and light weight by collecting the best of technology, and are used in motor sports and so on.

The lightest aluminum foil ever manufactured by Enkei of Uri can be purchased from the

product page. However, please note that the product purchase service cannot be used from March 31st to April 1st, 2021 due to system maintenance.

◆ UMAZON | Toresen Gakuen Shousei 'Carrot hamburger cushion hits!' Campaign page
The official Twitter account of the content 'Uma Musume Pretty Derby ', whose smartphone game app was just released on February 24, 2021, announces a 'carrot hamburger cushion' gift campaign.

When I accessed the page, I found a line of high-quality sentences as if I were selling an apartment.

In the image above, the size is not clear due to the perspective, but when a human sits down, the size of the cushion stands out. The height is about 180 cm and the width is about 200 cm.

In addition, various images are available.

By answering the questionnaire, you can apply for the 'Let's hit the carrot hamburger cushion! Campaign'. However, if you do hit it, you will probably have to first consider whether there is space in your room.

◆ 'SINoALICE' collaborates with 'Irasutoya'
The official Twitter of Square Enix's smartphone game app ' SINoALICE ' has released a disturbing PV.

A different view of Roppongi than usual.

'Did the dolls ... disappear?'

A suspicious silhouette that gives off a strange light that is faintly reflected in the last of PV.

That's why the collaboration with the free material site 'Irasutoya' was held. You can get 'Irasutoya Medal' from the event page in the game and exchange it for items.

In addition, an original T-shirt gift campaign is being held to commemorate the collaboration between SINoALICE and Irasutoya.

By following the official Twitter of the game and tweeting the campaign tweets, you can get a T-shirt that makes the characters who do not smile easily in the dark world view laugh cutely.

◆ A young man who died from his mother reunited with the FPS malicious player countermeasure 'report system to mom'
In the news introduced on April 1, 2021 by Japan's largest game introduction site ' Game * Spark ', a system that takes measures against malicious players who make fun of opponent players or cheat by 'bending and stretching movement' It is reported that a young man who died from his mother at an early age was able to reunite with his mother.

In the system called 'MNTS' introduced in the online competitive FPS 'Cosmic Warfere: Battle Zone' similar to the popular FPS games 'Overwatch' and 'Apex Regenne', 'Mama' reports to the parents of malicious players. There is a function called 'report system'.

It was reported that Vell Heim, who lives in Sweden, reunited with his mother, who had been alive since childhood, due to this function, which has evolved into a system that reports fictitious information to real parents. The evolution of AI to find parents is far beyond the creator's expectations, and it is planned that the 'report system to mom' will be deleted in a later update.

In addition, this article has been added, 'This article is the creative news prepared for April Fool's Day on April 1. Both parents and children who were separated, bent and stretched players who were banned, the memories of the previous life are revived. I don't have an uncle girl either. I'm glad. '

◆ Cyber Girl Siro
Siro, a cyber girl, confessed in a revised sentence, 'I ate the chocolate cornet on both sides of my hair.' It was an impulsive action due to sudden hunger.

After that, an image of baked chocolate cornet was also posted.

◆ Genshin
The mascot character Paimon disappeared from Genshin's official Twitter account, and instead Rizuki ( Lee Yue ) Funeral director Yoseidou ( Ojodo ) Lord ' walnut ( Hootao ) 'Appears.

Paimon seems to have broken his stomach, Unscrupulous ( Fubokuro ) He said he went to.

And to the implementation notice of the new mission. The planned implementation date is February 5, 2525, about 500 years later.

◆ LEGO Japan Official
LEGO Japan has developed an epoch-making block that saves people who 'stepped on a block that they forgot to put away and felt painful'. How, the block voluntarily avoids it.

◆ President Tianjin of 'Kamen Rider Zero One' establishes a new company independently of Zia Enterprise Japan
An urgent announcement interview video by Amatsugai, who appears in Reiwa's first Kamen Rider ' Kamen Rider Zero One', has been released.

Tianjin is the representative director of 'ZAIA Enterprise Japan', a large company engaged in AI and space development, and is also active as a Kamen Rider Souther.

Tianjin, a man who never forgets the challenge, announced that he will establish a new company 'Saizan Intellion' independently of ZAIA Enterprise Japan.

As part of the project, the documentary 'Kamen Rider Souther THE PRESIDENT', which is closely related to Tianjin, will be released soon. The aim is an audience rating of 1000%.

◆ A game that goes through the ruins while listening to the sleeping breath of a girl who does not wake up
Illustrator 'Astero id' is announcing the new game CORNEA. A game that explores ruins with a sleeping girl on her back.

The compatible model was not a certain high-performance game machine ... but a new model called 'Piay Stalon 5'.

◆ Sana Natori
Personal virtual YouTuber Sana Natori is a fun pun illustration bot.

I posted a pun illustration once every three hours, but it ended at 12:00. In the future, he will be active as an official Twitter account of Sana Natori.

◆ Nier Replicant April Fool's Trailer
Square Enix's popular action RPG '

NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139 ... / NieR Replicant ' has released a new trailer.

NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139 ... / Nier Replicant ver.1.22474487139 ...: April Fool's Trailer #April Fool's 2021 --YouTube

The trailer introduces 'Nier Replicant' as 'Slow Life RPG'.

Gardening ...

Play with cute animals.

You can also enjoy fishing leisurely.

You can also interact with the unique villagers who talk to you, such as 'It's over ...' and 'The cursed yoso!' I don't know if you can live a slow life in the magnificent land, but the actual 'NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139 ... / NieR Replicant' will be released on April 22, 2021.

◆ 'Armored Core VI' is now available on PS5 and XBOX NEO
The package of 'Armored Core VI', the latest work of the robot action game 'Armored Core' series that has been loved for many years, has been released, and the series fans have been excited. The tweet was posted by CG designer Ms. Memanju.

Looking closely at the new cool package for the first time in about 9 years, CERO was 'AI' and 'enhanced human target', which was something that ordinary game fans could not play.

◆ Crazy Raccoon
Professional gaming team Crazy Raccoon has announced the creation of a new Tinder division. It seems that four members are transferring at the same time.

Each profile page has a tongue-in-cheek about how good it is in the Tinder world. It seems that the abilities acquired in other competitions can also be used in competition Tinder. KUN is a talented player who has won No. 1 in Asia.

The second player in the Tinder category is Sobalt. 'A player who takes advantage of his lack of experience as a woman to overcome the situation with his overwhelming ability to detect crises. The swipe ability that makes use of his large physique is also reputed to be one of the best in Asia.'

Hatsume is the most experienced player in the category.

MONDO seems to fight by making the best use of the dexterity of the minions trained in another competition.

◆ NHK Special 'The Truth of Superhuman Soldiers: Genius Scientists and Human Experimentation'
The preview-style image of NHK's documentary program ' NHK Special ' has become a hot topic. It was Mr. Yorokov who tweeted.

The title of the special feature is 'The Truth of Superhuman Soldiers: Genius Scientists and Human Experimentation'. In the background of the title screen, 'Captain America's Shield' colored with the Star-Spangled Banner color is reflected.

Introduced in the documentary-style sepia is Dr. Abraham Erskine, who appears in

'Captain America: The First Avenger.' He was one of the creators of 'Captain America', discovering the heart of justice of Steve, a boy who aspires to be a soldier. This program, which seems to be actually being broadcast in the world of MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) , received many voices saying 'I really want to see it!'.

◆ When I was desperate in a different world, Kumeda's bastard became a girl!
A new serialization has been announced on Twitter by manga artist Ken Akamatsu. The title is 'If I was desperate in a different world, Kumeta's bastard became a girl!', And Koji Kumeta will be in charge of drawing. The sentence 'The author himself will also appear w' is very worrisome.

◆ Sony Pictures
Sony Pictures reported disturbingly, 'Our corridor renovation work has been completed,' along with a biohazard image.

◆ Rilakkuma sets world record on land
Rilakkuma's official website introduces that Rilakkuma has set a world record in athletics with images. Perhaps it was Usain Bolt's 100m 9.58 record, which has not been broken since 2009. Rilakkuma has the impression of being laid-back, but it seems that if you see your favorite dumplings, you can run faster. Wild bears are said to run 100 meters in about 6.5 seconds, so the record is likely to grow.

◆ Aoi Yuki
Voice actor Aoi Yuki is posting a movie on Twitter. When you play it, you will hear a synthetic voice saying 'Minasan Konnichiha. Jitsuha, Yuuki Aoiha AI Desita'. It seems that he has been pretending to be a human being.

◆ Nigomiku unofficial
The unofficial Twitter account of Nigomiku by illustrator Toru is a world line where Hatsune Miku replaces Nigomiku.

◆ Succeeded in extracting only the holes of Umaibo
The classic 'Umaibo ' candy has a light and crispy texture due to its tubular shape, but it was announced on official Twitter that it succeeded in extracting only such 'Umaibo holes'.

It has been announced that the new dimension Umaibo 'Umaibo' will be released on April 1st. Expected comments such as 'It's already air' and 'Donut hole problem' have been sent to the unknown candy.

◆ Mirai Akari
Mirai Akari of VTuber has posted a sentence entitled 'To everyone who always supports me'. The content is that the ban will be lifted from now on, which has been sealed for some time.

In addition, you can watch the movie when the bottom story is sealed from the following.

I won't tell you the bottom story again. --YouTube

◆ Sukesan Udon Mega Menu 'Meat Mega Goboten Udon'
Kitakyushu birthplace of Udon stores and capital's Udon of the official Twitter in, the commodity image of the mega-menu 'meat Mega Goboten Udon' carrying the oversized burdock tempura has been published. The burdock heaven, which is the size that should be said to be 'standing' rather than 'listed', has received joyful voices, but on the other hand, there are also concerns that 'it is a challenge to prevent it from falling over when serving'. It's up.

◆ pixiv Sketch Paper becomes a competitive game
pixiv Sketch Paper is a device announced by pixiv in 2017 that has features such as 'thin and light', 'no input delay', 'infinite battery', and 'compatible with all pen-type devices equipped with ink and graphite'. It has been announced that the pixiv Sketch Paper has become a competitive game.

This device can be obtained from Seven-Eleven's Netprint, and the print number is 'DGEZ2SY3'. This device can be used without a pixiv account.

◆ Pre-fiction becomes a british novel
The official Twitter account of 'Pre-Fiction ', a service that allows you to enjoy novels by changing the names of the characters to your own favorite name, has been transformed into 'Buri Novel'. The name is such that you can enjoy the novel more deliciously.

◆ The long-established Dragon Quest fan site becomes an FF fan site
The fan site 'DQ Furi ', which posts articles related to the 'Dragon Quest' series, has been renamed to 'FF Furi' with a one-day site renewal, and has become the 'Final Fantasy (FF)' series specification. ..

The Twitter account is also being changed to FF specifications only for April Fool's Day.

On the top page of the site, 'Chocobo' from the FINAL FANTASY series is added to the title.

It is a site that usually posts various topics related to the 'Dragon Quest' series, but ...

All posts on April 1 are related to 'FINAL FANTASY', and all top pages are FF articles.

Not only the appearance but also each article is well written, so it is a must-see for those who are not only Dragon Quest but also FF fans.

◆ Super cup flavored super cup
Meiji, which sells the ice cream ' Super Cup, ' collaborates with Acecook, which sells the cup ramen 'Super Cup.' We are announcing that a super cup with a taste that the brain sends a danger signal only with the letters 'super chicken gala soy sauce vanilla taste' will be released. From the package design, it is not clear whether the type is ice cream or cup ramen, and it can only be said that it is a devilish union.

◆ Remote make-up robot 'Rimebo'
The site 'Eye Beauty Store ', which sells cosmetics and cosmetics, has announced that it has developed a robot 'Rimebo' that allows professionals to apply makeup remotely. The price is 410 million yen.

Makeup professionals will remotely operate the robot to make up. While consulting with a professional, you can freely make makeup that suits your TPO.

It seems that the mirror is equipped with an 'ideal mode' that includes automatic correction. As far as the image is seen, it seems that a fairly bold correction will be made, so it may be perfect for gaining confidence.

◆ 'Veggie daughter' distribution started. Who do you grow with the best vegetables?
The distribution announcement PV of the game 'Veggie Musume Cutie Farmer' with the theme of farming that grows vegetables and operates farmers has been released.

It is introduced that you can experience the 'sixthization' in which producers collectively carry out cultivation management, harvesting, processing, distribution and sales of vegetables.

Complete various missions with cute characters to improve your achievements.

It is said that a campaign is now being held to receive the essential agricultural item 'light truck'.

The elaborate PV was released on the

VTuber 'Hina' channel operated by Sengari Farm . In the usual videos, we introduce tomato farms and tomato dishes.

When asked, 'How much is the ceiling of the gacha?', He answered, 'It is 37 million yen, including the new farming loan of Japan Finance Corporation.'

◆ New Japan Boiled Food Travel-A Journey to Boil Nature, Humans and Civilization- | Eurasia Travel Agency
Eurasia Travel Agency , which develops and provides original tours that satisfy intellectual curiosity such as ruins, nature, and traditional culture, is unique to Japan from north to south for mature travelers who are not satisfied with ordinary travel. Offering a tour too.

It is a trip from Tokyo to eat simmered food while flying around from Sapporo to Naha. The itinerary was scheduled to depart on April 1, 2022.

The travel price is 253,014 yen.

It's an April Fool's special project, but I was able to actually apply for it.

◆ Momotetsu's settlement signboard will be installed
In the Momotaro Dentetsu series, when entering the settlement of accounts, a screen is displayed that the Shinkansen passes in front of Mt. Fuji, but the settlement screen became a panel and appeared near 128 Kawashiri, Fuji City, Shizuoka Prefecture.

It's like April Fool's Day, but this sign is really installed. When you go to shoot, you are called to pay attention to the streets of the car.

◆ aruku & made into a movie
' Aruku & ' is a walking app where you can win local specialties just by walking with your smartphone, but it was decided to make it into a movie. It is said that the movie is 'the best entertainment with action, tears, and walking'.

The preview video has been released because it is made into a movie. It is full of power words such as 'weapon named walking', 'true walking', and '1 in 10,000 people cried'.

Movie 'Arquats Infinity Go' trailer-YouTube

◆ Sale of a new recipe 'Sliding Banana' that anyone can slip when drinking the smoothie brand Innocent
Innocent, the UK's smoothie brand, which boasts the highest sales in Europe, has announced that it will sell 'Sliding Banana' as a new product following 'Omajime Strawberry', 'Yango Naki Mango' and 'Naughty Kiwi' on April 1st only. did.

'Sliding banana' uses a special banana that has increased the content of 'sliding ingredient' to the utmost limit by listening to the story of slipping for 24 hours.

Drinking this 'sliding banana' has the ability to 'slide', such as slipping on a flat road, slipping inadvertently and revealing secrets, in addition to almost slipping no matter how interesting the story is. It seems that the level will be improved in all directions. Of course, this new product is an April Fool's lie project, but many people said, 'Innocent banana smoothies are absolutely delicious, so I want them to be released as new products.'

◆ Energy drinks from Alice Gear Aegis
The drink 'Elaion' officially recognized by the government agency 'AEGiS' that appears in the smartphone game app ' Alice Gear Aegis' has been announced.

The product page is so built that you can't think of it as a lie product.

Along with the character, the drink promotion phrase is displayed. Click the orange arrow below the character ...

You can see various characters and promotional complaints.

When you access the store page , select the quantity and click 'Add to Cart' ...

You can get wallpapers for smartphones. If you change the 'quantity' on the store page, the character of the wallpaper will also change, so it is recommended to try until your favorite character appears.

Also, in the game, the 'latest quantum computer' is on sale for 19,080 million yen as a special price limited to April 1st. If you tap it, you can also play a mini game limited to April Fool's Day.

◆ Duolingo Roll
Foreign language learning app ' Duolingo' has released a toilet paper 'Duolingo Roll ' that allows you to learn English phrases.

There are 5 courses available, but they are out of stock except for the 'Learn English in Japanese' course. In this English learning course, you can learn important phrases such as 'My cat is a lawyer.'

This innovative and exciting solution has scientific backing. The graph on the left brings out the depth of taste.

In addition, Duolingo Roll is not actually sold by April Fool's Day, but it is said that a Twitter campaign is being held where the real Duolingo Roll is 10 people.

◆ Speed Pizza (3D)
The visa issuance service 'Speed Visa' is now 'Speed Pizza (3D)', which issues 3D pizza for one day only. If you click 'Publish in 30 seconds' ...

Source and ...

I was able to choose toppings.

Finally, give it a name and click 'Publish'.

A delicious pizza came out of the pizza oven ...

For some reason, it was a fatal specification that the ingredients slipped through the pizza and fell off.

◆ Yogibo
Yogibo Japan, which sells 'Yogibo' featuring the 'magic bead sofa that fits your body', has announced that an extra-large Yogibo has appeared. It is said that it is exhibited at the Midosuji Honmachi store only on April 1st.

The size is 3.4 meters long and 2.6 meters wide. It weighs 64 kg of dignity.

'It fits perfectly in a room where you live alone.' If the above size is expressed in tatami mats, it is about 5 tatami mats, so it seems to mean that it is possible to just fill the room.

It is said that even an unsatisfactory living room can be transformed into a unique space just by placing this quattro double.

◆ Joint page of 'Tokyo Afterschool Summoners' and 'LIVE A HERO!' Full of muscles and beasts
The April Fool's special page, which is a combination of 'Tokyo Afterschool Summoners ' and ' LIVE A HERO! ', A game app for smartphones by Life Wonders, has been enthusiastic, such as posting more than 10 movies.

On the special page, in addition to 'Good night voice' where the character delivers healing voice, '

Hachidogushi channel ' where the costume style Moritaka (CV: Kappei Yamaguchi) rampages, and 'Machismo guy introduces the new application' 'Vtuber Kengo ' and much more. By the way, the new app ' OnStage! ' Introduced by Vtuber Kengo is really scheduled to be released.

[Vtuber Kengo !?] Cannon Lightning Fall V! What is a 3D dance app onstage? --YouTube

Six characters are in charge of good night voices, from male voices that are too astringent to gentle female voices.

[ASMR !?] Lifewonders Character Good Night Voice Gouryo Hen CV. Yoshihito Onami --YouTube

◆ Theme '[First public release in Japan] This is the unknown Okinawa trivia!' --Okinawa people you don't know? Trivia that local people want to hide?
Web service 'Okinawa citizens you do not know' is a web service that reports on true Okinawa, which you can never know just by visiting for sightseeing.

Click 'See Next' ...

Trivia related to Okinawa was displayed in a row. Some of the cards are hidden, but when you click on them ...

A trivia appeared, saying, 'The scenery seen from an airplane landing on Ishigaki Island is a famous story that was projected by projection mapping.'

◆ Razer
Razer, which sells gaming equipment, has announced the Razer Rapunzel Chroma Hair Dye, an RGB hair care product that makes hair glow in rainbow colors.

A movie introducing the product was also uploaded. Early on, it seems that you can get 'gaming hair' whose hair glows in rainbow colors.

Razer Rapunzel | Glow Up-YouTube

In reality, it is impossible to do such coloring that changes color, but 'Rapunzel AR Filter' has been released on Instagram, and you can experience how the hair glows in rainbow colors.

◆ Spin-off of 'World Trigger' 'Human Resources Department Seiji Mizunuma' starts serialization in Grand Jump
As an official spin-off of the manga 'World Trigger' that was broadcast in the second season of the anime from January 2021, it was announced that the serialization of 'Human Resources Department Seiji Mizunuma' will start in the youth manga magazine Grand Jump.

Since it was announced every year that 'Corporate Warrior Rintaro Ito' in 2019 and 'Katsumi Karasawa' in 2020, it was expected that 'Who will be this year?'

The result was Seiji Mizunuma, the 'interviewer who interviewed Osamu at the entrance examination of the border,' which appears in the recollection of the main character, Osamu, in the 10th volume of the comic. In 'Human Resources Department Seiji Mizunuma', in the organization 'Border' that fights against the invading inhabitants of another world, the activity of a man who fights against enlisted applicants and employees as the Human Resources Department is drawn.

◆ VPS-chan's work strategy! Exciting and exciting secret data center
'Sakura Internet ', which provides rental servers, cloud services, VPS, etc., provides the adventure game ' VPS-chan's Work Daisakusen! Exciting and exciting secret data center '.

The content of this game is to help various people in the data center together with the character 'Sakura's VPS-chan', which is not officially recognized by Sakura Internet. Through the game, you can see a part of the data center business.

◆ Chiba Zoological Park [Official]
A new handsome director has been appointed at Chiba Zoological Park. It seems that new employees are working energetically.

◆ Sunpack Co., Ltd.
Sunpack Co., Ltd. announced that it will start selling 'Foot Groomer Musical', a foot instrument that can be played by rubbing it on the sole of the foot, from April 1, 2021 (Thursday).

In commemoration of the release of the new model foot instrument, 'Sunpack Presents Foot Instrument Kids Artist Audition' will be held to recruit kids artists exclusively for Sunpack.

◆ April Fool's Day today! Let's play with cats in NYANTO! | [KINTO] From Toyota, a car subscription
The page of the service 'KINTO ' that allows you to rent a car with a monthly contract has changed to the cat subscription service 'NYANTO'.

The service also includes food, toilet sand, and toys. However, it seems that the cat must be examined after applying, and it seems that it depends on the owner's power whether or not the desired cat can subscribe.

◆ Andatte Andatte Official
And series start in the Weekly Shonen Jump in 2020, hapless girl and man of immortality is different ability Millionaires 'who are active in the name combination undead Anne rack was announced as the official Twitter of' is changed to 'Andatte Andatte'.

The official Twitter header and icon image have been changed to 'Andatte Andatte' by Dr. Roboco Hira.

This is the 15th episode of 'Me & Roboco ', which was also serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump in 2020, and is derived from the work 'Andatte Andatte' that Roboco brought to Shonen Jump. 'Undead Unluck' is a work that depicts a combination of 'undead' and 'unlucky', but 'Andatte Unluck' is a harsh person who asks 'What's that?' It's a story.

Even when this episode of 'Me & Roboco' was posted, it was responding on the undead unluck official Twitter account.

By the way, such 'Me & Roboco' also announces 'decision to make a movie' on official Twitter. Although it is an April Fool's story, I am appealing with a hashtag that I hope that it will be realized, such as 'Mr. Toho is always waiting for your contact.'

◆ Nintama Rantaro certified as Guinness World Records for 'the number of characters who have been dressed as women'
The headline 'The anime' Nintama Rantaro 'has set a Guinness record! More than 100 characters with experience in transvestites!' Was featured in Yohaa !, which is not Yahoo! News.

This is an April Fool's joke by Aki-san, but it is said that it was confirmed over 10 months for this day that 108 characters have been dressed as women so far.

◆ Hitotsubashi University Rakugo Study Group
The Twitter account of Hitotsubashi University Rakugo Study Group has been reborn as 'Muscle Rakugo Study Group' that makes full use of physical language.

He says he has the idea that 'muscles do not betray'.

Muscle Ogiri uses protein and bench press weights instead of cushions, which is a laughing point. It must be said that it is an efficient method to train the art and the body at the same time.

However, probably because he bullied his muscles too much, the knees of the researcher, not the customer, burst into laughter. It is said that the muscle type will be stopped as of today.

◆ Dairiki of meat
Meat chain Dairiki has made two announcements regarding the new menu.

First of all, Dairiki specializes in meat, but announced that it will start handling amberjack. This is a lie announcement, but a little bit of knowledge that amberjack is called 'Dairiki' in some areas is true.

In addition, it is said that a new menu will start on April 1st at the one-person yakiniku restaurant operated by Dairiki, and one of them, 'Butcher's Veggie Set Meal,' was additionally announced. The healthy menu, where you go to a yakiniku restaurant by yourself and dare to bake only vegetables, is 831 yen excluding tax.

◆ I am a long-tailed tit.
The Twitter account 'I, Shimaenaga. ', Which continues to post pictures of the bird 'Shimaenaga' that lives in Hokkaido, is posting another image that is very similar to Shimaenaga today. It's true that the long-tailed tit is cute today, but for some reason, today's photo seems to give me an appetite ...

◆ Flyer portal application 'Shufoo!' Has undergone a major renewal
It was announced that the leaflet information portal application ' Shufoo!' Will be significantly renewed.

The frog characters that color the app, Kero-chan and Charlotte-chan, are anthropomorphized and become a combination of a beautiful boy and a beautiful girl ...

You can project the character with a hologram and shop together while looking at the leaflets.

Also, it is possible not only to look at the leaflets but also to train the characters, and if this is really realized, shopping may progress too much and the wallet may become lonely.

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