I tried to make various dishes using the addictive seasoning 'Enchanted Harissa' that the crisp stimulus of chili pepper and the scent of spices explode the taste of meat.

'Harissa ' is a pepper-based seasoning used in Morocco and Tunisia. 'Enchanted Harissa ', which is a paste-like bottled seasoning made from such Harissa, is now available from House Foods. I was wondering what kind of seasoning it was, so I tried to make various dishes using this 'Enchanted Harissa'.

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'Enchanted Harissa' is a paste seasoning in a tube, and the package has chili peppers on it.

Raw materials include vegetable oil, dextrin, pepper, salt, onion powder, beef tallow and pork oil mixture, cumin, coriander, garlic oil, and rapeseed processed oil. The content is 95g.

One teaspoon (6g) of calories is about 36kcal.

I was wondering what kind of paste the fascinating Harissa was, so I put it on a spoon first. The moment you squeeze it, the scent of chili peppers and spices drifts.

It's quite oily, but the paste itself is net-like and has a texture like wasabi. You can see black grains mixed inside. When you lick it, it has a slightly rough texture, and the spiciness of the crispy pepper lasts, and at the same time, you can feel the scent of cumin and coriander. The fascinating harissa is made on a chili base, so the spiciness of the chili peppers stands out more than the aroma of spices such as cumin and coriander. Adding it to the dish will add flavor, but it is especially good when you want to add spiciness.

There were various recipes using the fascinating Harissa on the official website , so I actually made some of them and tried them. First, lightly sprinkle salt and pepper on chicken thighs to make sautéed chicken.

Add a fascinating harissa to the chicken saute and try it.

The spiciness of the crisp chili peppers enhances the taste of the meat. The slightly spicy taste of chicken fat makes it more spicy than when you lick the paste directly.

The official website said, 'For grilled dumplings!', So I actually prepared the grilled dumplings.

The fascinating Harissa is salty enough, so you don't need to prepare a saucer and just add it directly to season it. When adding spiciness to dumplings, it is common to drip chili oil on the dumplings, but chili oil flows on the surface of the dumplings, and it is difficult to control the spiciness. On the other hand, the fascinating harissa is a paste, so it is easier to apply to dumplings than chili oil, and the point is that it is easier to adjust the spiciness and taste. In addition, the spiciness of chili peppers and the aroma of spices enhance the umami of the juicy meat wrapped in dumplings.

This time, mix the mayonnaise and the fascinating harissa at a ratio of about 5: 1 ...

I made a vegetable stick dip sauce.

I thought that the mayonnaise would make the spiciness mellow, but the spicy dip sauce was finished with the spicy stimulus of the fascinating Harissa added to the richness of the mayonnaise. Some editorial staff members who tasted it said, 'Because vegetables have a lot of water, the spiciness of chili peppers is more noticeable than dumplings and chicken saute.'

I wondered what would happen if I applied it to bread like chili tomato sauce and made it into toast, so I applied the fascinating harissa to the bread ...

I put sliced cheese on it and baked it in the oven.

Completion of pizza toast using fascinating Harissa. When I tried it, the spiciness of the first bite was suppressed with cheese, but after a while, I felt that the stimulus of the chili pepper gradually came. It's a little tough for people who don't like spicy foods, but the flavor of cheese and the aroma of spices go well together, and I felt it was quite ant.

Next, I made the 'Jambalaya- style Harissa fried rice' that was introduced on the official website. I prepared eggs and rice, chopped paprika and ham.

If you fry paprika and ham in a frying pan ...

Add rice, fry, and add the fascinating harissa.

After that, stir-fry slowly while seasoning with salt so that the fascinating harissa spreads throughout.

Place the fried rice on a plate and place the fried egg on it. Basically, it's a very simple cooking, 'just stir-fry while seasoning with fascinating harissa and salt', so it was completed in about 15 minutes.

The spicy stimulus of chili peppers and the aroma of cumin and coriander make the fried rice full of exoticism. The crispy texture of paprika is a nice accent, creating a jambalaya style. Immediately after eating, you can feel the mellow and fluffy aroma of spices, but the spiciness of the chili peppers gradually comes afterwards.

Furthermore, break the fried egg with a spoon ...

I ate the spilled yolk with fried rice. The egg yolk is mellow and the spiciness of the chili pepper is suppressed, so you can feel the flavor of other spices more firmly.

This time, I made 'Easy Harissa Shrimp Mayo'. The ingredients are peeled shrimp, mayonnaise, fascinating harissa, and condensed milk.

After removing the back of the peeled shrimp, soak it in sake and sprinkle it with potato starch.

Then oil the frying pan and bake the shrimp.

While baking the shrimp, mix mayonnaise, fascinating harissa, and condensed milk to make a sauce. The recipe ratio is 6: 1: 1/2, but if the amount of mayonnaise and fascinating harissa changes, the spiciness will change, so it is recommended to adjust it appropriately while tasting.

Turn off the heat when both sides of the shrimp are browned.

When the shrimp's heat is removed, add the shrimp to the mixed sauce and sprinkle it well.

This completes the easy Harissa shrimp mayo. It's easy because you just add the sauce to the baked shrimp, but it took some time to prepare the shrimp, and the cooking time was about 30 minutes.

The fragrant shrimp scent that you can feel in the crispy texture goes well with the flavor of spices such as cumin and coriander. Mayonnaise and condensed milk reduce the spiciness, so you can feel the aroma of spices. However, there was a comment from the editorial staff who tasted it, 'I want it to be a little more seasoned to eat with rice.' It is recommended to use a large amount of fascinating harissa when making a side dish of rice, as the spiciness and punch will increase dramatically if you do 'chasing enchanting harissa'.

'Enchanted Harissa' can be purchased at supermarkets and retail stores nationwide. The suggested retail price is 358 yen excluding tax. It is also handled by Amazon, and a set of 5 can be purchased for 1836 yen including tax.

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