Firefox announces expansion of coverage of communication encryption system 'DNS over HTTPS', what will change?

Mozilla, the developer of Firefox, has

enabled Firefox users in the United States by default for the protocol ' DNS over HTTPS (DoH) ' that encrypts communication with the Domain Name System (DNS) in Canada. Announced that it will also be enabled for users of.

Firefox extends privacy and security of Canadian internet users with by-default DNS-over-HTTPS rollout in Canada

The DNS ' easy-to-read for humans, such as the' domain name on the basis of, the computer can identify, such as '' IP address is a database system for calling. At this time, it was pointed out that there is a risk of being subject to man-in-the-middle attacks such as 'intercepting websites accessed by users' because communication with DNS is performed in plain text without encryption.

Under such circumstances, the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) , a standardization body for the Internet, proposed DoH, a protocol that encrypts communication with DNS using the HTTPS protocol , in October 2018.

Then, in February 2020, Mozilla announced that DoH would be enabled by default for users in the United States. At the same time, Mozilla said, 'We are considering enabling DoH in countries other than the United States, and we are continuing efforts to add a reliable DNS resolver ,' and enabling DoH in countries other than the United States. I was particularly motivated.

Finally Firefox announces that 'DNS over HTTPS', which encrypts communication with DNS, will be enabled by default --GIGAZINE

And new Mozilla announced that it will enable DoH by default for Canadian users from July 20, 2021 in partnership with

CIRA, which provides a DNS resolver ' Canadian Shield' that supports DoH. did.

Starting July 20, 2021, Firefox users in Canada will see a pop-up asking them to enable DoH. In addition, activation of DoH will start for some users in Canada, and by the end of September 2021, a pop-up will be displayed for all users in Canada.

Mozilla's CTO Eric Rescorla said, 'Unencrypted DNS communication is an old Internet heritage and a major privacy issue. We partnered with CIRA to work with CIRA. We are very pleased to protect the privacy of our Canadian users. ' 'Protecting privacy is an important factor in regaining trust in the Internet,' said Byron Holland, CEO of CIRA. Our goal is to protect as many Canadians as possible with the Canadian Shield. We will continue to look for new ways to extend the reach of the Canadian Shield to enhance the privacy of Canadians. '

In November 2019, Microsoft also agreed to introduce DoH, and it is expected that Windows will support DoH as standard in the future.

Microsoft agrees with 'Encryption of DNS connection' and considers support for Windows in the future --GIGAZINE

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