Ultra-compact & battery-powered ESP32 wireless communication module 'Tiny PICO'

The ESP32 microcontroller, which supports wireless communication standards such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, is used in various wireless communication devices because it is available at low cost. ' TinyPICO ' is a wireless communication module that uses such ESP32 and has features such as 'small size', 'battery driveable', and 'large capacity memory installed'.


TinyPICO --ESP32 Development Board [V2]: ID 4335: $ 20.00: Adafruit Industries, Unique & fun DIY electronics and kits

According to Unexpected Maker, who developed TinyPICO, there are many wireless communication modules that use ESP32, but they have problems such as 'not compatible with low power operation', 'large size', and 'small memory installed'. It is said that there is. TinyPICO is a wireless communication module developed to solve these problems.

At the time of writing the article, the second generation of TinyPICO is on sale.

The 2nd generation TinyPICO is packed with the necessary and sufficient functions as a wireless communication module such as ESP32-PICO-D4 , 4MB pseudo SRAM , charge control circuit, RGB compatible LED, reset button, and USB terminal in a compact body of 18mm x 32mm. is.

The detailed specifications of the 2nd generation Tiny PICO are as follows.

Processor 32bit dual core 240MHz
memory 4MB SPI flash and 4MB pseudo SRAM
Wifi 2.4GHz IEEE 802.11b / g / n
Bluetooth Bluetooth Low Energy 4.2
GPIO 14 pin
LDO regulator 700 mAh 3.3V
Size 18mm x 32mm
weight 2.0g

MicroPython is pre-installed in

as an execution environment. It also supports development with the Arduino IDE and can be used as an Arduino compatible board.

In addition, the back of TinyPICO is equipped with pads that support two types of JST connectors , and can be battery-powered using your favorite lithium-ion polymer secondary battery.

TinyPICO is available on Amazon.com and Mouser . In Japan, it is available at Mouser's Japanese distributor for 3068 yen.

CS-TINYPICO-01 Unexpected Maker | Mouser Japan

The TinyPICO blueprints and source code are available on the official GitHub repository .

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