A masterpiece movie in which a robot arranges 100,000 dominoes in just one day to create a 'Mario title screen'

There are various elaborate things such as reproducing the original Pokemon and reproducing Super Mario Odyssey in the domino effect of drawing various patterns with tiles, but it takes a lot of time to create such complicated patterns. increase. Former NASA engineer Mark Rober, who created 'a car horn that can make multiple sounds ' and ' an obstacle course for squirrels all over the garden, ' newly developed a 'fully automatic domino line-up robot ' that is about 10 times a day. Not only can you line up 10,000 pieces, but you can also draw a pattern with the title screen of the first Super Mario Bros. as a motif.

World Record Domino Robot (100k dominoes in 24hrs)-YouTube

At the beginning of the movie, the guest appearance is Lily Hevesh of YouTuber, who is known for posting a lot of detailed and imaginative domino movies on YouTube. Hevesh arranges the dominoes he produced with skillful hands, but he inadvertently knocks down the dominoes he has arranged.

Mr. Rover called with a finger whistle while saying, 'It's a bad place for humans!'

It is a fully automatic domino arrangement robot 'Dominator'.

Dominator, who bears the name of the ruler, pulls down the pedestal attached to the front of the aircraft.

When I raised the pedestal again, the dominoes were lined up nicely there.

Dominator receives the dominoes from the dedicated domino pouring machine ...

It is stored vertically in the front pedestal.

In this way, the dominoes stored vertically are released straight as they are, and 300 dominoes are lined up at the same time. If you release the dominoes without the pedestal on the ground, you can see that all the dominoes fall down in a completely upright position.

Dominator who arranges dominoes at a speed that even Mr. Hevesh, who is a domino arranging professional, can not compare. The dominoes lined up by Hevesh are not neatly arranged, but the dominoes lined up by Dominator are also lined up almost in a row.

The number of dominoes lined up by Dominator reached 9000 in 2 hours. 'It's clear which one won,' Rover said.

Break down the dominoes for this experiment ...

Finally to the production. This time, Dominator will line up dominoes in the space specified by the Guinness Book of Records.

Furthermore, in the actual production, we also tried to draw the title screen of Super Mario Bros. by changing the color of Domino.

The ability to draw patterns with dominoes is due to the function of the domino pouring machine. This domino pouring machine lifts five colors of dominoes, blue, orange, black, white, and yellow, to the top with separate lines ...

The robot arm picks up the dominoes of the color that matches the design and puts them in the corresponding pockets.

The Dominator, which is set with a domino with a pattern in this way, roughly moves around the room with an indoor GPS sensor, and when it approaches the target point, the camera reads the marker on the ground and positions it in the correct position.

The leg wheels that can even turn on the spot and the smooth

DC servo motor realize smooth movement without breaking the already lined dominoes. The details of Dominator's control software, which was handled by Alex Baucom, who belongs to Waymo, which was born independently of Google's self-driving car development department, are published on a dedicated page.

In this way, Dominator lined up 102,300 dominoes in 24 hours ...

A design with the Mario Bros. title screen as a motif is completed.

All you have to do is defeat the dominoes lined up. This time, in order to defeat Domino, we also developed a gimmick that the shell of Koopa Troopa slides.

So, the overwhelming scene where about 100,000 dominoes that drew the title screen of Mario Bros. are defeated starts from about 13 minutes 10 seconds of the movie. You can watch the movie from 13 minutes and 10 seconds by clicking the embedded link below.

World Record Domino Robot (100k dominoes in 24hrs)-YouTube

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