Image & delivery date of 'Lord of the Rings' Amazon drama version revealed

Based on JRR Tolkien 's feature-length novel 'The Lord of the Rings', apart from the movie ' Lord of the Rings ', the delivery date of the drama series being promoted by Amazon has been clarified, and a preview image has been released. It has been published.

Amazon's Lord Of The Rings TV Series Reveals First Look And Release Date --Game Informer

Amazon's Lord of the Rings series will premiere on Prime Video in 2022 --The Verge

Regarding the drama version Lord of the Rings that Amazon is producing, it was reported that Amazon acquired the right to drama for 250 million dollars (about 27 billion yen) in 2017. Amazon founder Jeff Bezos tweeted that 'Amazon Prime is leaving for Middle-earth ,' and is pleased to announce that it has acquired the rights to drama.

The Amazon version of The Lord of the Rings was produced under strict information control, so little other details were revealed, but in 2019 Middle-earth will be the stage. The map was released, and it was reported that the scriptwriter was writing in a closed room guarded by high alert.

The script for the drama version of 'The Lord of the Rings' is written in a closed room guarded by high alert --GIGAZINE

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Regarding such Amazon's drama version Lord of the Rings, the official Twitter account tweeted that 'a new journey will start on September 2, 2022', and the delivery date has finally been revealed. The tweet is accompanied by the first image of the drama Lord of the Rings, which anticipates an adventure in the vast Middle-earth.

According to entertainment news media TVLine , the filming of the drama Lord of the Rings in New Zealand has just finished season one.

In addition, there is a report that the schedule of the drama version Lord of the Rings has been adjusted so that Season 2 can be released soon, so it is quite possible that we will continue to shoot Season 2. ..

Amazon version 'Lord of the Rings' reveals that Season 2 is planned to be released soon-GIGAZINE

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Amazon does not give a detailed explanation of the released image, but Game Informer of overseas media points out that it is 'nothing but Númenor appearing in the work'.

The performers of the drama version of The Lord of the Rings include Cynthia Addai-Robinson , Owain Arthur , Ismael Cruz Cordova , Charles Edwards , Robert Aramayo , Maxim Baldley, Marquera Cavena , and Joseph. Names include Maul , Lloyd Owen , Dylan Smith , Leon Waddam, Benjamin Walker , Sarah Zwangobani, Lenny Henry , Emma Hovas, Tyrone Muhafidin, and Sophia Nomvete.

Drama version of the show runner is in charge of RD pane and Patrick McKay, producer Christopher Newman, director Charlotte brand storm will serve is.

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