I tried using 'Starlight Resize' which allows you to enjoy the PC version of Dereste in a pseudo 4K full screen

On September 3, 2021, which marks the 6th anniversary of the release of '

Idolmaster Cinderella Girls Starlight Stage (Deleste)', a music game app for smartphones that has also been made into a TV animation , it will also be distributed on the PC game distribution platform 'DMM GAMES '. It has started. Rin Suki has released a tool 'StarlightResize ' that allows you to play in 4K full screen in a pseudo manner by resizing the window of Dereste that can finally be played on a PC.

I made a guy who resized the window of Dereste to make it a pseudo full screen [Starlight Resize] --rinsuki's blog

GitHub --rinsuki / StarlightResize: The guy who nicely resizes the DMM version of Dereste's window and makes it pseudo full screen

By default, the PC version of Dereste only supports windows up to a maximum resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, and you can't play full screen on a 4K monitor.

Therefore, 'Starlight Resize' is a tool that enables you to draw Dereste at a higher resolution by changing the size of the window using Win32API.

To use StarlightResize, you

need to install .NET 5.0 Desktop Runtime in advance. The distribution page is below.

Download .NET 5.0 (Linux, macOS, and Windows)

This time, click 'x64' on Windows to download the Desktop Runtime installer for the x64 version of Windows. The installer is in EXE format and the file size is 52.3MB.

Launch the downloaded installer and click 'Install'.

Click 'Close' when the installation is complete.

Then download 'Starlight Resize' from 'Release ' on GitHub. At the time of writing the article, the version is and can be downloaded in ZIP format (file size 78.2KB).

Unzip the downloaded 'StarlightResize0.1.0.11.zip' with standard Windows functions or Explzh, and with the PC version of

Dereste running, start StarlightResize.exe in the folder.

When you start it, it looks like this. Below Dereste is the Starlight Resize window.

Select 'Display' and resolution, and click 'Run!'. This time, I chose '← 3840' as the resolution to display in 4K full screen.

Dereste is displayed in 4K full screen.

When the PC version of Dereste is displayed at a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels, the rendering is performed according to that resolution, so the 3D model is also output insanely beautifully.

With 4K full screen, your favorite idols will look sharper and more vibrant than you would see on your smartphone.

However, still images that are not rendered on the spot are forcibly stretched to 4K resolution, so standing image images, backgrounds, icons, etc. will be noticeably rough.

If you look at the pattern on the floor of the office or outside the window, you can clearly see the rough pattern.

When I pulled 10 consecutive gachas, the audition history was a little rough, but the sticky notes that announced the gacha results were clearly displayed.

Standing pictures of idols ...

Since the SSR sign etc. is also an image, if you enlarge it to 4K, the roughness will be a little noticeable, so it may be easier to raise the tension by pulling the gacha with a smartphone.

The source of Starlight Resize is available on GitHub. Please note that Starlight Resize is an unofficial tool and you are responsible for using it.

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