Tesla releases the latest version of FSD for fully autonomous driving, but bugs occur frequently and it is deleted immediately

On October 24, 2021, Tesla released 'FSD Beta 10.3', a subscription service that enables advanced driving assistance for its electric vehicles, FSD (Full Self-Driving). However, after a series of bug reports from testers, Tesla announced a rollback to 10.2 on the same day.

Tesla pulled its latest'Full Self Driving' beta after testers complained about false crash warnings and other bugs --The Verge

Elon Musk tweets that Tesla is rolling back'Full Self-Driving' for some users because of software issues --The Washington Post

On October 24, Tesla released Beta 10.3 of its advanced driving support software 'FSD' for electric vehicles for drivers who have passed the safety examination.

Tesla releases beta version of fully autonomous driving-GIGAZINE

'FSD Beta 10.3' includes updates such as a driver profile function that allows you to switch driving characteristics and a reduction in the frequency of false positives by improving the accuracy of detecting brake lights and hazard lights of other vehicles.

However, Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced shortly after the release, 'We had a problem with 10.3 and temporarily returned to 10.2.'

According to the IT news site The Verge, 'FSD Beta 10.3' has received multiple voices from testers saying that there is a problem with the 'forward collision prediction warning (FCW)' function. In addition, the online bulletin board Reddit reports that there are also problems with functions such as 'traffic detection cruise control (TACC)' and 'autopilot'. The Washington Post also reported that 'as a result of the fix in the update, there are a number of voices saying that the FSD has completely stopped working instead of rolling back to 10.2.'

It's unclear if the FCW or TACC issue was the cause of the rollback, but Musk said in a tweet complaining about the bug, 'I'm working on this issue right now.'

For some time, Tesla's FSD has been criticized as 'fully autonomous driving is just a name', and even in the previous version 'FSD Beta 9' released in July, 'Push into a lane with parked vehicles' etc. It was reported that there was a problem.

Tesla distributes the latest version of the full self-driving function 'FSD Beta 9', but behavioral problems such as 'Pushing into a lane with a parked vehicle' are reported --GIGAZINE

by Chris Yarzab

For this reason, Twitter user green (@greentheonly), who is investigating Tesla-related software, says, 'If you have a low safe driving score waiting for FSD, please stop using FSD.'

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