Apex Legends and FIFA distributors say 'NFTs and blockchains are the future of the gaming industry'

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'NFT ', which makes it possible to treat digital data as a unique and irreplaceable asset, and 'blockchain ', the technology that is the basis of NFT and crypto assets (virtual currency). There should be many people who say that there is something. These technologies have received a lot of attention in recent years, but Andrew Wilson, CEO of Electronic Arts (EA), a major publisher of popular games such as Apex Legends and FIFA , said about NFTs and blockchains in our industry. It is clear that he said, 'The future.'

EA calls NFT and blockchain games'the future of our industry' | PC Gamer

EA CEO Says NFTs and Blockchain Games Are The “Future Of Our Industry” And That He's Unsure Of How That's Going To Work --Game Informer

At a financial results report meeting held in November 2021, CEO Wilson said, 'Industry,' about a new 'Play-to-earn' type game that can make money by playing using NFT and blockchain. Is the future of. ' However, Wilson said, 'It's too early to understand how it works.'

According to gaming media PC Gamer, Wilson also said, 'In the context of the games we create and the live services we offer, we believe that collectable digital content will play a meaningful role in our future. 'I think it's too early to say anything about these, but I think we're in a really good position, and in the future we're more innovative and creative about NFT and blockchain. You should expect to think about it. '

In 'Play-to-earn' type games, players often have to pay in advance with crypto assets in order to play the game and collect unique items that appear in the game. After that, after the value of the unique items collected in the game increases, it will be possible to sell the items to other players and make a profit. PC Gamer pointed out that 'the financial interests that the game and the player build can also increase the value of the game itself.'

EA has not yet officially released NFT or blockchain games, or 'Play-to-earn' games. However, words such as 'NFT' and 'blockchain' are already lined up in the description column of EA's job information, and it can be seen that the company is seriously interested in these technologies. increase.

Sr. Director- Competitive Gaming Brand at Electronic Arts

In addition, there are various reactions to games using NFT and blockchain in the game industry, and Steam, which is extremely popular as a PC game sales platform, prohibits the distribution of games that can trade NFT and crypto assets. On the other hand, the Epic Games store, which has emerged as a rival of the platform, welcomes games using blockchain.

Rival Epic Games bans games that can trade NFTs and crypto assets on Steam commented 'welcome'-GIGAZINE

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