'Kitkat Mini Whole High Cacao +' tasting review with 72% cacao bitterness and gentle sweetness that slowly melts and spreads in your mouth

From Nestlé's chocolate brand ' Kitkat', 'Kitkat Mini Whole High Cacao + ' will be available for a limited time on December 6, 2021 (Monday).

It is said that cacao nibs , which has been attracting attention as a superfood in recent years, is kneaded into chocolate with a cacao content of 72%, so I tried to see what it tastes like.

Whole High Cacao + | KITKAT

Kitkat Mini The whole high cacao + bag looks like this.

The cacao content in the chocolate dough is 72%, which is higher than normal KitKat.

Cocoa nibs are roasted and finely crushed cacao beans, and have been attracting attention as superfoods in recent years. Kitkat Mini Whole High Cacao + has wafers in the chocolate dough like normal Kitkat, but it is said that cacao nibs are kneaded into the chocolate dough.

The raw materials look like this, and the names of cacao nibs are also lined up. There are 12 kitcut minis in one bag.

The calorie is 66 kcal per sheet.

Kitkat Mini The whole high cacao + packaging looks like this.

When I take out the contents, it looks quite black because the cacao content is 72%.

Compared to the regular Kitkat Mini (right), you can clearly see its blackness.

When I cut the cross section with a kitchen knife, it looks like this. You can see that the chocolate dough that wraps the wafer is kneaded with cocoa nibs grains.

When I try to eat it, I first feel the bitterness of cacao, and then the sweetness gradually spreads in my mouth. The 72% cacao chocolate dough has the impression that bitterness and sweetness are balanced, and it does not have the milky sweetness that you would feel when eating a regular KitKat. Due to the strong crispness of the wafer, the nutty texture peculiar to cacao nibs is not so noticeable, but the slight acidity of cacao nibs was felt in the bitterness and sweetness.

Kitkat Mini Whole High Cacao + can be purchased at supermarkets and drug stores nationwide for a limited time from December 6, 2021 (Monday). Each bag contains 12 pieces, and the suggested retail price is 648 yen including tax.

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