'Your Name.' Makoto Shinkai's new work 'Sparrow's Door Closure' will be released in the fall of 2022

Today, December 15th, the new work 'Sparrow's Door Closure ' by anime director Makoto Shinkai, who is known for his blockbuster works such as 'Your Name.' And 'Weathering with You,' is scheduled to be released in the fall of 2022. It became clear at the production announcement press conference held.

Official website of the movie 'Sparrow's Door Closure'


Director Shinkai has a reputation for beautiful world depictions and youth stories that make you feel bittersweet, and ' Your Name. ' Released in 2016 recorded box office revenue of 25 billion yen in Japan alone.

In addition, 'Weathering with You' released in 2019 was a big hit with box office revenue of over 14.1 billion yen.

According to Director Shinkai, the new work 'Sparrow's Door Closure' is a road movie and action movie in which the main character, Suzume, travels by closing the doors of disaster that open in various parts of the archipelago.

The character design is Masayoshi Tanaka, following 'Your Name.' And 'Weathering with You.' The animation director is Kenichi Tsuchiya, who participates in Shinkai's work, saying 'Children Who Chase Lost Stars,' 'The Garden of Words,' and 'Your Name.' The art director is Takumi Tanji, who was in charge of 'Your Name.', 'Beyond the clouds, the promised place' and '5 centimeters per second'.

In addition, the state of the press conference will be released on YouTube / Toho MOVIE channel from 23:00 on December 15th today.

[Talk uncut] Makoto Shinkai's new film 'Suzume no Tojimari' Press Conference --YouTube

In addition, after the distribution, Director Shinkai will have a question and answer session on Twitter Spaces.

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