It turns out that 'stealth bomber in flight' is reflected in Google Maps

Google Maps allows you to see

aerial photo views generated from multiple aerial and satellite photographs, sometimes with strange objects such as 'Kazakhstan's Mysterious Five-Pointed Star ' and ' Romanian UFO'. It is discovered and becomes a hot topic. A new user of the overseas bulletin board Reddit has pointed out that 'a stealth bomber in flight is reflected in Google Maps ' and is calling attention.

A stealth bomber in flight caught on Google maps --39 01 18.5N. 93 35 40.5W: Damnthatsinteresting

Eagle-eyed Redditor spots a flying Stealth Bomber on Google Maps | TechRadar

You can see the 'in-flight stealth bomber reflected in Google Maps' pointed out by Reddit user Hippoowned in the embedded map below. The place where the picture was taken is Davis Township in Caldwell County , Missouri, USA, and it seems that fields are spreading around it.

This is an enlarged image of the stealth bomber. The picture was taken of the B-2 Spirit, which is very expensive and only 21 are produced.

This satellite image was taken by an artificial satellite of Maxar Technologies , a space development company headquartered in Colorado, USA, and although the outline is blurred, it firmly captures the appearance of the B-2 spirit exceeding 1000 km / h. increase. The reason why there are red, green, and blue blurs throughout is that the artificial satellite does not collect light with a sensor and takes a picture, but measures the intensity of the wavelength of light such as red, green, and blue. , It is because they are combined to generate an image. Passenger planes shot over the United Kingdom in 2017 also have red, green, and blue blurs throughout for the same reason.

The B-2 Spirit had been found on Google Maps in the past, but at that time it was landing on the runway of Whiteman Air Force Base in Missouri, so the B-2 Spirit in flight was found on Google Maps. It seems that this is the first time that it has been confirmed. The filming location is only about 25 miles north of Whiteman Air Force Base, and it is highly likely that the B-2 Spirit filmed took off from Whiteman Air Force Base.

In addition, you can check how the B-2 spirit actually flies in the following movie.

B-2 BOMBERS Fairford 2019 with low and loud overhead passes 4K --YouTube

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