[Free Manga] Secret Miyazono Episode 2 (Part 2) 'The Android Invasion'

◆ Synopsis
One day, Kanon Miyazono, who has a constitution that she can't make friends with, meets Rion Miyazono, a girl who has the same surname as herself.
The shocking 'confession' of Rinne, who is bright at the bottom, greatly involves the world of Hanane. What does Hanane get in everyday life that is being destroyed?
A deep 'secret' is hidden in the flower garden of girls and girls, love and fate, woven by lilies and science fiction (sci-fi).

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Secret Miyazono Episode 2 (Part 2)

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◆ Profile of the original and drawing staff of 'Secret Miyazono'
Original name: Healthy


Drawing: Booru

'Secret Miyazono' is a serialization from the entries for the GIGAZINE Manga Award 'Original Name Category'. We are always looking for original scripts, drawings, and of course manga works, so if you are interested, please refer to the details from the link below and apply. Thank you for your continued support.

'GIGAZINE Manga Award' recruitment started in December 2021 & making top illustrations looks like this --GIGAZINE

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