GIGAZINE Articles & YouTube Top 10 Ranking 2021, Which one was ranked first?

First of all, based on the measurement results by Google Analytics, I arranged them in order from the 10th place of the article created in 2021.

◆ 10th place: After disassembling the USB power adapter of iPhone, the contents look like this, what is the difference between genuine Apple? --GIGAZINE

◆ 9th place: McDonald's McShake cannot be provided in the UK --GIGAZINE

◆ 8th place: It is pointed out that Starbucks intentionally uses a 'dark pattern' to deceive users --GIGAZINE

◆ 7th place: The cause of the 'mysterious weight reduction' of the new PS5 model is revealed --GIGAZINE

◆ 6th place: ' Automaker' and 'body color' selected by people with a high degree of psychopath are clear from the test results of 2000 drivers --GIGAZINE

◆ 5th place: Succeeded in letting the 'mini brain' of a person cultured in the laboratory play the game, learning in just 5 minutes faster than AI --GIGAZINE

◆ 4th place: Distribution of redesigned version of PlayStation 5 begins --GIGAZINE

◆ 3rd place: A site where you can play 'Super Mario 64' for free from your browser has appeared --GIGAZINE

◆ 2nd place: 'O.MG cable' that sends all the contents typed with the keyboard to the outside via Wi-Fi even though it is a seemingly ordinary USB cable has appeared --GIGAZINE

◆ 1st place: Succeeded in generating 'warp bubble' for the first time in the world --GIGAZINE

Next is the top 10 'impressions' of YouTube Analytics, focusing on the videos uploaded to GIGAZINE's official YouTube account, focusing on the videos released in 2021.

◆ 10th place: 'Game & Watch The Legend of Zelda' When it is started for the first time, it looks like this --YouTube

◆ 9th place: I tried playing 'Pinball' hidden in the iOS version of Google app-YouTube

◆ 8th place: I tried using 'Deep Nostalgia', a service that can change the facial expression of the person in the picture --YouTube

◆ 7th place: I tried to cook the freeze-dried food 'Ebiten Toji Don no Moto' from Amano Foods-YouTube

◆ 6th place: The keystroke sound of Logitech's ergonomic keyboard 'ERGO K860' looks like this-YouTube

◆ 5th place: I tried to break Moss's 'bread that is so rich that I want to make a voice without thinking that I don't need butter' --YouTube

◆ 4th place: The battle scene of 'Rune Factory 5' looks like this-YouTube

◆ 3rd place: I compared the page feed performance of the e-book reader 'Kindle Paperwhite' between the 2018 model and the 2021 model --YouTube

◆ 2nd place: In 'VOICE AVATAR Seven Voices Nina', a male editorial staff tried to become a beautiful girl with just voice --YouTube

◆ 1st place: Great Kanto Earthquake of 1923 --YouTube

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That's why I look forward to working with you next year.

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