In the year of the Tiger, I went to Oe Shrine, where 'Komatora' is located, and Chogosonshiji Temple, which is 'the world's best fortune tiger'.

The zodiac in 2022 is 'Tora'. Since there is a shrine with a tiger, not a dog, in Osaka, I went to the shrine for the first time because it was the year of the tiger.

Osaka Yuhigaoka Ooe Shrine

The location of Ooe Shrine is here, 5-40 Yuhigaoka-cho, Tennoji-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka. About a 3-minute walk from Yuhigaoka Station in front of Shitennoji on the Osaka Metro Tanimachi Line.

Ooe Shrine is located at the end of the road that passes in front of Aizendo Shomanin , which is nicknamed 'Aizen-san' and is known as a matchmaking spot.

This is the torii gate of Ooe Shrine.

There is a guardian dog at the foot of the torii, but this is just a normal guardian dog.

The precincts of Ooe Shrine.

Ooe Shrine is one of the 'Tennoji Nanamiya', and it is said that Prince Shotoku is enshrined as a guardian of Shitennoji.

There was a giant tiger votive tablet.

However, there is an ordinary guardian dog in front of the hall of worship.

Looking around 'Hate?', I found a route to 'Oe's' Komatora ''.

The landmark of 'Komatora' is Hiyoshi Inari Taisha, a shrine in the precincts. The back of Hyakudoishi on the left is Hiyoshi Inari Taisha Shrine, and the torii stands on the right.

In front of the torii is a normal guardian dog, and in the back is a 'guardian tiger'.

It has a striped pattern on its back and a long tail, so you can see that it is different from the guardian dog. This is an a-un with a closed mouth.

Agata with an open mouth.

On the wall near 'Komatora', there are notices by 'Komatorakai'.

The back of the torii gate where 'Komatora' is located is a vacant lot, but there was originally a company dedicated to Bishamonten, and 'Komatora' was the guardian of it. There is a story that A-un was relocated to a temple in Shiga prefecture when the Shinto and Buddhist gods were separated in the Meiji era. After that, in 2002, A-un was rebuilt and returned to the pair, and in 2011, A-un was rebuilt because it was badly damaged, and it became the current figure of Komatora.

The 'Komatora', which stands quietly next to the front shrine of Ooe Shrine, was entrusted with many wishes for the Hanshin Tigers to make a leap forward.

Furthermore, because it was the year of the tiger, I decided to visit Mt. Shigi and Chogosonshiji, which is known as the 'Temple of the Tiger'.

Shigisan Chogosonshiji Temple --- Shigisan Shingon Sect Headquarters Chogosonshiji Temple Official Website

There are several routes, but this time we will use public transportation. Arrived at Kintetsu Osaka Uehonmachi Station.

The aim is Shigisanguchi Station. Normally, you will move to Kawachi-Yamamoto Station on a semi-express, section semi-express, or regular train and transfer to the Shinki Line. A direct semi-express train will be operated. There are three diamonds, departing from Osaka Uehonmachi at 10:00, 11:00, and 12:00.

A mark was added at the feet because it will be operated as a two-car train in response to boarding the Shinki line.

A crew member checking the tiger mark and the destination signboard of 'Semi Express Osaka Uehonmachi-Shigisanguchi'. One of the three trains that will be operated will have a tiger illustration on the destination sign.

It was a two-car train, so I thought it would be crowded, but it was so crowded that I could sit down.

Arrived at Shigisanguchi in less than 40 minutes from Osaka Uehonmachi (adult fare 300 yen). From here, take the Nishi-Nobutaka cable to Mt. Takayasu. There is a limit to the number of passengers, but if there are many people waiting, you will be driving every 10 minutes, so you should not have to wait for a long time. It also supports the use of transportation IC cards such as Suica, ICOCA, and PiTaPa.

The seats of the cable car are also tiger-shaped.

It takes about 7 minutes to reach Koyasuyama station. The fare is 560 yen for adults.

From here, the Kintetsu Bus will take you to Shigisanmon. The fare is 250 yen for adults.

It is about 600m from the Shigisanmon bus stop to Chogosonshiji Temple. Accommodations and sweets shops are lined up along the road.

A single-tube barricade with a tiger's face was installed because it was a 'tiger temple'.

On the way, cross a bridge called 'Kaiun Bridge'.

It was a holiday because it was during the New Year period, but you can do a

30m bungee jump at this Kaiun Bridge.

As I crossed the bridge and proceeded to the left, I saw the main hall beyond the torii gate.

A huge papier-mache tiger is installed on the approach road overlooking the main hall.

This is 'the best tiger in the world'. It was also a point for commemorative photography, and there was a line waiting for photography.

Beyond that, there is also a smaller 'Kotora' than the 'Fukutora'. This was also a commemorative photo point.

A helicopter of the press was flying in the sky because it was the 'Temple of the Tiger' in the year of the Tiger.

There are a lot of people, and the route to visit the main hall is set to a large turn for traffic control, so we will proceed according to the guidance.

A tiger-striped mailbox on the way.

Passing at the foot of the huge 'Japan's Greatest Jizoson' ...

Go up the stairs.

This is also the route to the main hall.

Go around the high places and go down. It's a little narrow down stairs, so be careful of your feet.

The statue of Santora in front of the place where you have gone down. If you come here, the main hall is in front of you.

The main hall is visible on the stairs.

The smoke of incense sticks is in the air.

The visit is finally completed.

It is said that the 'Nyoi Hoju', which was delivered about 900 years ago, is enshrined in the basement of the main hall. In the 'Kaidan Tour', if you go down to the basement and go down the passage where the light does not shine, and touch the lock of the warehouse containing the 'Nyoi Treasure', you will have the same merit as touching the Nyoi Treasure, and you will be entrusted with the benefit of fulfilling your wishes. that's right.

Zodiac Omikuji is 300 yen per body.

There is a fortune slip in a pretty tiger that is quite deformed.

On the way down from the main hall, there is '

Santora no Fuku / Tainai Kuguri '.

Giant tiger's mouth.

It is a tunnel where the father, mother, and child are united, and it is beneficial to go through it.

Looking down at 'Tainai Kuguri', it looks like this.

'Fried tiger manju' was also sold on the approach road, and Mt. Shigi was like an attraction with a tiger motif throughout the mountain.

In addition, Mt. Shigi can be approached from the east side by Nara Kotsu bus, and there is a line connecting JR Oji Station to Mt. Shigisanmon, but during the New Year period, the mountaintop side is from Mt. It runs to Shigisanshita Station on the Kintetsu Ikoma Line, which is one station shorter than Oji Station.

Hatsumode Temporary Bus-Shigisan Chogosonshiji Temple | Nara Kotsu

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