'Youtube-dl' hosting company that downloads YouTube videos is sued by the world's three largest record companies

Uberspace , which is in charge of hosting the app, said that the app 'youtube-dl ' that can download videos from many movie publishing services such as YouTube and Nico Nico video infringes the copyright, Sony Entertainment , Warner Music Group , Universal A lawsuit was filed by a major record company such as Music Group.

Urheberrecht: Musikindustrie verklagt Hoster von youtube-dl

Music industry is suing youtube-dl hosters

movement to seek a public stop of youtube-dl is not the first time, youtube-dl had published a repository in October 2020 GitHub to the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) performs a delete request, actually situation in which the youtube-dl of the repository will be deleted occurrence had been. At this time, the RIAA quoted Article 1201 of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) as the basis for the deletion request, saying, 'Youtube-dl and related programs avoid technical protection measures by streaming services such as YouTube, as well as It is intended for unauthorized reproduction and distribution of music and music videos owned by the copyright holder. '

The RIAA's allegations have been countered by open source software support groups and journalists. For example, the non-profit organization Software Freedom Conservancy has described youtube-dl as 'a bandwidth issue that the algorithm doesn't recognize, allowing you to manually change YouTube video quality settings.' 'Videos like those licensed by Creative Commons. Microsoft, which operates GitHub, claims that there are practical uses that do not lead to piracy, such as 'download', 'enable various support for journalists such as fact checking, video analysis, bandwidth saving, etc.' I asked for the refusal of the deletion request.

'YouTube video downloader removed on GitHub is not a piracy tool,' repels open source groups and journalists-GIGAZINE

In response to the above move, at the end of October 2020, Nat Friedman , then CEO of GitHub, said, 'I want to restore the youtube-dl repository as soon as possible.' Furthermore, in November 2020, the youtube-dl repository was revived based on the opinion that 'youtube-dl does not violate DMCA Article 1201' by the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

GitHub decides to revive video download project 'youtube-dl' --GIGAZINE

Youtube-dl infringes copyright, and Uberspace hosting youtube-dl is a co-conspirator with youtube-dl and should refrain from hosting, according to a warning sent to Uberspace by three new major record companies. It is said that.

Netzpolitik.org, which reported the proceedings, said, 'In principle, hosting services like Uberspace are not directly responsible for your criminal activity, but legally if the hosting service becomes aware of your illegal activity. 'It will be related,' he said. 'It is controversial whether youtube-dl is illegal software.'

DMCA Article 1201 which was also an issue in the 2020 deletion turmoil prohibits 'avoidance of technical safeguards', but netzpolitik.org says that the download prevention function that YouTube has is 'technical protection'. It claims to be not complicated enough to call. In addition, Uberspace representative Jonas Pasche said, 'If you want to ban youtube-dl, remove this display because youtube-dl will be displayed prominently when you search for' youtube download 'on Google. I should do it. '

At the end of the article, netzpolitik.org said, 'Youtube-dl users are worried about YouTube downloads, based on the fact that youtube-dl was once deleted but revived and there are a lot of youtube-dl derivative apps. You don't have to. '

In addition, the following article explains in detail how to use 'yt-dlp' which is one of the derivative apps of youtube-dl.

Summary of how to use 'yt-dlp' that allows you to download movies such as YouTube and Nico Nico videos with the highest image quality and high sound quality, and age-restricted movies can also be downloaded at once --GIGAZINE

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