Movement to open NFT display function and marketplace on Facebook and Instagram

Meta, which operates Facebook and Instagram,

is considering launching a function to display 'Non-fungible token (NFT) ' as a profile image, a new NFT creation function by users, and a marketplace where users can buy and sell NFTs. It is reported that it is doing. Twitter has started testing the function to set NFT as a profile image with the monthly paid service 'Twitter Blue'.

Facebook owner Meta dives into NFT digital collectibles craze | Financial Times

Facebook and Instagram are reportedly exploring plans to make, showcase, and sell NFTs --The Verge

Known as the operator of Facebook and Instagram, Meta will focus on the virtual space 'Metaverse' and change the company name from 'Facebook' in October 2021 to clearly show the transition from a social media company to a Metaverse company as a company. It has been changed to 'Meta'.

Facebook announces that company name will be changed to 'Meta' --GIGAZINE

On the other hand, NFT is a 'digital asset' that clarifies the ownership of digital data that can be duplicated indefinitely by using the mechanism of blockchain

, and was chosen as the symbolic word of 2021 . The work created by digital artist beeple has been attracting a lot of attention because it was sold at an auction for 7.5 billion yen.

One piece of NFT art will be sold for the highest bid of 7.5 billion yen-GIGAZINE



According to media reports, Meta's plans are still in their infancy and may change in the future. Therefore, details such as how to set it in the profile image are unknown.

Twitter Blue, which started testing the ability to set NFTs as profile images in advance, associates a user-owned crypto wallet with a Twitter account. The profile image that is displayed is usually cut out in a circle, but in the case of NFT, it is cut out in a hexagon, so you can tell at a glance that 'NFT is used as a profile image'.

While Twitter is testing the ability to set NFTs as profile images, it will be available on Twitter Blue ahead of time --GIGAZINE

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