The theory that 'drinking a proper amount of alcohol is good for your health' is wrong, and it is found in the results of a survey of more than 350,000 people that 'drinking any amount of alcohol is harmful to your heart's health'

It is well known that drinking a large amount of alcohol is bad for your health, but as the saying goes, 'Sake is the chief of a hundred medicines', many people think that a proper amount of alcohol is good for their health. However, the results of a survey of health data for 350,000 people revealed that even the appropriate amount of alcohol consumed has an adverse effect on health.

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In the United Kingdom, as a measure of the recommended 'appropriate amount of liquor', a reference that 'up to 14 units a week' is you have provided . This has been shown to be equivalent to 6 pints (about 3400 ml) of regular beer, or 10 glasses of low-alcohol wine. This standard was set in 2016 by Dr. Sally Davis , then Chief Medical Officer , but recent studies have shown that there is a risk to the heart even if this standard is adhered to.

Rudolf Schütte and colleagues at the University of Anglia Ruskin in the United Kingdom have collected data from the UK's large medical database, UK Biobank, to explore the link between moderate doses of alcohol and cardiovascular disease. We investigated the association between 333,259 alcohol-experienced and 21,710 inexperienced people with cardiovascular disease in the United Kingdom between the ages of 40 and 69.

The study found that people who drink less than the right amount are more likely to be hospitalized for cardiovascular disease than those who do not drink at all. This tendency is especially noticeable for those who drink beer or distilled liquor, and for every 4 pints (about 2270 ml) of beer with 4% alcohol content per week, the risk of suffering from cardiovascular disease increases by 23%.

In previous studies, the survey was divided into groups of people who drink and people who do not drink, but the group of people who do not drink includes people who say 'I do not drink because of poor health'. It was said that it was. The study also looked at the health of non-drinkers and excluded those who had previously experienced cardiovascular disease from the group of non-drinkers, resulting in less bias, Schütte and colleagues said. increase.

'The myth that drinking low to medium amounts of alcohol is good for your health is the second most uncertain story after'smoking is good for you.'We have removed the bias that underestimates the risks associated with alcohol consumption. As a result, it became clear that even low alcohol consumption has a negative effect on the body. '

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