[Free manga] My husband smells garlic! Episode 3 'Garlic sprouts and vampire hunting' & cute vampire and maid character making looks like this

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◆ Deeply dig into the charm of 'My husband smells garlic!' In character making
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Vampire (Kyuketsuki / Vampire). It has the highest ability among the demons and lives eternal life by sucking human blood. The weak point is 'garlic'.
The noble and powerful vampire, mint-loving maid Kaori, serves garlic dishes 'to overcome her weaknesses.' I hate mint, but the temptation to cook garlic that looks too delicious is powerful ...?
A gourman with a 'cute' and 'delicious' maid who loves garlic and vampires. manga!

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It smells like garlic! Episode 3

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Manga: Yumeki

◆ Deeply dig into the charm of 'My husband smells garlic!' In character making
A strong and beautiful vampire mint floral, a noble vampire kin. The setting picture of 'True figure' that appears only in the first episode looks like the following. Mintha is the result of eating garlic dishes, which should be a weak point, because they look so delicious ...

My body has shrunk into a small figure. That's why the setting picture of 'Mint (children's figure)' in the main story is as follows. The sexy outfit is a dress that is perfect for the length.

Immediately after eating garlic, it will be in 'super weakening mode'. The following is the setting picture of the first episode, it only becomes whitish and weak, but in the second episode it becomes a swimsuit for some reason, and in the third episode it becomes a cow cosplay for some reason, it is weakened. It seems that there are various things. It would be great if you could enjoy what the mint looks like.

In such an initial plan for mint, I first tried drawing multiple plans with deformation and standing pictures, and then considered which one looked good and which one I wanted to continue drawing. The image below is the initial mint that I drew with a deformed plan.

The following is a standing picture version, and Plan A remains almost as it is as the final version.

Kaori, a maid who loves garlic, can be used as a genus of mint. I want my favorite husband to eat my favorite garlic, so I will seduce him with that skill.

Kaori also fixed only the idea of 'maid', and was born by making multiple ideas about what kind of hairstyle and costume design would be. As you can see in the memo in the image below, the inside of Kaori's hair color reflects the mint hair color. Perhaps Kaori is also a vampire, and the power of vampires is flowing.

After deciding on a rough direction, we design fine hairstyles, maid clothes, and adjust colors.

When I was looking for making, I found mint and kaori in the planning stage. The mint has a very different design, but Kaori has appeared in the main story almost as it is.

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