I tried 'Black Thunder Elegant Hazelnuts' where the mellow scent of hazelnuts wraps chocolate gracefully until the end.

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Black Thunder Premium series , ' Black Thunder Elegant Hazelnuts ,' which Yuraku Confectionery will develop from 2020, will be released on March 21, 2022 (Monday). Hazelnuts , which go well with chocolate, are luxuriously blended to create a luxurious black thunder that spreads the aroma and taste of nuts to the end, so I tried to eat it first and see what it tastes like.

The third in the Black Thunder Premium series! Black Thunder Elegant Hazelnuts Newly released at convenience stores, supermarkets and drug stores nationwide from March 21st (Monday)! | News | Yuraku Confectionery
https://www.yurakuseika.co.jp/news/ The third in the Black Thunder Premium series! bra/

'Black Thunder Elegant Hazelnuts' is a calm and luxurious package while using gold.

Looking at the raw materials, you can see that 'hazelnut paste' and 'hazelnut' are used respectively.

Calories are 128kcal per bottle (standard 23g).

When you open it and put it on a plate, it looks like this.

Black Thunder If you look at the graceful hazelnuts (left) and the regular black thunder (right) side by side, you'll see that the graceful hazelnuts are slightly shorter and have a different surface smoothness.

When you cut it and compare the cross sections, it looks like this. The graceful hazelnuts contained the same cookies as regular Black Thunder, plus candy-coated hazelnuts.

When I actually eat it, the mellow aroma of hazelnuts spreads softly in my mouth, giving the impression that the sweetness of chocolate is enhanced and the taste is refined. Not only can you enjoy the crispy nuts, but the hazelnut paste is also included, so you can enjoy the aroma of hazelnuts with chocolate until the end.

The reference price of 'Black Thunder Elegant Hazelnuts' is 54 yen (tax included) per bottle, and it can be purchased at convenience stores, supermarkets, drug stores, etc. nationwide from March 21, 2022 (Monday).

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