Apple refuses to repair lost or stolen iPhone

According to an internal document independently obtained by Apple-related media MacRumors, Apple uses the

GSMA device registry when a customer brings in a serviced device to check if the device has been lost or stolen, and Apple It has been revealed that it has begun to warn the Store and Apple Authorized Service Providers.

Apple Stores Will Now Decline to Repair iPhones Reported as Missing --MacRumors

Apple will no longer repair iPhones reported as lost or stolen --9to5Mac

Apple has a policy of not providing repair services for lost or stolen devices, but only if the ' find ' feature of the device is enabled. However, it has been revealed that Apple has switched to a policy of refusing to repair the iPhone even if the GSMA device registry reports that the device is lost or stolen.

According to internal documents sent to the Apple Store and Apple Authorized Service Providers, Apple will use the GSMA device registry database to check if the device has been lost or stolen before providing repair service. Become. Engineers at the Apple Store and Apple Authorized Service Providers should refuse repair service if the device is registered as a lost or stolen device in the GSMA device registry.

The GSMA Device Registry is a global database that allows smartphone owners to register statuses such as loss, theft, and fraud, and to indicate that they are eligible for a device payment plan. Companies that can access the GSMA device registry by using the IMEI on the phone can check if the device belongs to categories such as lost, stolen, or fraudulent.

If the user cannot disable the Find My iPhone feature, the Apple Store and Apple Authorized Service Providers will not be able to repair the iPhone. In other words, the GSMA device registry is now available, which means that if an iPhone that has never had the 'find' feature enabled is stolen, it can be prevented from being repaired by official services. increase.

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