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The familiar April Fool 's Day has begun this year as well. Which one is true, which one is actually a lie, where is the story, and maybe it's really done? In this way, reality and fiction merge, and in many ways it is the beginning of a memorable and terrifying day!

◆ A convenient way to know immediately every time an April Fool's article is updated
The editorial department of GIGAZINE will literally update each site doing various things by piggybacking on April Fool's Day from 0:00 to 24:00 on April 1st, 24 hours a day, and will continue to add it to this article collectively. Over time, more and more updates will be added, and this article will gradually grow in ridiculous length. If you say, 'Reloading the page and checking if there are any additions is wasteful and heavy ...', post an update notification to GIGAZINE's Twitter official account and Facebook official account at any time. It will be useful in the future if you follow it.

◆ How to make a story about April Fool's Day
If you find 'I'm doing April Fool's Day!' On a site not listed in the article, or if you can send me a self-recommended message 'I'm doing April Fool 's Day !' It's OK. As a point to keep in mind that it will be easier to be posted, even if the GIGAZINE editorial staff goes to see the site, it can not be judged instantly because 'Which is the story of April Fool's Day ...?' There is no choice but to give up ... or 'It seems that something is different from usual, but I do not know the state of the original site, so I do not know exactly where or how it changed ... I was in great trouble ...' There are a lot of cases where we can't do it or we're late every year, so when we do a trick, we always say, 'This is the point to see! ' If you write the explanation, commentary, points to see, and points to be held here together with the URL and address of the page, both the GIGAZINE editorial staff and the readers said, 'I see! That 's right! ' It will be easier to understand and deepen in many ways, so we apologize for the inconvenience, but thank you for your understanding and cooperation ...!

◆ Summary list from here
The contents vary from official collaborations to informal ones by individuals.

◆ 'It's that! That's it!' 'Are grass' that guesses and answers without permission
Interlink , an internet service provider, has developed a voice assistant ' Are-Kusa ' that can guess and answer 'Are' that you can't remember.

Are grass is a voice assistant developed as artificial intelligence (AI) to be installed in Interlink's smart glasses 'ZOOT grass' series. It sometimes takes 10 minutes or more to communicate with one request, and the answer derived is not always correct, but it is said that it will respond sincerely and persistently to the user's request.

There is no

recommendation function that AI recommends various information. Instead, it is equipped with a guess function that tries to respond to the vague request 'Oh, that's it! That's it! That's it!'. Furthermore, the grass is generated only by the power of water, and it is OK to water it once a day. It is said that the water poured from above can generate electricity for the grass by passing through the artificial soil Ceramis, which was originally improved by Interlink, and turning the water wheel installed at the root of the grass.

In addition, the grass is compatible with cats, making it a smart glass that is safe even with pets.

In addition, it seems that the grass that has grown too much and has become unmanageable will be donated to the city.

Mr. Tadashi Yokoyama, CEO of Interlink, said, 'Unlike general IT companies, we have adopted lifetime employment that allows you to work without worrying about dismissal, and at the same time, a good old Japanese company. The only problem we are aiming for is the high average age (not enough to be included in the welfare program of the same industry). I was shocked by the conversation that was all about 'Are'. Since it is 'Are' as it is, I came to the development of 'Are grass'. '

The suggested retail price of Aregusa is 1193 yen including tax.

◆ Kintoso subscription started | Mobility Market by KINTO
KINTO , which provides a car subscription service, has announced the eco-car 'Kintouso' that runs on 'lie' as fuel.

In 'Kintouso', the cruising range can be extended by lying to 'False detection navigation'. The point is that the lie speaks with a dignified attitude and a smooth tongue.

It is possible to extend the cruising range as much as 'a lie that makes people happy' such as a compassionate lie or a fun lie. On the contrary, annoying lies and malicious lies reduce the range.

It is said that those who have a pure heart that does not lie are recommended to ride a horse.

◆ The angel of 'The Angel Next Door Spoiled' turns into a little devil
Announcing the TV animation of the light novel published in GA Bunko , ' The Angel Next Door Spoiled Human ' ... but ' The Little Devil Next Door Spoiled Human ' it was done. At the same time, the key visual drawn by Takayuki Noguchi , who is the character designer of the anime, has been lifted. Midday Shiina, the heroine called 'Angel' in the film, has been transformed into a 'small devil'.

By the way, the key visual of the head family 'The case where the angel next door made me a useless person' looks like this.

© Mr. Saeki / SB Creative / Animation 'Neighborhood Angel' Production Committee

◆ California winery 'SUNSET CELLARS' is a winery, but beer is sold
SUNSET CELLARS , a California winery run by Japanese engineers Kyosuke Inoue and Hatone, has announced that it will brew beer instead of wine and start exporting and selling it to Japan.

Since SUNSET CELLARS is a winery, it originally produces wine, but it is said that it brewed beer in cooperation with Heritic Brewery, a brewery in Northern California. It is said that only 600 cans will be imported to Japan, and it seems that beer will really be sold instead of lying on April 1st. The name will also change from 'SUNSET CELLARS' to 'SUNRISE BREWERY'.

Below is how Mio from SUNSET CELLARS dances with all her might after drinking wine and beer.


You can also drink beer at the beer bar ' P2B Haus ' in Kichijoji on April 1st only. If you are interested, please come visit us.

◆ Success-Science of Man's Standby | Kao
' Success ', which develops shampoos and hair-growth tonics for men, will carry out a 'cat's paws nozzle' gift project to commemorate the 35th anniversary.

The 'cat's paws nozzle' is equipped with a new foaming technology 'NYANYA' that can deliver liquid to the pores.

There are four types of run-ups, some of which are equipped with sharp claws.

◆ Pip Electric Van | Pip Co., Ltd.
It was thought that ' Pip Electric Van ', which promotes blood circulation improvement by the power of magnetism, celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2022, but it turned out that it was actually celebrating its 500th anniversary. At Pip's head office, a portrait of a person who seems to be Oda Nobunaga using Pip Electric Van was also found.

As a result of asking Pip employees how they felt that Pip Electric Van was celebrating its 500th anniversary, 92.8% answered that they were 'surprised' and 90.5% answered that they were 'honored'. 1.1% of the employees answered, 'In fact, I was feeling that way.'

◆ is appointed as 'World Moe Ambassador' , a local community site, has been appointed as the World Moe Ambassador, and the top page has been significantly renewed.

The logo has also been redesigned with a cute design.

The icon for each region becomes a moe icon associated with the specialties and specialties of each region.

The mascot character has also changed from the conventional (left) to the Moe-style (right) design. commented, 'We will liven up each region with' Moe-Okoshi ', which is not a town revitalization. Furthermore, we will launch Japanese pop culture' Moe 'not only in Japan but also in the world!'

◆ Delivery sushi [Gin no Sara] | Delivery, delivery, and delivery orders for sushi
Home delivery sushi ' Gin no Sara ' has released a drink-type sushi 'Drinking Sushi'. The name of each type of medium fatty tuna is 'fish drink' with wasabi. The name of each type of salmon roe flavor is 'fish egg drink' and it is said that it contains grains.

◆ Naisen®︎ [Official] Jun Cafe Naisen ☕️ uses Twitter '[Lend me a phone ☎️] Right next to Daimon Station' # Jun Cafe Naisen 'OPEN! / Twitter
Naisen Cloud , which develops cloud telephone services, has opened 'Junkissa Naisen' near Daimon Station in Tokyo.

An introductory movie including the official song has also been released, saying that 'trendy office ladies choose pure coffee shop Naisen'.

'Junkissa Naisen' is open right next to Daimon Station! Trendy office lady coffee shop #April Fool's Day #Junkissa Naisen --YouTube

◆ The mysterious brand of hyper-hogaku 'Occult Airsoft' is born!
The news site ' Hyper Douraku ', which summarizes airgun reviews and survival game information, has finally announced that it has launched a mysterious new brand ' Occult Airsoft '.

' Pyramid Power Scope ' is said to be able to see invisible enemies with the supernatural pre-zoom effect. The price is 1.5 million yen.

Furthermore, the ' lucky BB bottle ', which is said to have a dramatic increase in lucky hits, was 50 million yen per bottle, but it is greatly discounted to 818 yen. It seems that both fortune and love luck will improve.

In addition, the price of each ' waste response sticker ' is 498 yen, which is a 99.99995% discount from 100 million yen. Both are said to be released on April 1, 2022.

◆ Daily Portal Z articles in handwritten letter format
Daily Portal Z publishes articles in the form of handwritten letters. When you access the Daily Portal Z, the letters will be displayed in a row, so click on the letter you are interested in ...

The content of the article was displayed by hand.

◆ World's first! AI-based proofreading software 'Churaito' succeeds in proofreading 'Voynich Manuscript' undeciphered by humankind
Chura Data , an AI consulting company in Okinawa, announced that it has succeeded in proofreading the Voynich manuscript with the AI-based proofreading tool ' Churaito '.

The Voynich Manuscript is an ancient document discovered in 1912 and is known for its undeciphered text. Chura Data seems to have succeeded in 'detection of typographical errors', 'grammar check', and 'detection of misuse of idioms' in the Voynich manuscript by independently adjusting the grammar proofreading model by AI.

◆ Subway releases 'Sasa Sand'
Subway released 'Sasa Sandwich', which is a sandwich of bamboo and bamboo leaves, on April 1, 2022.

By sandwiching it between the breads of the subway and condensing the nutrition, it is possible to replenish the nutrition of 20 kg of Sasa with one Sasa Sand.

Also, pandas eat 14 hours a day, but pandas can eat in 33 seconds, which is said to greatly increase the free time of pandas.

◆ Girl's Blossom Project Real love like a lie
The rhythm game for smartphones ' Bandri! Girls Band Party! ' Has released a love simulation game ' Girl's Blossom Project '.

To play 'Girl's Blossom Project Real Love Like a Lie', click 'GAME PLAY' at the right end of the special site .

Click the 'GAME PLAY' banner.

'Girl's Blossom Project' can be played on your browser. Click 'Start Game'.

Click 'START' to start the game.

The content is a love simulation game. In addition to being able to skip sentences with Ctrl, you can also save and load.

Of course, there are multiple routes.

A fairly elaborate specification that a movie will be played along with the opening song. Please see for yourself what kind of story each route is.

In addition, the special site also has tips on how to capture it. If you can't clear the route you're looking for, it's a good idea to check it.

◆ Love Live! Super star! !! Advances into a series of short dramas
lovelive! Super star! !! A special movie of the serial short-side drama 'Ren-chan' in which the characters appearing in the movie has been released. In the following movie, you can watch the first episode of 'I aim to be a jam craftsman!' In the first week.

lovelive! Superstar !! Advance into a series of short dramas! ?? Special Movie-YouTube

◆ Setsuna Yuuki has been selected to star in the live-action movie 'Kuren no Kenhime'.
Setuna Yuuki , who belongs to the Nijigasaki Gakuen School Idol Club, has been selected to star in the live-action movie 'Kuren no Kenhime ~ Flame Sword Princess ~'. 'The girl's will to pray for peace burns in Guren and avenges the darkness!'

◆ 'John the Apostle' is animated
LoveLive! Days LoveLive! It was announced that the illustration comic 'John the Apostle -Unpolarized Reflexion-', which is being serialized in the general magazine, will be animated. The title is 'John the Apostle -SUNSHINE in the MIRROR-', and the meaningful number '2023' is displayed at the end of the following movie.

'John the Apostle -SUNSHINE in the MIRROR-' series will be animated! mosquito? --YouTube

◆ Recipe book of 'Kimwipe bread', which is loved by science, will be published
Since it is not fluffy, does not dissolve easily in water, and does not generate pulp waste, the official Twitter account of Wes Kimwipe , which is often used in experiments, has a recipe book of bread 'Kimwipe bread' that reproduces the pattern of the familiar package. Announced to publish. Kimwipe bread is a very popular menu that has been waiting for 8 months.

A part of how to make Kimwipe bread is also open to the public. What is the 'Kimwipe element' used in the recipe?

◆ Opened 'Yakiniku Beef PERCORE'
Looking at the official website of the Harajuku brand HYPER CORE , it is announced that ' Yakiniku Beef PERCORE ' will open in Harajuku on April 1, 2022.

'Fresh zombie meat' is offered

Discerning meat and sauce

Charcoal is 'passionate charcoal' and 'rebellious magma'. The net is reminiscent of

famous songs .

Yakiniku beef PERCORE will open on April 1, 2022. In addition, it seems that it also supports the food distribution service 'Hyper Beats'.

◆ Miracle Train murals are found in the basement of 'Valley of the Kings' in Egypt
An article 'An ancient subway was found in the Valley of the Kings' was published in 'E', a station exploration magazine that approaches the wonders of Edo.

The ruins found are as follows. An object that closely resembles the 'ring of light' installed at Tochomae Station on the Toei Oedo Line is shown.

In the back of the object, there was a train and a huge mural depicting seven people.

With the great discovery of this century, a huge mural has appeared on the official website of the anthropomorphic project '

Miracle Train ' at the station on the Oedo Line.

◆ Legendary adventure game 'MOON.' Will be remade and will be released in the spring of 2023
Nexton, a beautiful girl game production company, announces a new brand ' Chocomin Party '. As the first step, we announced ' MOON.Remake ' which is a remake of the adventure game ' MOON. ' Released in 1997. The original picture is handled by Mr. Itaru Hinoue , who is the same as the original.

The released PV is below.

'MOON. -Re: make-' Teaser PV --YouTube

At the time of writing the article, the platforms are planned to be Nintendo Switch and PC (Steam), but as the copy 'Challenge the taboo of commercial games', MOON. I'm worried about it. In addition, the regular version and the deluxe version are planned, and it seems that the deluxe version will also include the original version of the game disc.

In addition, on Twitter, there is also a campaign to win Mr. Itaru Hinoue's autographed colored paper or acrylic key chain.

◆ ahamo starts a game project of 'Ahamo Colorful Stars!'
DoCoMo's mobile phone billing plan ahamo has announced that 'Ahamo Colorful Stars!' Will be made into a game.

In the 'Ahamo Colorful Stars!' Game, you will be approached by four dormitory managers at the boarding 'Ainami Saigakuen'. On the project announcement page, you can listen to sample voices of the four dormitory managers.

The 'Ahamo Colorful Stars!' Game will be released in 2970. In addition to games, a movie project with a total production cost of 2970 yen is underway.

◆ Project Sekai Colorful Stage!
In the rhythm game ' Project Sekai Colorful Stage! ' For smartphones, it seems that unit shuffle is being carried out to enjoy songs in a different combination than usual.

Along with this, the April Fool's version of the MV has been released for a limited time.

Five songs, 'Aoku Kakero!', 'Happy Synthesizer', 'Pomp and Circumstance', 'Positive ☆ Dance Time', and 'Venom' have been released.

[Limited release] Run blue! / Youth / friends × Hatsune Miku-YouTube

[Limited Release] Happy Synthesizer / YUME YUME JUMP! --YouTube

[Limited Release] Pomp and Circumstance / Fantasista SQUAD x KAITO --YouTube

[Limited Release] Positive ☆ Dance Time / Happiness Squadron Sanisani ☆ Wonder x Kagamine Rin --YouTube

[Limited Release] Venom / Holidays, with hobbyists. --YouTube

◆ Jujutsu Kaisen Masamichi Yaga creates a molcar
The official Twitter of the anime of Jujutsu Kaisen has released 'A scene where Masamichi Yaga, the president of Tokyo Metropolitan College of Magic, creates a molcar that appears in' PUI PUI Molcar ''.

◆ The best masterpiece of the series directed by Made in Abyss Purshka is released
It is said that the first directorial work 'MADE in ABYSS' of Pruska, the character that appeared in Made in Abyss, will be aired on April 1, 2022.

◆ Nauru nationality is a gift on Twitter
The Tourism Board of the Republic of Nauru has announced that it will grant Nauru nationality to followers on its official Twitter account. However, dual citizenship is basically not allowed in Japan, so if you are granted Nauru nationality, you must choose between continuing to be Japanese nationality or naturalizing it to Nauru nationality.

◆ Shiki Theater Company will perform the musical 'Osaka no Phantom' for a limited time.
Shiki Theater Company announced that it will perform a love story 'Osaka Phantom' set in Osaka in the 21st century at the Osaka Shiki Theater for a limited time. In the tweet below, a picture of 'a scene where a ship advances along the Dotonbori River at night' is embedded.

◆ Pre-registration for the breeding app 'Lovely Insect Kabuto Borg A ♡ A' has started !?
' Artificial Insect Kabuto Borg VxV ', which celebrated its 15th anniversary since the anime was aired, is a TV anime known for its high tension and unbelievable development, which is said to be 'every time is the final episode'. The artificial insect Kabuto Borg VxV has announced that it will release the game app ' Lovely Insect Kabuto Borg A ♡ A '.

You can see the released movie from the following. Supporting Ryusei Amanogawa, Katsuji Matsuoka, Ken Ryusho, the Big Bang General Manager of the Big Bang Organization, the three heroines of Tyrolean, Canarian, and Venetian, and Ryusei, Katsuji, and Ken from the first episode. It seems that Sydney Manson, a familiar regular character, can also be produced.

[Aim for Idol ♪] Pre-registration for the training app 'Lovely Insect Kabuto Borg A ♡ A' has started !? --YouTube

The producer of the idol is Lloyd Ando.

◆ The third production of 'Masamune-kun's Revenge' has been decided! ??
The third production of the TV anime 'Masamune-kun's Revenge', whose first season was broadcast in 2017, has been decided. In the released image, something is hidden behind the 'Masamune-kun's Revenge' logo. The official anime website says, 'Behind the signboards and logos set up by Yoshino ...? Please look forward to the follow-up news!'

◆ Magazine 'CLOVERN' to delve into the charm of muscle mage from the Kingdom of Clover will be published
The nation 'Kingdom of Clover' that appears in Black Clover has announced the publication decision of the magazine 'CLOVERN' dealing with muscle mage. The memorable first issue features Yami Sukehiro, the leader of the Black Bulls.

◆ 'Tacopies Manzai' that is not 'Tacopies' original sin'
In Jump +, the popular manga ' Tacopy 's Manzai ', which was serialized on the web and has been trending on Twitter many times, is released.

Popular comedian duo Shizuka Minamoto, anguish pin entertainer AZUMA, happy entertainer Tacopy. Next to Marina Hashizuka, she shows a smile that she has never seen in the film.

Of course, 'Tacopies Manzai' is a lie of April Fool's Day. Tacopy, a happy alien, came out as if he was afraid of humans, saying, 'Human beings are happy when they lie! Are they all happy?'

◆ SHOW BY ROCK! !! New program 'SHOW BY ROCK !! Doremi Fachirudon ♪' will start broadcasting in 2069
Sanrio's character project 'SHOW BY ROCK !!' has announced a new program 'SHOW BY ROCK !!

The broadcast is scheduled to start at 6:09 on April 1, 2069, and 'all small and large friends will be dyed in Doremifa color.' You can check the announcement PV from the following.

New program 'SHOW BY ROCK !! Doremi Fachirudon ♪' announcement PV --YouTube

◆ Idol Masaru Darkness Colors
Looking at the account of Masaru Suzuki , a virtual river of Nijisanji , it was the account of Ruco-chan, my 'younger sister'.

Furthermore, following 2021, Masaru Suzuki Gacha will be held in 2022 as well.

When you click the 'pull once' button on the special site ...

You can see the gacha production. Please see for yourself what kind of production it actually is.

◆ TV animation 'Moon wants to play!' & 'Yanagi wants to play!' Will start broadcasting in 2022
Youth slapstick romantic comedy 'Tsuki-san wants to play!' With a throbbing married woman whose main character is Uzaki-chan, the mother of the heroine Uzaki-chan, 'Uzaki-chan wants to play!' Is scheduled to start broadcasting in 2022.

In addition, youth slapstick romantic comedy 'Yanagi-chan wants to play!' With a watching sister whose main character is his sister Uzaki Yanagi is scheduled to start broadcasting in 2022.

◆ Fate / Pixel Wars
The smartphone game ' Fate / Grand Order ' has released the game app ' Fate / Pixel Wars ' for iOS and Android on April 1st only.

'Fate / Pixel Wars' on the App Store

Fate / Pixel Wars-Google Play app

Play on iPhone this time. Tap 'Get' on the distribution page of the App Store to install it.

Fate / Pixel Wars is AR compatible and uses a smartphone camera. Tap 'OK'.

When you start Fate / Pixel Wars, it looks like this.

Tap 'Terms of Service' ...

After scrolling to the end, tap 'Agree'.

Scroll to the end of the terms for the AR function and tap 'Agree'.

Enter a name and tap 'OK'. Gender can be selected by male and female.

The familiar Da Vinci appears every time and goes to a singular point to solve the problem.

Apparently, the peculiarity of this time is that the presidential election is being held. Therefore, this game is to collect a clean vote for Goldorph.

So, first of all, I chose 'Pollution State Saint Women's Party Radical Lecture'.

Tap 'Quest'.

The game is simple and you can defeat the opponents on the field.

The operation is as follows. The number of people, that is, the number of votes, is displayed above your character. A system that gathers supporters, grows, and wins if it exceeds the opponent.

A stray servant is wandering around on the field, and when you get closer, you become a supporter.

Also, the opponents may be walking around with their supporters.

When the candidates collide, the battle starts. If the number of votes of the supporter exceeds that of the other party ...

Win a splendid battle. You can draw your supporters into your squad.

In this way, we will increase the number of supporters steadily.

The target of this time, the

extremists of the Holy Women's Party, are wandering around. The number of votes of the opponent is 100, but this has already exceeded 200.

That's why I defeated Gilles de Rais.

At the end of the quest, I was able to acquire a ghost base.

You can also share your score and number of supporters on Twitter.

In addition, in 'Let's take a servant's sword with AR!', You can take a picture using the AR function.

Tap 'AR'.

The camera will start, so tap on a flat surface.

When I recognized the floor of the editorial department, a servant drawn in pixels was displayed.

◆ Dragon Quest Walk x Inaba Storage collaboration product 'Metal Monooki' will be released
Dragon Quest Walk has announced a collaboration product 'Metal Monooki' with the familiar Inaba storehouse, which says 'It's okay to ride 100 people'.

'Metal Monooki' boasts the performance to nullify the attacks of Las Boss-class monsters, and 'it is okay to ride 100 bodies'. In the following introductory movie, Yujiro Inaba, president of Inaba Seisakusho, also appears in 'Metal Monooki'.

[Dragon Quest Walk] Metal Monooki will be released-YouTube

The price of 'Metal Monooki' is 4.01 million gold, and advance acceptance is scheduled to start on April 2, 2022.

◆ SCP Zainyan
The ' SCP Foundation ,' a community site that collects information on supernatural items, places, and phenomena managed by fictitious organizations, has changed to look like a fan site for cat lovers as ' SCP Zainyan .' The background will be the footprints of a cat, and there will be a warning saying 'Be careful too cute!'.

Pictures of cats were exhibited in the 'Today's Cats' corner.

And there was also a banner that resembled a

sign I had seen somewhere, 'Fight with a cat.'

◆ Browser game 'Are you happy with your order?' Is released
When you access the official anime website of 'Is the Order a Rabbit?', The browser game 'Is the Order a Rabbit?' Will start. Click 'START' ...

A slur and a door will appear. If you try clicking 'Forest Bakery' ...

The action selection type game screen is displayed.

Is the Order a Rabbit if you keep choosing the right behavior? Character appears as a 'blue bird'.

When you meet the character, you can download the wallpaper for your smartphone.

◆ Granblue Fantasy 'Zenku Hajike Matsuri Vol. 2'
Granblue Fantasy collaborated with the popular gag manga ' Bobo-bo-bo-bo-bo-bo ' in 2022 as well as in 2021. On March 31st, the day before, he just muttered 'Nu', which made me feel that Bobobo-bo appeared again.

And there is a tweet from Bee ...

On April 1st, it was announced that the second collaboration will be held to commemorate Bobobo's birthday.

Bobobo has celebrated his birthday. The dialogue is with Takehito Koyasu 's voice.

Tsukemono that is also made into a beast

Bee who has a connection with Bobobo? Kun also intrudes.

Of course, the event is all about Bobobo.

◆ Full dive type Metaverse FPS 'Bullet Cluster' is now available
Cluster, Inc., which provides the metaverse platform ' cluster ', announced the full dive type metaverse FPS 'Bullet Cluster'.

'Bullet Cluster' is a full-dive shooting game set in a planet 8000 light-years away from the earth, and players can select their favorite characters and weapons.

'Bullet Cluster' will be released on April 1, 2032. You can check the official PV from the following.

Full dive type Metaverse FPS 'Bullet Cluster' 2032.04.01 ON SALE! Teaser PV release-YouTube

◆ Mr. Moro, who was confirmed not guilty in the Coinhive case, awakens to rock and roll and launches a guitar brand
The electric guitar brand ' Ghostron' has been launched by Dokkutsu , a limited liability company represented by Mr. Moro , who was acquitted in January 2022 after being charged with the Coinhive case .

At the time of writing the article, an electric guitar called 'Ghostron Traisia' has appeared from Ghostron. You can listen to the demo sound source played on Ghostron Traisia on SoundCloud.

In addition, an

official Instagram account has been opened, and multiple pictures of guitars and performance movies are posted.

◆ 'My Isekai Life' is released as an action movie 'Yuji ~ Quiet Strong Man ~'
The announcement of the non-stop action movie 'Yuji-Quiet Strong Man-' was posted on the official Twitter account of 'My Isekai Life-I got a second profession and became the strongest in the world-'. 'Yuji ~ Quiet Strong Man ~' is scheduled to be a national road show in 20XX.

◆ Nippon Ichi Software announces 'Wacchi'
Nippon Ichi Software has announced the commercialization of 'Osewachi' that will appear in ' void * tRrLM2 (); // Void Terrarium 2 ' scheduled to be released on June 30, 2022. 'Osewacchi' is said to be 'Hatsubaimi' on June 30, 2010.

'Osewacchi' has a lineup of Robo color of 0630 yen and Trico color of 0123 yen, and there is a remarkable performance difference depending on the main body color.

A demo version of 'Osewacchi' is available on the

product introduction page , and you can actually play by operating the three buttons.

◆ Hatena releases 'Hatena Bath'
Hatena 's development team, known for Hatena Bookmarks and Hatena Anonymous Diaries , has announced ' Hatena Bath '.

Access Hatena Bath and click 'Login with Hatena ID'.

A Hatena ID is required to use Hatena Bath. Enter your Hatena ID and password and click 'Next Step'.

If you log in successfully, the map will be displayed and your icon will be displayed in the center.

Hatena's developer blog says, 'That's right! Why don't we all access from 12:00 to 13:00 on the release date 4/1 (Friday)? Let's meet at Kyoto Gyoen on Hatena Bath!' So, when I headed to the area around Kyoto Gyoen, the icons of other users were displayed. Also, I was able to comment on the spot by typing text in the input field at the bottom and pressing the Enter key.

◆ The binding of 'Iwanami Shinsho' is now in the new blue version & the binding of 'Blue Bucks' is in red
The red color of Iwanami Shinsho and the blue color of Blue Bucks have been replaced. The red binding of Iwanami Shinsho used to be called the 'new red version', but from now on it will be the 'new blue version'. In addition, Blue Bucks will take over the red color of Iwanami Shinsho to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the publication.

◆ 'Primador' cafe, Kuronekotei, Uber Eats started
It is said that the coffee shop Kuronekotei, which is the setting for the TV anime ' Prima Doll ', has started Uber Eats.

When you access the official website , a pop-up of 'Cafe / Kuronekotei Uber Eats has started!' Will be displayed, so click 'Click here for details'.

Then, the order screen of the menu was displayed. I heard that an automatic mechanical doll (automata) will carry popular products from Kuronekotei, so I tried clicking on 'hot cake'.

The screen '

Ash cherry blossoms are heading to the destination' is displayed, and after a while ...

I was able to hear the original voice by clicking the speaker icon because it said 'I have arrived'

◆ DLsite's original game 'DLsite world' will be released
DLsite, a douujin content distribution platform, has announced the decision to release the original game 'DLsite world'.

On the 'DLsite world' announcement site, you can generate avatars according to the usage status of DLsite. You can also create random avatars even if you are not a DLsite user. When I try to click 'Generate in a false form' ...

'Natural'boke's with an eternal pact' was created. His specialty is 'natural', 'healthy', and 'invitation'. If you generate an avatar while logged in, an avatar will be generated according to the usage status of DLsite.

◆ The latest next-generation fighting game 'GUILTY BEAR' will be released!
Arc System Works' popular 2D fighting game series ' GUILTY GEAR ' series, whose ' GUILTY GEAR -STRIVE- ' was released in June 2021, announced the cute 2D fighting game ' GUILTY BEAR '. As the name suggests, Sol and Kai are cute teddy bears.

The official website of GUILTY BEAR is also available.

The story is the same as GUILTY GEAR ... I think it's not 'GEAR' but a stuffed toy weapon 'BEAR'.

All the characters are stuffed bears, and the

testament , which is a playable character just added recently, is as follows.

The battle screen shows the fighting of stuffed bears, which makes it look quite fancy.

◆ 'Ansta' has been renewed to 'Ansan Bkub Okawa Stars !!-Cry Wolf-'
The smartphone game 'Ensemble Stars!' Has been renewed to 'Ensemble Stars !!-Cry Wolf-'.

In 'Ansan Bukub Stars !!-Cry Wolf-', you can enjoy the original song 'BUKUBU NEW STARS !!' and the original story by Mr. Bkub Okawa.

The original story comes with a voice. You can get a bonus by reading to the end.

'BUKUBU NEW STARS !!' has two difficulty levels, human level and wolf level. The wolf class is very difficult, so if you have yourself in a rhythm game, try it.

◆ New shooting game [GALACTIC DESTRUCTION]
You can now play the shooting game 'GALACTIC DESTRUCTION' in the beautiful girl action shooting game ' Alice Gear Aegis ' for smartphones.

When you tap the arcade game chassis that appeared in the app ...


The content is a vertically scrolling shooter reminiscent of Star Force . The rapid fire is automatic, and you can move your ship by swiping.

The difficulty is not so high, but be careful as you will be easily killed if you are not careful. GALACTIC DESTRUCTION, including pixel art and music, was an April Fool's Day shooter, but it was a fairly high quality shooter.

◆ Takane Lui releases PV of love simulation game 'Love in Holo'
Mr. Rui Takane of VTuber belonging to Hololive has released the PV of the Hololive love simulation game 'Love in Hololive'.

[Teaser PV] Hololive romance simulation game 'In love with Holo' [#Holo love] --YouTube

'Love in Holo' is a romance simulation game in which Takane Lui served as the main scenario director and producer, and enjoys slapstick romance with a total of 55 people.

It is said that a thrilling event will occur as the intimacy increases.

◆ An RPG set in space from Azur Lane
Azur Lane has announced an RPG set in space rather than the ocean. The planned release date is April 1, 2200.

◆ 'Lori Watame', 'Lori Fubuki', and 'Lori Flare' will be released.
Mr. Senki has released 'Lori Watame ', 'Lori Fubuki', and 'Lori Flare'. 'Lori Watame' looks like this.

This is 'Rorifubuki' ...

'Loriflare' is below. All are of very high quality.

◆ Dragon Quest official promotion account is hijacked by 'Ryuou'
Ryuou hijacked the official Dragon Quest advertising account and started posting tweets.

Let's urge Twitter users to follow us.

At 1:00 am, he is chanting Rariho to the strange human beings at night.

At 2:00 am, Ryuou himself seems to have fallen asleep.

◆ Yukito Ayatsuji announces 'murder of rodents'
PUI PUI The novelist Yukito Ayatsuji , who is known as an avid fan of Molcar, announced that he will release a new feature film 'The Murder of the Rodents Museum' in May.

This announcement is an April Fool's story, and it is said to be a 'lie' using a large amount of molcars.

After that, Mr. Yukito Ayatsuji said, 'I would like to write what is' the murder of the XX class building '', and it seems that attention will be focused on future trends.

◆ Nijisanji's new app 'Uncle Atsume'
The 'Official Twitter Account' of the fictitious app ' Uncle Atsume ' that collects only male rivers of Nijisanji has appeared.

The following movie is the CM of 'Uncle Atsume'.

New app 'Uncle Atsume' 1st CM --YouTube

The quality of the logo displayed on the official website is insanely high level.

A story is also available.

The play screen looks like this. There are also ingredients such as 'super spicy yakisoba' and 'curry' that make you grin when you watch the delivery.

Male rivers rewritten into two-headed SD characters.

The resolution information is so high that it seems that the capture information posted on Twitter is really likely.

◆ 'Gakuen Bungo Stray Dogs' production decision! ??
On the official website of the anime 'Bungo Stray Dogs', the decision to produce the school animation 'Bungo Stray Dogs' has been announced.

According to an official Twitter

post , Chuya Nakahara will appear as a 'bad student who has transferred to another school.'

Paul Verlaine appears as the older brother of Chuya Nakahara. I am a home economics teacher at the school.

◆ The official Twitter account for 'The Vampire Dies Immediately' has changed to 'Maru-senpai and Tsujiko-san.'
The official Twitter of the anime 'The Vampire Dies Immediately' has been replaced by the official Twitter of the movie 'Senior Maru and Tsujiko-san.' 'Maru-senpai and Tsujiko-san.' Will be screened at USODESU movie theaters nationwide from April 1, 2022.

◆ Online mahjong game 'Mahjong Soul' official Twitter account becomes one girl
The icon and header of the official account of the online mahjong game 'Mahjong Soul ' that you can play for free are now ' One Girl ' instead of Wanjiro.

The tweet was also a tweet by Wanjoro.

◆ Summary of Nijisanji's April Fool's Day
Nijisanji's rivers, to which more than 100 people belong in the

VTuber group, showed a different appearance on Twitter, so I tried to summarize them. ..

◆ Summary of April Fool's Day of Holo Live
The talent belonging to the popular VTuber group 'Holo Live' also showed a 'face' that can only be seen on April Fool's Day on Twitter.

I have a big announcement for you. [Holo Live / Akai Haato] --YouTube

◆ A comical picture drama of 'The Yakuza's Daughter and the Caretaker' is on sale
The 4th episode of the picture drama of the TV anime 'The Yakuza's Daughter and the Caretaker' has been released. The picture drama is drawn in a comical tone different from the main story, and the fourth episode is a story associated with April Fool's Day.

TV Anime 'The Yakuza's Daughter and the Caretaker' Picture Drama Episode 4-YouTube

◆ Virtual vocal singer software 'Mana sound squirrel'
Yontengo P announced the virtual vocal singer software ' Mana Otorisu' with the motif of Manaris , who is known to have been to Sukiya for more than 800 days.

Key visuals on the official website . A copy of 'a virtual idol singer born from beef bowl' is also attached.

On the official website, you can also listen to a demo song with a mana sound squirrel sound source.

The profile looks like this. The mana sound squirrel can sing a BPM of 20,000, and if you give it water, it will grow up to 6 times in length.

The trial version of Mana Sound Squirrel is distributed in ZIP format and can be downloaded by clicking 'Download'. Attention and disclaimer are 'This software is basically for Windows. We have not confirmed the operation on MacOS, Linux and smartphones.' 'I said that it is for Windows, but it does not work. We do not guarantee it. '' You can press the button to try it, but please do not be afraid because the zip file will be downloaded normally. 'Finally, it was reminded that it is an April Fool's story site. I am. If you are interested, please download it yourself.

◆ Ranch-based VTuber 'Meat Wo Eating' is now available
Yuta Taneda , a manga artist, announced the ranch-based VTuber 'Meat Wo Shokue'. 'Meat Wo Shokue' debuted on April 1, 2022 and is scheduled to retire on April 1, 2022. The movie will be released only on April 2022, so if you are worried about it, it is recommended to play it early.

◆ 'Shadow House' will be made into a live-action movie
It has been decided that 'Shadow House', which is being serialized in Weekly Young Jump, will make a live-action movie using puppets.

In the following movie, you can see a part of the main part of the live-action movie version of Shadows House.

Part of the main part of the movie 'Shadow House' will be released in advance! --YouTube

In addition, icon images and header images that can be used on Twitter etc. are published on the notification site.

◆ 'RPG Real Estate-Mazoku, Finding a House in 2-chome-' will be broadcast
Set in a medieval European-style world where the Demon King was defeated and became peaceful, ' RPG Real Estate ' depicting the daily lives of the main characters working in RPG real estate belonging to the kingdom, and Ponkotsu main character Shamiko who awakened to the power of the demons The special collaboration program ' RPG Real Estate-Mazoku, Finding a House in 2- chome- ', which depicts the daily life of the rival magical girl Momo, has been decided to be aired.

The story is that the members of 'RPG Real Estate' are looking for a room because there is a possibility that Shamiko and Momo of 'Machikado Mazoku' will collapse due to deterioration over time. Both 'Machikado Mazoku' and 'RPG Real Estate' are being serialized in Manga Time Kirara Carat , and 'Machikado Mazoku' will start airing the second phase of the animation on April 8, 2022. 'RPG Real Estate' will start airing on April 6, 2022.

◆ Sanrio 'Badtz-Maru' birthday
Sanrio's first villain character, the mischievous and mischievous penguins boy ' Badtz -Maru,' has celebrated his birthday. Sanrio's official Twitter account has posted a tweet celebrating Badtz-Maru's birthday.

◆ Fantasy Love ADV 'Alte Liebe' will be released from 'Trapped in a Dating World is a harsh world for mobs'! ??
The official Twitter of the TV anime 'Trapped in a Dating World is a tough world for mobs ' has released the first PV to commemorate the release decision of the sword and magic fantasy love ADV 'Alte Liebe'.

Sword and magic fantasy love ADV 'Alte Liebe' PV 1st --YouTube

The stage is a world of swords and magic. You are invited to the school to meet five aristocratic viscounts.

In PV, it is possible to glimpse the lines and event CG of the five unique characters.

In addition, the theme song 'Supreme LOVE STAR' that is being played on PV will be distributed on each music distribution service from 24:00 on Sunday, April 10, 2022. This seems to be true.

◆ Dreadful horror movie 'Tech Curse Id'
The media mix project ' Technoroid ' by CyberAgent and Avex Pictures has released a horror movie 'Technoroid'. The official technoroid website has been cursed because it will be released at the same time as the technoroid TV animation.

When you access the official website , the movie poster visual will be displayed on the full screen. When I played the movie, I heard a terrifying voice saying 'Tech ... Curse ... Do ...'.

◆ Otomate announces MMORPG for women
Idea Factory's women's game brand ' Otomate ' is an MMORPG for women ' I understand until I was suddenly reincarnated in the world, but my status as a savior who bets on fate is abnormally low I would like to ask you about the matter that was jammed early !! '

This new Otomate story is about the hero who has the status of adventurer level 1 and fulfills his mission as a savior by making full use of the 'master system'. The master system is 'Tea Ceremony of the Night' where the chiefs of the east gather, 'Tenax', a serious and solid party, hot, hot, anyway hot! You can choose your favorite master from the 'scoaching party', the leading craftsman group 'Sokius Shokai' that continues to produce epoch-making products, and the secret society party 'Dawn of Kurumayuri' that only acts independently except for the agreement of interests.

Characters who have become partners under the master system are always displayed on the home screen, and when you touch or stroke them, they will reply to you, and when your intimacy increases, special lines will be prepared.

◆ Underworld recruitment
The official Twitter account for the mythical romance of Yakushi Colette and Hades, ' Colette has decided to die, ' is looking for people to work in the Netherworld.

The Twitter account of 'Official that Meifu @ Collet decided to die' is tweeted by friends of Meifu who have a crush on Hades, and the recruitment requirement of Meifu is 'People who understand the charm of Hades'. 'apparently.

◆ Tokyo Sports discovers kappa
The Tokyo Sports Newspaper's unidentified animal (UMA) and occult interview team reported that they had discovered the Japanese youkai ' kappa '. Kappa was discovered this time in Tono City, Iwate Prefecture, a sacred place for kappa known for Kunio Yanagita 's ' Tono Monogatari '. Tokyo Sports has an image of a kappa sent from a provider who wishes to remain anonymous, and a special article that actually went to the site for coverage.

◆ Animate Staff Enhancement Project-Ani Doll *-
Animate , a store specializing in anime and character goods, announced that it has started a staff strengthening project to develop 'ideal animate staff' in partnership with the entertainment agency 'Amagiri Production' that appears in the character CD series ' Hana Doll '. did.

In the release, various effects are planned using the medical technology of Amagi Production, which is to 'embed a special flower seed in the human body and maximize the potential of the person as it grows' as a strengthening project menu. That's right. In addition to changes that improve information processing capabilities and provide detailed information on all products ...

Improved analytical ability to derive works that suit your taste just by looking at the customer's face.

Adjust the vocal cords with the embedded seeds, enabling customer service that reproduces the voices of any person.

Acquiring the ability to show customers the 'hallucination that a clerk pushes and looks like an idol'.

The seeds are also embedded in animals and adopted as a 'talking cat staff'.

Animate is looking for project participants. The application condition is 'those who are comfortable with embedding special flower seeds in the human body'.

◆ The actors of the cat lover's drama 'Cat Property' by cat lovers are replaced by cats and become 'Cat Only Drama'
Set in a single house, the cats who appear in the drama ' Cat Property ', which depicts the life patterns of the hero who loves cats and lives with them, and the people who live together in pursuit of dreams, say 'The owner of this house is a cat'. , Regained the leading role from humans. The teaser visual featuring actors such as Yuki Furukawa, Kanata Hosoda, Mijika Nagai, Kaisei Kamimura, Takafumi Honda, Koya Matsudai, and Raita Ryu has been replaced with cat-only specifications.

According to Char, the main character's cat, who is the representative of the cats, 'The owner of this house is a cat, but the main character is a person. After all, it is cute, mofumofu, and infinite cuteness that heals everyone. Since we are cats, we decided to jack everything in order to regain the leading role. ' The drama 'Cat Property' will start airing on

BS11 and TOKYO MX in April 2022.

◆ Completely reproduced by Hiroshi Abe's impersonator who starred in the famous scene of the movie 'Tonbi'
' Kite ', a movie adaptation of Kiyoshi Shigematsu 's best-selling movie that depicts the bond between parents and children, has released a famous scene reproduction movie by Mr. Takuya Toru , a monomane entertainer who is very similar to the starring Hiroshi Abe.

[La Parfe Toru is completely reproduced! ] Special release of the movie 'Tonbi' moving famous scene-YouTube

Mr. Tsuru who appears, 'I'm sorry it wasn't real.'

On the day of his son Akira's departure, his father, Yasu, sees him off.

The father and son broke up, but when Yasu read the letter left by Akira, he chased his son and started running desperately. This alone was a moving scene.

Mr. Tsuru posted a series called 'Arbitrarily Digest' that reproduced movies and dramas by impersonation on his

YouTube channel , and this time he also posted a 'Tonbi' reproduction movie with the same content on his own channel ' [Wow] official offer . Posted with the title ' Imitation of the fastest movie' Tonbi '! [Hiroshi Abe] '. Mr. Tsuru commented on Twitter, 'The digest has become an official digest without permission ...'.

Also, if you access the 'Tonbi' official website, you can see that it has a nostalgic design reminiscent of Hiroshi Abe's homepage .

◆ Shibaura Institute of Technology announces the establishment of 'Mars Campus'
Shibaura Institute of Technology announced that it will establish the 'Mars Satellite Campus' in 2127, which marks the 200th anniversary of its founding. Shibaura Institute of Technology, which has been selected as a globalization -driven designated school by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, is actively accepting female teachers, female students, and international students in order to build a diverse research and learning environment. The purpose of setting up the Mars campus this time is to accept local Martian students and to support the local support of global students studying abroad on Mars. The design of the Mars campus is the same as the 'Toyosu Campus New Building' to be opened in April 2022, so that students studying abroad on Mars can always remember the earth.

◆ Become cute! Rohto Cafe
Rohto Pharmaceutical 's official Twitter account has announced the opening of 'Cute! Rohto Cafe'. It is said that a menu that makes use of Rohto Pharmaceutical's main products is being developed.

Omelet rice that can be used as skin care with plenty of sunscreen '

Skin Aqua ' born from fresh water.

A drink that makes your skin moisturized just by drinking '

Hada Labo ' with plenty of hyaluronic acid directly with a straw.

There is a lineup of cute and cosmetological menus such as 'Rohto Parfait', which is a parfait full of fresh cream and strawberries topped with lip balm.

◆ Black Thunder Sakosh will be released
Black Thunder official Twitter has announced the release of the cutting-edge fashionable item 'Black Thunder Sakosh'.

Sakosh is a simple design with yellow black lightning in one point, and it is said that it is an easy-to-use item that can fit a smartphone and black thunder completely.

◆ The main visual release of 'A Couple of Cuckoo!', Which is a cat of each character of 'A Couple of Cuckoo'
A version of the animated version of the slapstick love story manga ' A Couple of Cuckoo ' drawn by Miki Yoshikawa of ' Yankee-kun and Glasses-chan ' and ' Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches '. The main visual of 'A Couple of Cuckoo! ' Has been released.

On official Twitter , the character introduction of the 'Iinyatsuki!' Version is released. The person who cooperated in the shooting was the cat cafe ' MOCHA Tachikawa store ' in Tachikawa, Tokyo. The scheduled airing date is February 22, 2222, which is named after the puns of 'Nyan' and '2' of the cat's bark.

◆ An eco-bag that looks like a 'Marushin hamburger' is born
An eco-bag that looks just like ' Marushin Hamburg ', which is known for the CM song of 'Marushin ♪ Marushin ♪ Hamburg ♪', is now available.

Marushin Foods says, 'If you have it, you will definitely be noticed.' This eco-bag is said to be a real hit in the campaign held until April 5, 2022 (Tuesday). You can check the application requirements from the following URL.

Marushin Hamburg 60th Anniversary | Marushin Foods Co., Ltd.

◆ Futaba Foods installs a huge object of 'Sacre Lemon'
Futaba Foods, known for its fruity and refreshing sherbet ' Sacre Lemon', has installed a huge object of Sacre Lemon on the roof of the head office because it wants people to know not only the Sacre Lemon but also the company name. That thing.

The object stands on a four-story building and is quite large. The fresh sorbet under the blue sky is forever refreshing, and it is 'clear at a glance what the company is making, even from a distance.'

◆ A special necklace that can carry that 'Tirol chocolate' from the neck is born
A necklace exclusively for Tyrolean chocolate was born for users who love Tyrolean chocolate. The clear design is perfect for the coming season, and the president, Yuji Matsuo, is also using it. The price is 9999 yen.

◆ Pine candy 'Fire Me' with a stick
From the pineapple-flavored ' Pine Ame ', which has a distinctive ring shape, a new product, the Pine Ame with a stick, 'Fire Me' was born.

The shape of the stick stuck in the ring looks like the Greek letter Φ (phi), so it is named 'Fireme'.

From April 1, 2022, it will be sold only for 8000 bottles.

◆ Kappa Ebisen for Yankees will be released
A new product for sharp Yankees, 'Kappa Ebisen ,' will be released from Calbee's Kappa Ebisen brand, which is familiar with 'I can't stop, I can't stop.' The thirsty catcher is still a product with a sharp tip, and it is said that 'it is guaranteed that a major accident will occur in the mouth.'

◆ The legendary sacred sword Oden is released for 1 billion yen
Kibun , which develops pastes and noodles, has released 'Sacred Sword Oden' featuring hanpen and chikuwa as a new product.

The 'Seiken Oden', which has a gorgeous design and a delicious paste, is sold only on April 1st and is priced at 1 billion yen.

Its popularity is tremendous, and

Yamato Kogei , who produces models and dioramas, has offered to exchange it for a ballpoint pen sacred sword and a pen stand rock set ...

If you think that you were offered a purchase by

Earth Pharmaceutical , you may have been married, and the future is drawing attention.

◆ B-PROJECT releases the magic school thing 'Wizard of Fairytale'
The idol project ' B-PROJECT ' by MAGES.'S maiden brand LOVE & ART has released the official page of the work ' Wizard of Fairytale ' set in a magic school that produced many legendary wizards and magicians in the fairy tale. did.

The students of the magic school that will be the stage are always required to be a witch, and the evaluation in daily life and examinations will be added as points not only to individuals but also to the dormitory to which they belong. There are also four, which is like seeing somewhere .

◆ The 10th anniversary project of Kuroko's basketball spin-off work 'Chick's Basketball' has started.
The chick-like character ' Chick's Basketball ' that appeared in the DVD / BD bonus footage of the highly acclaimed manga original anime ' Kuroko's Basketball ' that was aired from 2012 to 2015 has celebrated its 10th anniversary. , The start of the commemorative project was suggested on Twitter. In the released teaser visual, the main characters Tetsuya Kuroko and Taiga Kagami, Ryota Kise, Shintaro Midorima, Daiki Aomine, Atsushi Shihara, Seijuro Akashi, and Tetsuya No. 2 are 'chicks'. It is drawn.

◆ 'Baby Star Bandana', 100% baby star noodles, will be released
Oyatsu Company has decided to release a new product ' Baby Star Bandana ' that responds to the desire to be wrapped in the company's flagship product ' Baby Star Ramen ' anytime, anywhere. This bandana, which uses 100% baby star ramen noodles, says, 'You can eat it when you are in trouble.'

◆ Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle has a new dance exercise mode 'DOKKAN EXERCISE'
The implementation information of the new mode 'DOKKAN EXERCISE' was displayed in the smartphone application 'Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle'. It is planned to have a dance exercise mode where you can do muscle training with the character of Dragon Ball in rhythm.

When you start the app, Para Para Brothers who appear in 'Dragon Ball GT' will show off their proud dance.

The cut-in of the characters of 'Dragon Ball GT' is included ...

The home screen was also a special specification of 'DOKKAN EXERCISE'.

Discover the details of the new feature 'DOKKAN EXERCISE' in the in-game announcement.

In 'DOKKAN EXERCISE', first select the partner to exercise with from 8 people, 'Goku', 'Pan', 'Trunks', 'Gill', 'Vegeta', 'Bulla', 'Freeza', and 'Cell'. Depending on the partner, he has a personality of being stoic or self-paced, and he seems to lead the exercise sometimes gently and sometimes severely.

Then select the exercise menu. The menu is plentiful enough to satisfy everyone from under-exercised earthlings to Saiyans of the fighting race, so anyone can aim for a perfect body by continuing every day. Further information and implementation of new functions will be updated later.

◆ Fantasy Earth Zero-The Secret Oath with the King-
The online game ' Fantasy Earth Zero ', which has been running since 2006, announces the release of the King's Strategy Novel & Strategy 'Fantasy Earth Zero-The Secret Oath with the King'.

In 'Fantasy Earth Zero-The Secret Oath with the King-', you can experience secret events when you become intimate with the kings of each country while aiming for the prosperity of the nation by belonging to one of the five nations. increase.

Some conversations with the kings appearing in the game have been released in advance. From the King of Beasts to the beautiful General of Princesses, a story of intimacy with various characters awaits players.

◆ Unraveling the mystery of the familiar 'arm-folding pose' of ramen shop owners 'If you want to win, assemble.'
Regarding the mystery of the 'arms folded pose' that the owner of a ramen shop almost always does when appearing on posters and TV programs, Yoshihiko Mizuno , who runs the shooting studio Kuromon Culture Factory in Nipponbashi, Osaka, said, ' We have released a special page explaining 'Why photographers want to pose with their arms folded'.

If you want to win, assemble | Note why cameramen have their arms folded

According to Mr. Mizuno, the arm-folded pose is actually something that the cameraman wants to do, and the effect has been kept secret due to the magnitude of the influence. According to Mr. Mizuno, there are cases where sales increase by 120% when the arm-folded pose is used for the profile image ...

On average, 50% of men and women who have begun to cross their arms at a dating agency will achieve marriage within a month ...

It has been confirmed that there is an effect of improving the stoop by keeping the balance of the body on the median line.

In addition, it is a dense commentary page that covers all kinds of things related to arm folding, such as the notice of the love simulation game 'Udeki Memorial Girl's Side x Cross Kiss' for women specializing in arm folding, which is currently under development.

◆ Representatives from each prefecture appear one after another in the 'Golden Corda Starlight Orchestra'
The smartphone app ' Golden Corda Starlight Orchestra ' aims to travel anywhere on a retro bus to compete with orchestras around the world and gather fellow performers. Meanwhile, it was announced that powerful characters would appear in all 47 prefectures.

First of all, Sasazuka Sou who can meet in Hokkaido, Tsukishiro Kei in Tokyo, Date Masamune waiting in Miyagi, Oda Nobunaga in Aichi, etc. were released.

Some conversations with the newly appearing fierce men are also open to the public. Hojo Ujiteru is trying to participate in the orchestra with a flute that he is good at ...

Twenty-four generals Takeda , led by Shingen Takeda, are all in the orchestra playing drums.

If you join Nobunaga Oda, you will receive a very reliable word.

◆ 'Last month' appeared in 'Imperial Saga Eclipse'
The basic play of Square Enix production and operation The free-to-play browser game ' Imperial Saga Eclipse ' has a new story 'Submarine Edition' ... instead of ' Last Month Edition '.

When I actually start 'Imperial Saga Eclipse', it looks like this. The home screen is not the new story 'Submarine Edition' scheduled to be implemented, but the content that 'Last Month Edition' was implemented. The background is a homage to a monster movie.

This last month's edition is not just a story about the startup screen, but an event that you can actually play from the 'sortie' on the home screen. It is a content that you can rematch with all the bosses implemented in March 2022, which is last month, and if you win, you can get a luxurious item.

In addition to small stories such as the BGM of the home screen being replaced with the opening theme of the previous work '

Imperial Saga ', there is also a login bonus where you can get a ☆ 5 character confirmed gift ticket.

◆ That hot-blooded hard-liner Kunio-kun finally graduated from high school and 'Hot-blooded office worker Kunio-kun' was born
Kunio-kun, the main character of the ' Kunio-kun ' series, put an end to his 35 years of high school life and got a job as a salaryman. As a salaryman, Kuni is a social darkness such as adult common sense, forced participation drinking party, power harassment, annoyed seniors, endless overtime, stressful entertainment, boss's responsibility escape, cherry blossom viewing place, holiday work, reckless norm. It is said that it will fight with.

◆ Magic: The Gathering's official Japanese website has been renewed to be pop and cute
The official Japanese page of Magic: The Gathering , a world-famous card game, has undergone a major renewal. By appointing Mr. Usagi Men for the illustration, it is finished in pop and cute, and it seems that 'magic-likeness is better'.

Magic: When you access The Gathering official website , loose characters run through the screen ...

The top page with cute colors and pop fonts is now available.

When I clicked on the banner 'Kamigawa NEON DYNASTY' where a cute black samurai was waving his sword ...

Moved to the page of the latest booster packs that are insanely cool.

We are also developing collaboration goods to commemorate the renewal of our website. All goods can be purchased at

the 'Tinplate Street Market '.

Collaboration goods include a water bottle for children and 'Bath Magic: The Gathering', a slime-like detergent that dissolves the entire bathtub.

The 'leisure sheet [Kamikawa]' is large enough to hold 9 dimensions, and the magic travel plan 'MTG Travel [Kamikawa 2022]'. MTG trips cannot be returned, so be careful when purchasing.

In addition, 'Mana Milk', which is a mixture of animal extracts and mana, and 'Zakukiri Potato', which uses abundant precious ingredients, are available.

While the strong dragon is watching, click 'UP' at the bottom right of the page ...

'HAPPY APRIL FOOL' is displayed.

◆ Hanamaru Udon develops 7 products such as 'Udon Rope' and 'Shrimp Peg / Cabo Peg'
Hanamaru Udon, a self-service Sanuki udon chain under the Yoshinoya group, has been riding a little on the recent camp boom, so we have developed 7 camping gear items such as 'Udon Rope' and 'Ebi Peg / Cabo Peg' that are full of Hanamaru Udon feeling. did.

'Udon Rope' is a rope with excellent wind resistance that makes the best use of the strength peculiar to Hanamaru Udon. The popular points are the glossy feeling that shines when the sun rises and the square cross section with the edge of Sanuki, and the price is 700 yen for a 3-bundle set.

'Pumpkin peg' is a pumpkin peg, and the U-shape of the pumpkin has a shape that firmly grasps the ground, and the sweet scent spreads every time it is hit. The price is 8700 yen for a set of 10 pieces.

In addition, a total of 7 products such as 'Fox sleeping bag' with heat retention of Chomoramma grade and 'Fox tarp' with fox tension have appeared.

◆ 'Mondamin Mecha Garlic' that dares to fill the mouth with garlic odor is now available
From the Mouthwash Mondamine series, which is famous for the melody of 'Oguchi Kuchukuchu Mondamine', Earth Pharmaceutical has announced a completely new mouthwash 'Mondamine Mecha Garlic' that dares to fill the mouth with a rich garlic fragrance.

It is said that garlic fragrance is added to communication that tends to be diluted while enjoying the 'garlic flavor' that has been apt to be avoided until now because it is now common to wear a mask and keep an interpersonal distance. 'Mondamin Mecha Garlic' was developed for the purpose. According to the official release , the garlic flavor lasts for up to 12 hours.

Not only does garlic taste good, but it also has a wide range of effects, such as boosting oral immunity with high nutritional value and the garlic fragrance that overflows from the mouth can be used in various ways.

The usage is the same as the conventional Mondamine, pour the liquid up to the line of the cup, and when it is contained in the mouth, slowly infiltrate it in the mouth about 20 to 30 times.

In the reviews of people who actually used 'Mondamine Mecha Garlic', there were voices saying that if they used it just before the national basketball tournament, they couldn't keep the opponent's defense away, and a woman who loves garlic said that she used 'Mondamine Mecha Garlic'. You can see amazing effects such as developing in love because you passed each other.

In addition, people are pleased with the effect, such as being ideal for dieting because you can enjoy the taste of garlic all the time, and being able to commute to work comfortably without being crushed by a crowded train.

◆ Ootoya 'Bone Black Vinegar An Set Meal' (890 yen including tax)
Ootoya Gohankoro , a set meal chain, has released a new product in the popular Kurozu An series, 'Bone Kurozu An Set Meal'.

The thick and durable bones are wrapped in the shining black vinegar sauce. Not only the taste of black vinegar, but also a delicious dish with plenty of good soup stock from the bones. It is literally the supreme dish that was 'shaving and devising', so be careful when visiting Ootoya rice.

◆ Kikkoman Soymilk 'Yellow Bird' graduated from logo
The first 'Yellow Bird' depicted on that 'Kikkoman Soymilk' package suddenly declared graduation because 'something is popular and I want to expand globally.'

Currently, the Kikkoman soymilk logo is in a state without yellow birds, and the Kikkoman soymilk package shown in the header image of the official Twitter account is in a state with a gap of 'only the sun and trees'.

◆ Model maker Aoshima's 'President' descends on 1/12 scale
Model maker Qingdao Bunka Kyozaisha (Aoshima) announced the 1/12 scale 'President'. With the ultimate modeling with attention to detail, no painting, no adhesive, and easy assembly, the ' Raku-Pla ' specification comes with 3 types of face parts, including an angry face, a funny face, and Aoshima Jayo, in addition to the president's business card. .. Scheduled to be released in 2022.

◆ Visual premiere of 'School Love Singularity Graoda 3' with the Holy Grail buried under the legendary tree
ReDrop , an illustrator who provides character design and illustrations in Fate / Grand Order , has created a visual of the latest work ' Gakuen Love Singularity Graoda 3 ' which is a sequel (?) To the delusional singularity 'Gakuen Love Singularity Graoda' . It was released for the first time. The story is 'The class you are in charge of at Caldea Gakuen is full of problem children. The aim is to graduate safely? Rebellion against the school? Or escape of love !?' ..

◆ Idol group 'Mischief ☆ Straight' formed from Blue Archive
The characters from the smartphone app ' Blue Archive- ' formed an idol group 'Military ☆ Straight' and immediately performed their debut song 'Kirameku MiLie He'.

A letter arrived at the teacher (player) at 18:00 on March 31, 2022. There is only one sentence, 'Please come to the designated place at midnight tomorrow.'

According to Arona, a girl who lives in a tablet device, the 'designated place' written in the letter is a YouTube channel .

And one movie was posted at midnight on April 1st specified in the letter.

[Blue Archive] Mischief ☆ Straight debut song 'Kirameku MiLie He' --YouTube

Alice, Al, Hifumi, and Yuka come out of the darkness at the destination.

On the glittering stage, the girls declare, 'We will be idols!'

As it is, he performed his debut song 'Kirameku Mi Lie He'. It's a super gorgeous song with songs, dance, and stage production, and you should be screaming 'I can recommend this'. At the end of the movie, it says 'Please look forward to the future success of Mischief ☆ Straight', which gives us a sense of further development.

◆ 'CIAO Churu' x 'Black Cat with' 'WIZ Churu' is born
COLOPL's social game ' Quiz RPG Wizard and the Black Cat With ' is a black cat with version of the classic cat treat ' CIAO Chu-ru ' with the cooperation of Inaba Pet Foods, which is under the umbrella of Inaba Foods. Was announced.

[Black Cat With] 'WIZ Chu-ru' born in a different world will be released! --YouTube

The package of WIZ Churu looks like this, and the taste itself is a savory taste.

Reviews from favorite cats (persons) are also posted on the official page, and it seems that they are generally well received by users who could actually eat.

If you click 'Add to cart', 'I think you knew it, but it's a lie' will be displayed as shown below, so please be careful.

◆ The movie release 'Yurucamp △' PR team challenges to create a real campsite
The popular anime ' Yurucamp ', which is about to be released at a national road show, has announced a campaign event in which the movie PR team will realistically perform 'Campground, Making Zura!', Which is also depicted on the movie poster. ..

In addition to this, the theme park of the outdoor shop 'Caribou' that appears in the work will finally open in Yamanashi Prefecture, and a campaign is being held in which 223 people will win invitation tickets by lottery.

The movie 'Yurucamp', scheduled to be released on July 1, 2022, is a story about the adulthood of the main characters who were high school students in the TV anime. On March 31st, the day before April Fool's Day, a special news video showing Kakamigahara Nadeshiko working at an outdoor equipment store and Shima Rin walking in a suit was released.

Movie 'Yurucamp △' Special News │ 2022.7.1 ROADSHOW --YouTube

◆ The Kinniku TV Hachinai Business Trip Version
In the smartphone app ' August Cinderella Nine ' where you can experience the youth of playing baseball with girls, the YouTube channel ' Kinniku TV ' by the muscle entertainer Nakayama Kinni will appear on April 1, 2022. You can see '3 minutes! Smartphone neck improvement exercises' to improve neck and shoulder stiffness and headaches caused by overdoing the game.

When you log in to the game, a body that is too strong suddenly appears on the screen.

Training specialist Nakayama Kinni will introduce you to recommended exercises before you hurt yourself by overdoing the game.

'Smartphone neck improvement exercises' is the 6th type, mainly around the neck and shoulders.

If you move your body firmly while watching the movie, you can see that it works on your neck, shoulders, and back.

The familiar 'Power!' Ends the gymnastics instruction movie.

After 'The Kinniku TV Hachinai Business Trip Version' was over, the girls were stunned.

Even in such a scenario, you appear in Nakayamakin.

'Ya!' And 'Power!' Can enjoy the scenario with voice.

Also, I was able to get the in-game item 'The Power Bear Muscle' as a gift from you.

◆ Crane game where you can curry with the net crane game 'Torumo'
In the crane game ' Torumo ' that you can play on your smartphone, a game that you can make curry if you take all of them has appeared.

I aimed for an apple that would be a secret ingredient of deliciousness. However, because it was round and heavy, it rolled off the arm. It seems that the difficulty is quite high because it is necessary to acquire a pot to complete it in the end.

◆ A fighting game about the right to sell melon bread by the strongest heroes in the universe of Uta no Prince-sama has appeared.
From the love adventure game ' Uta no Prince-sama ' for women, a fighting game about the right to sell melon bread by the strongest heroes in the universe has appeared. Divided into two parts, ' CRAZY APPLE ' led by Ringo Tsukimiya and ' GUILTY DRAGON ' led by Tatsuya Hinata , a hot battle will be fought.

When I accessed the official website , a screen like a fighting game was displayed, saying 'Serious battle of the strongest heroes in the universe !!'. Click 'GAME START' at the bottom left ...

The sun rose from a huge melon bread. It is said that a conflict broke out over the right to sell the legendary 'Saoto Melonpan' that makes its name in space.

Members of both camps will be introduced in the movie.

Click 'BATTLE START' at the bottom of the title screen.

Select the character to operate and the opponent character ...

You can play fighting games. '→' for dash attack, '←' for backstep, 'Z' for guard, 'X' for attack. The green gauge at the top is the physical strength, and the blue gauge is the special move gauge.

If you win brilliantly ...

You can see the victory comments.

'Battled' is displayed for the battled character. It seems that some secret characters will be lifted as the battle progresses.

◆ 'Disgaea RPG' reincarnated into a robot action object that protects the earth with the iron fist of love
The basic free-to-play social game 'Makai Senki Disgaea RPG ~ The Most Evil Demon King Decision Battle! ~ ' Suddenly 'The Earth with the Iron Fist of Love!' Declared a rebirth to 'Robo action that transcends time and space to protect.'

When you actually start the Disgaea RPG, the following old-fashioned anime-style title screen called 'Super Invincible Robo Great Great Fronter X' appears.

If you tap 'Sort' in 'Base', you can play a mini-game like Whac-A-Mole. After the game is over, a high score will be recorded, and it may be good to tweet a screenshot of the high score with the hashtag '#Ai no Tekken Prinny Tataki'.

◆ It turns out that the origin of the Domino's Pizza logo is in the mural paintings of ancient Egypt
What appears to be the Domino's Pizza logo of the pizza chain was discovered in a pyramid mural painted around 1500 BC. If you look closely at the mural, you can see the person eating the delivered pizza.

The written characters are like hieroglyphs of ancient Egypt, and it is speculated that the patterns similar to dice 1 and 2 symbolized pizza.

It seems that Domino's Pizza founder Thomas S. Monaghan knew this. According to project director Kisui Dazapi, pizza may have been popular on a daily basis since that time.

◆ KidZania Tokyo 1-day limited activity 'Hero Show' & KidZania Koshien 'Coffee Near'
In KidZania Tokyo, which is gaining popularity as a 'children's occupation / social experience facility', a 'hero show' where you can take action as an actor / suit actor will appear on April 1st only. It says 'Appears in the Metropolitan Theater!'

This is a parody of Theater G-Rosso, known for the hero show familiar with 'Shake hands with me at XX!'. Theater G-Rosso's Avataro Sentai Don Brothers Show will definitely be held, not April Fool's Day.

On the other hand, at KidZania Koshien near Koshien, the lounge, which is a resting place for parents, is said to be a 'cafe near' with the concept of 'resting near you ...'.

◆ Exo Skeleton, whose public relations is Misaki Senomiya of ROBOTICS; NOTES, has opened the Tanegashima Nishinoomote branch office and is looking for friends.
With the opening of the Tanegashima Nishinoomote branch office by the Exo Skeleton that appears in ROBOTICS; NOTES , we have released a job advertisement.

When I access the job site , it is said that this job is looking for a test pilot of the latest HUG unit.

The desired person is 'a person whose red glasses come out of his pocket immediately', 'a person who can't stop the delusion of a thin book with his seniors', 'a person who can't hear people's requests unless he loses the game', and 'a hobby hidden by his parents'. Those who are absorbed in it, those who cry immediately, those who want a cute little sister AI, those who want to teach people their bean knowledge, and those who have died once are quite unique. Welfare programs include unique items such as the 'AI-based employee HUG discount system,' 'cold sleep system,' and 'pokkii strawberry flavor supply system for home residents.'

In addition, 'Voice of senior employees' was also introduced.

In this project, with the cooperation of Nishinoomote City, Tanegashima, three people who applied for a job will be given a Tanegashima specialty by lottery. The application method is described on the

recruitment site .

◆ Kazuma becomes a giant toad in 'Blessing this wonderful world! Fantastic Days'
When Kazuma woke up in the smartphone game 'KonoSuba ! Fantastic Days ' based on 'KonoSuba ! ', He became a giant toad .

The only way to break the curse and return to humans is to make the aquas slimy.

If you post a screenshot of the game with the hashtag '#Bless this fake frog ', a campaign is also underway to give 5 people an Amazon gift certificate by lottery. If you search on Twitter, you can see the appearance of slimy characters and the appearance of Kazuma who turned into a giant toad fighting.

◆ Assault Lily's full-scale reasoning adventure 'Sleepless Night Killing'
A full-scale reasoning adventure 'Sleepless Night Killing' has been added as a limited-time event to the smartphone app ' Assault Lily Last Bullet ' of the story ' Assault Lily ' of girls fighting threats in the world heading for ruin. .. The scenario will be released at 9:00, 12:00, and 16:00 on April 1, 2022, and the truth will gradually become clear, so you can experience it while making inferences in real time.

When I started the app, a disturbing movie suddenly played. Noisy effects and dark, eerie scenery.

The girls who came to visit their friend's villa together were involved in a serial murder at a Western-style building in the mountains and became isolated. What is happening, the truth of the case and the identity of the criminal ...?

'Sleepless Night Killing' was added to the menu of the app.

There are up to 4 chapters in the story, which will be opened in sequence on April 1st at 0:00, 9:00, 12:00, and 16:00.

You can skip the usual story with the skip button, but since 'Sleepless Night Killing' is an adventure game where you choose options, it will not be cleared if you skip it. In addition, it is necessary to select the correct choices and proceed.

In Chapter 1, the story begins when Hatsukano Awakens. Awakened in a pitch-black strange Western-style building, Akira remembers that everyone had come to stay at a villa owned by his friend Kaede J. Nouvel. It's a storm outside, so I can't turn on the lights of the mansion.

Suddenly I heard a scream somewhere and left the room in a hurry, and I met my friends who came to the villa together. In the direction of the scream, heading to the bathroom ...

Chapter 1 ends when I witnessed one of my companions dying in the bathtub. What's happening in this Western-style building, who is the culprit in this murder drama? And the tragedy continues ...

Not only the in-app story, but also the

official Twitter is regularly updated with an overview of the incident.

◆ Professional gaming team 'Crazy Raccoon' establishes 'Golf It Division' & new member Nachoneko joins
Japanese professional gaming team ' Crazy Raccoon ' has established a new division ' Golf It Division' and announced that Nachoneko (@ amsrntk3) has joined as a new member.

When I watch the embedded movie, my ears pop out in front of the liquid tab ...

Nachoneko is here.

It was a participation movie reminiscent of a certain game.

◆ 'Disney Twisted Wonderland' Magical Motors Show ~ April fool 2022 ~
A driving school where you can obtain a license for the magical wheel that appears in the iOS / Android app ' Disney Twisted Wonderland ' has opened.

'Disney Twisted Wonderland' Magical Motors Show ~ April fool 2022 ~ --YouTube

This is the magical wheel, commonly known as 'Majihoi'.

However, many buyers were confused, saying, 'I don't know how to ride.'

Therefore, this time, the 'Sage's Island Driving School' has opened, where you can learn how to drive a magical wheel.

By training using a full-scale course, you will be able to ride the magic wheel like your own limbs after taking the course.

It is said that you will get a license, so if you want to ride the Majihoi you admire, please try it.

◆ God painter Rin ☆ Yu finally debuts on VTuber
Announced that Rin ☆ Yu , an illustrator who is active in the animated smartphone game app “ Magia Record Magical Girl Madoka ☆ Magica Gaiden ” and the media mix project “ Onsen Musume ” with a hot spring motif, will make her V debut. Did. You can check its seriousness in the following tweets .

◆ Announced that YouTuber group 'Meat Chomoramma' will be active as an idol unit 'Meromero ☆ 彡 KISS'
We announced that the male YouTuber group ' Meat Chomoramma ' will be active as an idol unit 'Meromero ☆ 彡 KISS'. You can listen to the short version of the new song ' Melon Cream Deep ☆ 彡 KISS ' scheduled to be posted at 19:00 on April 1st in the following tweet.

A painting that suddenly makes you feel a strange nostalgia.

A karaoke mystery MV-like title is displayed ...

You can enjoy the MV as if you slipped back in time to Showa.

◆ Voice actor / singer Shunichi Toki and Junta Terashima announce a duet song as 'Morise Pigumi & JUNTAA'
The official Twitter account of voice actor and singer Shunichi Toki tweeted that she will make her debut as 'JUNTAA' as 'Morise Pigumi' with a cute photo.

Similarly, the official Twitter account of voice actor and singer Junta Terashima also reports that he had a duet with Pigumi Morise as JUNTAA. This is with a photo that feels wild with champagne in hand.

The duet song ' Gunyagunya Happy Shanpanpan ' by the two of them has been released on YouTube for a limited time.
[Morise Pigumi x JUNTAA] 1st Single 'Gunyagunya Happy Shanpanpan' [Premiere for a limited time] --YouTube

◆ The key visual of the anime 'Kaguya-sama wants to tell you Ultra Romantic' is released to the public
The back key visual of the anime ' Kaguya-sama wants to tell you -Ultra Romantic- ', which will start broadcasting on April 8, 2022, has been unveiled on Twitter. In line with this, the profile image of the official Twitter account is also unified to the key visual one.

When I went to see the official website , Yui Nobu said, 'Let us do it from here.' It seems that the development that keeps an eye on the third period of animation will continue.

◆ 'Famichiki Frappe', which is a cool dessert of that Famichiki, will be available for a limited time.
FamilyMart's popular hot snack 'Famichiki' is on sale as a frappe on April 1, 2022, while retaining the crispness and juiciness of the clothes.

◆ 'THE IDOLM @ STER CINDERELLA GIRLS STARLIGHT STAGE' April 1st limited event 'Idol Pasha ♪ -If P has a camera-'
'Dereste''s annual April 1st limited event, 2022 is 'Idol Pasha ♪ ~ If P has a camera ~' to take pictures of idols.

An event in which a producer integrated with an unfamiliar camera placed on a desk takes pictures of idols with the urge to spring up. Speaking of idols on the camera, Tsubaki Egami . As a matter of course, we do not have any doubts about cameras that speak human language.

Players use multiple positions to successfully take pictures of idols and aim for high ratings.

The evaluation changes depending on the size of the subject, the orientation of the idol's face, the position of the idol in the photo, the pose, how many idols are reflected in one photo, and so on.

◆ I was invited to an afternoon party of the super prestigious Mejiro family of Uma Musume.
An invitation has been sent to the trainer from the White-eye family who appears in Umamusume Pretty Derby , a game app for smartphones.

On the special site , you can listen to the 'Mejiro Hymn' recorded in the 'Uma Uta Jukebox' in the game app.

You can also see an interview with a voice actor who played the Uma Musume of the Mejiro family.

The MV for 'Mejiro Sanka' released on the official YouTube channel '

Pakatube! ' Looks like this.

[Uma Musume Pretty Derby] White-eye Hymn MV --YouTube

◆ A new one-week limited app game 'Princess Connect! Grand Masters' is now available from 'Princess Connect! Re: Dive'
The popular smartphone game ' Princess Connect! Re: Dive ', which has also been animated, has released a new one-week limited app game ' Princess! Grand Masters '.

You can access the iOS and Android app distribution pages by opening the official website of 'Princess Connect! Grand Masters'.

When you download the app, the opening movie will be played.

When the player wakes up, he sees Kokkoro in front of him.

However, it seems that this place is not the original gastronomy hall.

I have a vague memory up to this point, and I don't know how to escape from here ...

Suddenly the tutorial battle in the battlefield started.

In the battle, first organize the units ...

Place the selected unit in the field. The synergy effect will be activated according to the job and type of the placed character, and the battle will be advantageous.

No special operation is required during the battle, and the placed characters will fight automatically.

If you win, you can earn EXP (experience points) and rupi (currency), and you may also improve your level as a leader.

Battle to collect memories and friends and return to the original world.

◆ Magic school opens with the handsome actor training app 'A3!'
A school called MANKAI Magic School has opened with the smartphone game app '

A3! ' That trains members of theatrical troupe with rich individuality, and the deputy director gives explanations after enrollment.

◆ 'Sakuraun-gai' where the wizards of the smartphone game 'The Wizard's Promise' live as youkai
From the smartphone game 'The Wizard's Promise', 'Sakuraun-gai', where the characters appearing as youkai live, has appeared.

When you access the official website , you will find a Japanese-style taste that is unusual.

When you click 'Draw Omikuji' ...

Characters who have become youkai will freely fortune.

You can also see their profiles as youkai.

In addition, the 'Tsukihana Yokaitan' event will actually be held from 18:00 on April 4, and you can get the card of the character who became a youkai for a limited time.

◆ Print mail order Fine Works releases 'Fine Wax' for a limited time
Fine Works , which handles printing and mail order of posters and leaflets, has reported that it will release ' Fine Wax ' only on April 1st, saying 'not only paper products but also hair products'. 'With this, you will be well dressed, and there is no doubt that your debut in the new semester and new year will be a great success.'

◆ 'The story of a manga artist confined by a strange high school girl' will be animated
The web comic ' The Story of a Manga Artist Confined by a Strange High School Girl ', which became a hot topic on SNS, was announced to be animated, and the official anime website was opened.

The anime will start broadcasting on April 1, 2023, next year.

I'm curious about the URL of the official website ( ) and the wording 'April Fool's Day 2022', but it's a quality that makes me look forward to next year.

◆ Discussion over 'how to connect constellation lines' is in trouble
The debate over how to connect the stars shining in the night sky into constellations is confusing, reports Astro Arts Co., Ltd., which handles astronomical software and magazines.

Debate over 'how to connect constellation lines' is in trouble --Astro Arts

According to AstroArts, 2022 will be the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the current 88 constellations in 1922. However, since only the names of the constellations and the stars that make up the constellations were decided at that time, the problem of how to connect the stars has surfaced in recent years.

Hawks April , chairman of the Constellation Line Development Working Group at the International Astronomical Union, told AstroArts that 'even if there are some differences, accepting them as they are will connect people. I'm doing it, 'he said with a sigh.

As a limited event on April 1st in the social game 'THE IDOLM @ STER CINDERELLA GIRLS', a mini game 'THE IDOLM @ STER CINDERELLA' is being held aiming for a high five with a total of 190 Petit Delera.

It's easy to play, and tap the idol Petit Delera from any of the five pop-ups on the stage to make a high five. If you fail 3 times, the game is over.

Don't tap the pinyakorata that comes out from time to time.

Also, if you tap the separately set 'Chance Idol', you will have two successful high fives at one time.

◆ News site 'Omi Tsushin' carries out a stunning project for ad blocking users
' Omi Tsushin ', which conveys domestic and foreign transportation news, carried out a stunning project for ad blocking users following 2021.

Even if an ordinary user who does not use ad blocking accesses it, the website will only be displayed as usual ...

When an ad blocking user accesses it, it transforms into a horror-filled and frightening site. Horror-style movies are also available. In 2022, by adding the parameter '? April fool = 2022' to the end of the URL, it became possible to browse without ad blocking. If you are interested, please access ' ' at your own risk.

◆ A new idol 'Koji Saito' appears in 'THE IDOLM @ STER SideM GROWING STARS'
A new idol has joined the idol training game 'Idol Master SideM GROWING STARS'.

Log in to the game and the new episode will start. Takashi Saito , President and CEO of 315 Pro, shouts at the center, 'Let's make the fans gathered at the venue very exciting! Passion !!'

Neither P nor the idols feel uncomfortable with this situation.

You can play the game as the president.

Every time I shouted 'Passion!', It was a very hot live concert.

On the home screen, you will be asked to make the president shine as an idol.

Of course, the president is an idol, so he seems to be careful about sunburn.

◆ April Fool's event 'DETECTIVE x MURDER' where you can solve the mystery with the characters of Shanimas
In the idol training game 'Idol Master Shiny Colors (Shanimas)', you can play puzzle-solving scenarios with the characters appearing in the game as an April Fool's event.

When you start the game, the background is specially made for the event. When you tap the '?' At the bottom right ...

April Fool's Day event has begun.

The scenario will change depending on the options that appear on the way.

All the characters from Shanimas have also appeared.

◆ The movie 'Godzilla VS Tigers' featuring Hanshin Tigers players will be released in theaters nationwide.
The movie 'Godzilla VS Tigers' starring the active players of the professional baseball team Hanshin Tigers has been decided to be released in theaters nationwide, and the preview video has been lifted.

Godzilla who suddenly appeared moves forward toward Koshien while destroying the city. In order to protect the sacred place Koshien from Godzilla, the tiger dragon corps 'Tigers' decides to sortie the final weapon against Godzilla 'Toryu [Mecha Truckee]' that was secretly being developed in the basement of Koshien.

The casts announced are Ryutaro Umeno, Yusuke Oyama, Koji Chikamoto, and Teruaki Sato.

Goods are really on sale from 13:00 on April 1st. It can be purchased from the

official Hanshin Tigers online shop .

◆ d Anime Store becomes d Animal Store
The distribution service 'd Anime Store' specializing in anime has changed to 'd Animal Store'.

There is a 'map in the park' on the page, and various animals are introduced. If you try clicking 'Wolf' ...

A work page called 'Kiku-chan and the Wolf' has opened. It seems that it is linked to the animation in which each animal appears.

A map of the park was prepared at the bottom of the page, making it easy to patrol all animals.

◆ La + Darknesss publishes business book 'How to make a secret society in 6 minutes'
Laplus Darknesss of VTuber, who belongs to the VTuber group 'Holo Live', will write a business book 'How to make a secret society that can be done in 6 minutes' that condenses the experience cultivated in the secret society business, and publish it from the sail furnace book. Announced. According to La + Darknesss, 'By understanding the Metaverse and PDCA impressions in this one book, we can improve AIDMA and the customer experience and take the initiative of the industry.'

◆ Notice of pickups where you can get 'Uncle Job Hunting Failure' and 'Uncle Babiniku'
'Game Saihate' who summarizes the explanation and update information of Arknights tweeted an image imitating the pickup update of the scout (Gacha) of Arknights. It is said that this pickup can employ a large number of unique uncles.

◆ 'Super Ten-chan's ???? RAINBOW Drink ????' to be released
Ame-chan, who appears in the training game ' NEEDY GIRL OVERDOSE ' that produces 'Ame-chan', a girl with a strong desire for approval, as the strongest Internet angel (distributor), is the original drink 'Super Ten-chan'. We have announced that we will release 'Super Ten-chan's RAINBOW Drink'. It's said to be a 'refreshing seven-color drink,' but I'm worried that Tenshi-chan is holding her mouth with a serious face.

◆ Singer Ado is Kenpi
Ado, who became a hot topic as a high school singer in ' Usseewa ', has changed his profile image to Kenpi after the user name '@ ado1024imokenp' of the official Twitter account.

Ado tweeted, 'I think everyone is excited today.'

At the same time, the official Twitter account of Ado staff is also Daigakuimo.

◆ Underwear EC site 'Shirabato' has entered the animation industry, making it a super-experimental work using real birds and bras for CV.
It turned out that ' Shirohato ', an underwear and lingerie mail order site, will make a foray into the anime industry. When you access the official website , you will see the announcement of ' Anime second cousin ' that is scheduled to be released in the summer of 2022. Click it ...

The official website of 'Anime Second Cousin' will be displayed. A very unique key visual that birds, fossils, eggs, harpies, girls, and underwear are flying in the sky.

The story begins when Mikan, an Arasa girl who was in distress due to the bankruptcy of the company she worked for, was invited by a second cousin she met on the bridge to 'contract with me and become a ** employee.' And that. The second cousin's CV is a

white pigeon ...

The other characters are also ambitious works in which unique birds (?) Including '

Ubume Bird ' act as CVs.

In addition, ' A57R62408 ', which is the CV of the brassiere Fusako, which triggered the encounter between second cousins and oranges, is ...


can be purchased from Shirohato's online shopping site.

◆ Classical guitarist Soichi Muraji announces that he will aim for dual wield with a pianist
Soichi Muraji , a classical guitarist who has interviewed at GIGAZINE in the past, has announced that he will aim for dual wielding as a guitarist and pianist in the future. You can hear the performance of 'Beyond the Rainbow', which is scheduled to be shown at the dual wield debut performance, in the following movie.

◆ SNS-linked character song project 'Clock over ORQUESTA' is now available as a smartphone RPG
From ' Clock over ORQUESTA ', which develops character songs in conjunction with SNS, a new smartphone RPG ' Croquesta Quest ' released on April 1st will be released.

The official website of 'Croquesta Quest' has been set up ...

The official dot-like PV is also open to the public.

[Teaser PV] Croquesta Quest --Clock over ORQUESTA ---- YouTube

However, the game is a fun project limited to April 1st.

◆ 'Book lover's lower sword' is completely supervised by Miya Kazuki, a maiden game
It turned out that the popular anime ' Ascendance of a Book Lover ' based on the light novel will be made into a otome game under the complete supervision of the original Miya Kazuki .

When you access the official website , the distribution date of the game is 'April 1, 2222', and it is said that pre-registration is being accepted at 'Taue Store' or 'Gilberta Play'.

According to the synopsis, 'Ehrenfest Gakuen was enrolled with ambition. However, the innermost library, which contains valuable books, is off limits to general students, and only students with a high degree of contribution can enter. Aim to be the innermost library and improve your grades and help your teacher to increase your contribution. You can greatly improve by cooperating with other students. …. ”

There was also a character introduction and gallery like a otome game on the official website.

◆ Start of the world's first 'Taxi' where you can drink alcohol while taking a taxi
Sanwa Kotsu Co., Ltd. announced that it will operate a tavern taxi.

This service, which will start in April 2022, is a completely new food and drink that combines a tavern and a taxi, where you can move to your destination while drinking alcohol, or you can enjoy drinking while enjoying the scenery without deciding on your destination. The shape of the.

The vehicle is fully equipped with a tatami room and a kitchen.

The total length reaches 20m.

The menus that can be ordered range from not only snacks but also authentic dishes.

You can see what kind of taxi it is by playing the following movie.

From today, our company Sanwa Kotsu is back! ️ Start a tavern taxi Use it after work late! We also have a sommelier driver, so you can prepare delicious sake. #Sanwa Kotsu #Dancing Uncle #Tavern Taxi --YouTube

It's a half-joking story announced on April Fool's Day, but it really works .

◆ 'THE IDOLM @ STER Million Live! Theater Days' Misaki-chan Maker
In ' THE IDOLM @ STER MILLION LIVE! Theater Days ', a mini game 'Misaki-chan Maker' will appear to help Misaki-chan who had to make 1 million stuffed animals in one day.

Simply put, this is a game that aims to produce 1 million pieces by upgrading the method of making stuffed animals using the 'cookie clicker' method.

At first, Misaki-chan was hand-sewn, but eventually she introduced a sewing machine and finally built a factory.

Clear if you produce 1 million pieces. It can be cleared quickly unless it is left unattended.

However, it can be said that the production is ahead of 1 million pieces. Misaki-chan Misaki-chan continues to produce stuffed animals with Robo.

The stuffed animals will finally be produced from Misaki-chan's gate ... It takes less than 2 hours to release all achievements.

◆ Cinnamon looks a little more realistic
The degree of deformation of Sanrio's character 'Cinnamon' is slightly more realistic.

In addition, a tweet at 3:00 pm revealed that it was an April Fool's Day project.

◆ Rilakkuma's height has increased
Rilakkuma official Twitter reports that Rilakkuma's height has increased. It is very stylish and seems to be useful as a model.

◆ Notice of establishment of baseball league from Hiroaka official
Announcing the establishment of the baseball league has appeared on the official Twitter of the anime version of the work 'My Hero Academia' serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump.

◆ Craft beer maker Sankt Gallen will release a limited edition beer 'Gulab Jamun Stout' that uses the sweetest sweet 'Gulab Jamun' in the world.
Sankt Gallen , a local beer maker in Atsugi City, Kanagawa Prefecture, announced that it will release a beer ' Gulab Jamun Stout ' using the sweets ' Gulab Jamun ', which is said to be the sweetest in the world, on April 1, 2022 only.

According to Sankt Gallen, sweet black beer called ' pastry stout ' that reproduces the taste like sweets is gaining popularity in Europe and the United States, including marshmallows, cookies, peanut butter, and donuts. It seems to exist. Therefore, Sankt Gallen noticed the sweets 'Gulab Jamun', which is said to be the sweetest in the world.

'Gulab jamun' is an Indian confectionery made by kneading flour and milk into a circle and fried donuts in cardamom-flavored syrup. The official page of Sankt Gallen says, 'When I actually eat it, the refreshing and exotic flavor of cardamom accentuates the rich sweetness, which is ... the taste of the cold syrup I drank when I was a kid!' I am.

This time, Sankt Gallen actually brewed about 3,000 'Gulab Jamun Stouts' using Gulab Jamun, which is equivalent to 100,000 kcal in calories. It is sold only on April 1, 2022 on the

official website , but if it is sold out within 24 hours, it will be discontinued there.

◆ Kagoshima City's community FM broadcasting station 'FM Ginga' has been renamed to 'FM Kinta', and the concept is 'a radio station that connects metamorphosis and society.'
Announced that ' FM Ginga ', a community FM broadcasting station whose broadcasting area is Kagoshima City, will be renamed to ' FM Kinga ' and that the main concept will be changed to 'a radio station that connects metamorphosis and society.' The image character of FM Kinta is named 'Kintamoshitan'.

The official website so far looked like the following ...

When you access the new

official website , the appearance has changed completely due to the name change.

'FM Kinta' is looking for various 'metamorphosis' in a big way.

◆ Chocolate 'Golden Ghana' that guarantees that you will get better luck when you eat it
Ghana chocolate, which will improve your luck when you eat it, is available only on April 1, 2022.

◆ The ghost character font '彁 Font', which the author does not know how to read, has been released.
Haunting characters are a general term for characters of unknown authority included in JIS basic kanji, and although the form as a kanji exists, the sound and meaning are unknown. Font creator Michinari Nukazawa has released a ' Nukazawa font ' that even the person who created it does not know how to read it because the font name is such a ghost character.

When you access the

official website of '彁 Font', you will find a lot of ghost characters that look like Chinese characters but you don't know how to read or mean them. Nukazawa points out that modern people are soaked in communication up to entertainment, and always pay attention to whether or not the meaning of words can be understood and how to convey it. 'Therefore, the new life proposed by' Ya font 'is' unreadable communication 'using ghost characters,' he said.

It is said that '彁 font' is the material of April Fool's Day, and all the contents except some of the license and the 3D print data that is really distributed are the material, but '

ghost character typographic printing type stamp ' is BOOTH. It is actually available for purchase.

Ghost Character Letterpress Printing Type Stamp (April Fool's Day) --Daisy Bell --BOOTH

◆ 'Ayaponzu * no Otoo!' Deep sea water 'Ayaponzumizu' is now available .
From the circle 'Shinra-Bansho', which is active mainly in arranging songs of the Touhou Project , vocalist ' Ayaponzu * ' announced 'Ayaponzu water' that dived 200m in the propulsion and collected water.

It is said that water is collected by a bucket relay.

Water that seems to make a peculiar sound at the same time as opening is said to start accepting reservations soon.

◆ A 'flying drone bottle' that is safe even if you forget your bottle from the Peacock Vacuum Bottle is now available
Peacock Vacuum Bottle, which is familiar with electric pots and thermos bottles, has announced the ' Flying Drone Bottle ' that will fly in the sky even if you forget your My Bottle. As long as you like the capacity, the feathers are peacock specifications, and it is limited to one feather per person, and it seems that it has an automatic hydration function as a first purchase privilege.

◆ 'Ponta's navel', which is a cute navel of Ponta, is now on sale.
The ' Ponta's navel ', which is the famous ' Ponta 's navel' as an image character of the common point service Ponta , is now on sale.

A set of 6 is ...

Apparently it's the navel of the Ponta family. Ponta commented, 'Itatatata ... if everyone thinks it's delicious ...', and the Ponta family commented, 'Babu Ponta also did his best ...'.

◆ Kasper Junker opens udon shop 'Yunker Udon shop'
Kasper Junker, a soccer player belonging to the J1 League Urawa Reds, announced that he will open the grand opening of 'Yunker Udonya' on April 1, 2022 (Friday).

◆ The SF action manga 'World Trigger' has appeared as a picture book that is easy for children to understand, and the title is 'Liar Broccoli'.
It turned out that the popular science fiction action manga ' World Trigger ', which has also been animated, will appear as a child-friendly picture book. The title is ' Liar Broccoli ', and the official statement is 'The protagonist is really ... that man !?'

Kai Minamizawa , who was in charge of the obi comment, said, 'I cried 20,000 times.'

Kaito Takeda , the voice actor in charge of Toshishi Mizukami, also commented, 'The story of liar and gentle broccoli. You can't see the scene of' Thank you for your support 'without tears.'

◆ A burger with only cheese from Lotteria
Lotteria has an irresistible dish for cheese lovers. Although it is an April Fool's Day project, comments from cheese lovers nationwide such as 'I want to eat', 'It looks delicious', and 'It really should be commercialized' are gathered in the quote retweet.

◆ TSM romance game
It was announced that a romance game will be released by the American e-sports organization 'TSM FTX'. 'Imperial Hal' player belonging to Apex Legends section appears in the scene introduction in the game, and the dialogue is also named after Apex Legends.

◆ A limited-time story 'Dream or Real !? Nyante Wonderful 315 !! Rice' appears in 'THE IDOLM @ STER SideM'
In the idol training game 'Idol Master SideM', a special story limited to April Fool's Day 'Dream or Real !? Nyante Wonderful 315 !!! Rice' has appeared.

You can access the special story by opening the app and tapping 'Menu' at the top right of the screen.

The story of one of the idols, Nyan Kiei, the cat of Akai Suzaku, who has become able to speak.

Benii Suzaku is also delighted to be able to talk with her.

You can enjoy all 10 episodes such as 'For some reason, Nyako Awakens!'

◆ KFC finally opens 'Moon store', 'scattering prevention barrel capsule' and 'earth view seat'
The official Twitter account of Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) has announced that it has opened KFC's first 'Moon Store'. Tap the image of the tweet to find out more about the lunar store.

There is a possibility that the purchased barrels will scatter at the lunar store where gravity is one sixth of the earth, but those who purchased 8 pieces or more will be provided with 'scattering prevention barrel capsules'.

'Earth view seats' are also available as a service unique to the lunar store.

Also, it seems that the lunar store is looking for a part-time job.

◆ Stage 'Bungo Stray Dogs STORM SHEEP' released
The official account of the stage 'Bungo Stray Dogs STORM BRINGER' has released information on the stage 'Bungo Stray Dogs STORM SHEEP'. The mutual aid group 'sheep' collapsed, starting with 'Arabakijiken'. A story about a sheep (16 years old) who was also targeted by the mafia for fluffy hair, blocking the plan of the wool king Bali-Kan. In June 2002, it will be staged and live-streamed at 'Somewhere in the Pasture'.

◆ Takanori Nishikawa enters the clay pipe
It seems that singer Takanori Nishikawa will move by clay pipe to go live at Zepp Fukuoka .

◆ Princess Principal's Gaiden Key Visual will be released for a limited time
On the official Twitter of the original TV anime work 'Princess Principal', a new key visual of the Gaiden 'Hinomoto nostalgia' is released only on April 1st.

◆ Kirara Fantasia Starts 'Etoilea Village Tax Payment'
'Etoilea Sato Tax Payment' has started in the smartphone game 'Kirara Fantasia'. By retweet and like the following tweets, the amount according to the total number will be donated to Etoilea.

You can also donate at a local shop in Etoilea, and you can get 'Kirara-in Tsun Tsun', 'Claire's next time I'll do my best', 'Different world steamed buns', etc. as rewards.

◆ Unofficial Sentai Akibaranger appears on Super Sentai Toy Web official Twitter
Bandai's 'Super Sentai Toy Web' official twitter features the unofficial Sentai Akibaranger , which started broadcasting in 2012. As it is a parody work, the shouts and the items I have are familiar to me somewhere.

◆ Original sin of Pocopies
Peanuts from the virtual YouTuber 'Kogaryu Ninja! Pompoko' looks like an extraterrestrial lifeform from a happy star somewhere .

Original Sin of Pocopies-YouTube

◆ NU: Topa's voice PV released from Carnival
The voice PV of Topa, a small animal that appears in the smartphone game ' NU: Carnival ', has been released.

Topa is on the shoulders of one of the characters, Kessie, but by being trained by Kessie, she has become stronger day by day and finally got a muscular body.

◆ TOHO Cinemas Shinjuku's Godzilla Head becomes 'Shin Ultraman'
It is known that TOHO Cinemas Shinjuku has ' Godzilla Head ' made in 2015, but from April 1, 2022, it was revealed that Godzilla Head will be replaced by ' Shin Ultraman '. If you look at the image posted by the official Twitter account of 'Shin Ultraman', you can see the appearance of Ultraman sticking out from the gap of the building.

◆ 'Ki-shoujutsu', which is not an explosive mnemonic, appears from the magical round.
The official Twitter account of the popular animated manga ' Jujutsu Kaisen ' has announced the appearance of the 'Weighing Method', which is good news for those who want to improve their memory.

According to the official website of the 'Weighing Method', you can get 100 points even in the test just by experiencing the impact as if you were hit in the head for 1 minute a day.

I was curious about the free campaign, so I tried to request materials ...

I was presented with

a document request form with a high hurdle that I had to enter all my name and address carefully.

In addition, on the

official website of Jujutsu Kaisen's anime , you can see a scene created by Morker by Masamichi Yaga, the president of Jujutsu Kaisen Tokyo School.

Even on Twitter, there was a lot of talk about 'Ossan is making cute !!'.

◆ Iyowa original stomach medicine will be released
It has been decided to release the stomach medicine 'Iyowa Gastrointestinal Medicine' completely produced by Mr. Iyowa of Vocaloid P. There are 4 models to choose from, each containing 148 tablets. The price is 10,401 yen including tax. It will be on sale from August 8, 2022 to August 1, 2022.

◆ A fierce man who has created an animation announcement site that develops my Gyle's if route with official quality has appeared
The official website is announced from the Twitter account that claims to be the official 'My youth romantic comedy is wrong. F'.

At first glance, it looks like 'My youth romantic comedy is wrong.' Isshiki Iroha is the official website of the anime that develops the route, but if you look closely, the broadcast will start in 2041.

Not only the visuals of the site, but also the details such as the synopsis are reproduced officially.

◆ Male singer Mafumafu becomes a long-sought girl
Mafumafu, a singer who has appeared in the 72nd NHK Kouhaku Uta Gassen in 2021 and is also a lyricist and composer, has become a girl.

◆ 'Gudetama' is made into a horror movie
It has been decided that the Sanrio character 'Gudetama', which is characterized by its rugged personality, will be made into a horror movie and will be screened on April 1, 2022. It's a catch phrase, 'The horrifying egg that the United States cried halfway. You can't get out of this bad yolk anymore ...'.

In addition, Gudetama tweeted, 'Please check everyone's refrigerator carefully, maybe because it may happen' while revealing that this is an April Fool's post.

◆ Life Wonders homepage is jacked by the app character
The homepage of Life Wonders , which develops smartphone games such as ' Live a Hero! ', Has been hijacked by the characters appearing in the company's app. The hijackers are Azathoth and Live a Hero from ' Tokyo Afterschool Summoners '! Two of Suhail appearing in.

On the page, there is a four-frame manga by illustrator

Guriko Magami ...

by Guriko Magami

A live video of the game by

Curcy , a boy who appears in the Tokyo Afterschool Summoners who became a VTuber, is posted.

[Mingel] Wonder Vogel together! Introductory & live play! [Minister Mofumofu V] --YouTube

Curcy is playing 'Tokyo Afterschool Summoners Everyone Wonder Vogel!', A spin-off side-scrolling action game app for Tokyo Afterschool Summoners that was released along with April Fool's Day. The iOS version is available by accessing the distribution page of the App Store from this link . It is said that the Android version is under review at the time of article creation. The title screen looks like this.

Tap the screen to start the game. A side-scrolling action that operates the character Zaou that appears in Tokyo Afterschool Summoners. Tap the screen once to jump, and tap it again to jump two steps.

If you fall into a hole, the game is over. The score is calculated based on the distance traveled, the number of items collected on the way, and the number of combos accumulated by collecting items continuously in a short period of time.

If you hit a high score, a special illustration will be released and you will be able to see it at any time.

In addition, Moritaka Inuzuka , who will appear at the Summoners after school in Tokyo, and Live a Hero! Mokudai who appears in is appearing in a costume, and a special video that confronts with the publication of Life Wonders is also released.

[Moritaka crisis !?] LW public relations and 5th game! !! [New character appeared !?] --YouTube

◆ Massive generation of Ditto in 'Pokemon GO'
' Pokemon GO ' is limited to 17:00 to 20:00 on April 1st, and more 'Arbo', 'Gorse', 'Nati', 'Ametama', 'Finneon', 'Dwebble', and 'Swirlix' appear, and their true identity. Maybe it's a metamon ... so I actually caught it.

After getting Pokemon, the message 'Oh?' That this came out ...

The captured Pokemon was a ghost of Ditto.

By the way, Dr. Willow, who always asks for the cooperation of trainers in research, is very silent this time. It seems that it is necessary to research whether this is really Dr. Willow himself.

◆ Pre-novel becomes a prison novel
The pre-fiction of the site that publishes the dream novel is a prison novel.

A special story was prepared, and you could get a hint of where Verga escaped.

◆ A new song 'Baby Cheese' that is not 'Baby Daze' will be announced
Chinozo of Vocaloid P, who released 'Baby Daze ' in December 2021, has released the song 'Baby Cheese' in collaboration with Rokko Butter Co., Ltd., which is famous for baby cheese.

To commemorate the collaboration, the official Twitter account of Rokko Butter Co., Ltd. has also been made into a 'Baby Daze' style visual. I tweeted , 'I finally made my debut.'

Furthermore, probably because 'Baby Daze' was a tie-up song with Sanrio's media work '

Maimaimaigoen ', the official Twitter account of Sanrio Anime Mobile was also 'Baby Cheese'.

◆ A new payment method 'nyau PAY' equipped with 'meat QR payment' has appeared
On au PAY official Twitter, the release announcement of 'nyau PAY' equipped with meat QR payment as the first next-generation payment method in the galaxy has been announced.

Meat QR is a mechanism that authenticates with a paws based on 'puni-puni elasticity' and 'fluffy touch feeling'.

The payment method 'nyau PAY' using such a meat QR is said to be an 'endlessly relaxing payment method'. Since it can be used in the entire universe, the number of member stores is a number that makes you feel the universe.

◆ Manga artist Karino Takatsu publishes his newly written work for one day only
Karino Takatsu has released a newly written manga on Twitter as 'Manga that disappears in one day today'.

◆ Decided to produce 'Tiger's Adventure', a spin-off work of Engawa Boys and Kemonotan
On the official Twitter of the dear adventure game for women, 'Engawa Boys and Kemonotan', the decision to produce the adventure RPG 'Tora no Daibouken' has been announced as a spin-off work.

◆ povo appears in supermarkets nationwide
It is said that povo has appeared in the egg corner of the supermarket.

◆ Natural water will be released from Kato Precision Railroads
Kato Precision Railroad Models, which develops the model railroad brand 'KATO', has announced that the natural water 'Kanshui', which is the origin of the company name, will be on sale. The well installed in the courtyard of the main office is said to have originated from the fact that when a boy who was impressed by the opening of the subway enthusiastically continued to dig the ground with a shovel, pure water sprang up.

◆ NTTBP 'touches' free Wi-Fi in the entire city
NTT Group company NTT Broadband Platform (NTTBP) has announced that it will replace all installed free Wi-Fi with 'touchable Wi-Fi' in cooperation with major cities.

Conventional free Wi-Fi spots have weaknesses such as 'it will not be connected if you are a little away', but NTTBP's touched Wi-Fi can be used without setting as long as you attach the Wi-Fi you got and your smartphone. You can do it. Now, only the first time is offered at a bargain price of '1 phi = 600 yen'.

◆ Handsome devil training game 'Obey Me!' Announces collaboration cafe
The official account of Obey Me! Announces information about the collaboration cafe. However, the supervision of the taste is Solomon, a magician of wisdom who is famous for cooking ridiculous food.

There was a notice of cancellation in the afternoon. It is stated that the tasting monitors have become ill for some reason.

◆ 'Shoujo' becomes the sacred sword Gachinko survival obstacle RCG
A super-large update has been made to the smartphone game 'Shoujo' that sings 'Sacred Sword Gachinko Survival RPG', and it has been transformed into 'Sacred Sword Gachinko Survival Obstacle RCG'. Along with the update, a special project 'Joriba FOOL`S GIRLS 2022' only for April Fool's Day is being held in the app.

Joriba FOOL`S GIRLS 2022 is not a battle purpose as usual, but a game to defeat the spring spring spirits by avoiding the 'spring spring blessing (overwhelming stick)' approaching from the front at a tremendous speed. am.

'You can challenge alone, or you can use multiple people to perform human wave tactics or compete for the speed of arrival. The reward is a little extra, so please enjoy it without hesitation!'

◆ White Cat Project becomes White Rice Project
The White Cat Project official twitter has announced that the White Cat Project will be reborn as a white rice project using the new technology 'MESHIverse'.

Of course, white cat golf will be reborn as white rice golf.

◆ Beta test of 'White Cat Soccer' started in White Cat Tennis
Shironeko Tennis Official Twitter has tweeted that a beta test of 'Shironeko Soccer' will be conducted.

◆ 100x speed playback is possible with
From '', which develops audiobooks, a notice has appeared that 100x speed playback is possible. According to the tweet, it is possible to read a work that normally takes 1 hour and 20 minutes in 1 minute, so you can read overwhelmingly efficiently.

Since it is an April Fool's Day project, it is not possible to actually set it to 100x speed with the application, but YouTube was prepared with 100x speed playback so that you can experience what it is like.

Audiobook 100x speed trial video 'Ear study method to improve your brain' Reading efficiency 100x UP --YouTube

◆ Notice of Ninokuro Gaming Bomb from Ni no Kuni
The official Twitter of the RPG 'Nino Kuni' for smartphones announces the birth of the professional gaming team 'Ninokuro Gaming'.

The special site looks like this.

Ninokuro Gaming is a professional team of the mini game 'Pompon Stacking' that can be played in Ni no Kuni. The members are as follows.

In addition to Ni no Kuni, the Yuniverse version has become available on the browser in line with the formation of this professional team.

◆ 'USO Pyon' pickup gasha is installed in 'Yo-Kai Watch World'
USO Pyon, a youkai from the smartphone game 'Yokai Watch World,' tweeted, 'I'm going to appear in Super Pickup Gasha, so I'll give you 10 Yo-Kai Balls.'

After that, the management team posted an apology saying 'USO Pyon tweeted the lie information' and announced that 25 youkai balls will be distributed to all players as an apology.

◆ Release of home-use UFO detector 'SHISHAMO V' from Kanedai Ohno Shoten, a store specializing in shishamo
The home-use UFO detector 'SHISHAMO V' has been released from Kanedai Ohno Shoten, a store specializing in shishamo in Mukawa-cho, Yufutsu-gun, Hokkaido, which is known as the production center of shishamo.

Mukawa Town is famous for many UFOs flying in, and it is said that witness information occurs frequently especially in the fall, which is the season for shishamo. Therefore, Kanedai Ohno Shoten is conducting joint research with the Fisheries Resources Research Institute, one of the world's leading specialized institutions, on the relationship between the season of shishamo and the arrival of UFOs. As a result, we found out the fact that the peculiar vibration generated when the shishamo runs up the river strongly resonates with the UFO at a high level, leading to the flight to Mukawa Town. It was said that.

Through research and development, the world's first UFO summoning function 'SHISHAMO VIBES' that reproduces the above-mentioned vibration was born. The UFO detector equipped with this is SHISHAMO V.

◆ Shogo Taniguchi changes jobs to actor business
The soccer club 'Kawasaki Frontale' has announced that Shogo Taniguchi will change jobs to the actor business.

It is said that human resources to replace Taniguchi are being recruited through the job change service.

◆ Birth of 'Coolish x Jagarico'
Lotte's ice cream 'Coolish' and Calbee's snack 'Jagarico', which is characterized by its elongated shape, are collaborated to create 'Coolish x Jagarico'. It will be released on April 1st (Friday).

◆ Adult Nerunerunerune is here!
The appearance of beer-flavored Nerunerunerune has been announced by the Kracie Foods official as 'Adult Nerunerunerune for adults by adults'.

◆ Hey! Say! JUMP has become Hey! Say! DUCK
The idol group 'Hey! Say! JUMP' has been transformed into a toy duck 'Hey! Say! DUCK'.

Hey! Say! DUCK has released a video introducing Asahi Soft Drinks 'Mitsuya Cider Remora'.

◆ Bushiroad Music's president and officers have changed
Bushiroad Music Co., Ltd. has announced the appointment of a new president and officer.

Izumi Kitta, Shuta Morishima, Ayasa Ito, Daisuke Hyuga's cats and dogs appeared. It seems that some people could guess from the surname.

◆ Yuuzan Kaibara's 'Who made this sashimi !!' 24-hour endurance delivery decision
It was announced that the well-known scene in which the gourman Yuuzan Kaibara, who appears in the manga 'Oishinbo', yells at the kitchen, will be delivered in a loop for 24 hours.

Prior to distribution, some have been released in advance.

◆ Tantakatan changed the product name to Pan Paka Pan
It is said that Tantakatan of shiso shochu will change the product name to Pan Paka Pan. The label is shining to suit the celebration scene.

◆ Movie version 'Oronamin C drink and secret recipe'
The movie is announced on Oronamin C official Twitter.

◆ Online auction 'Mabioku!' Held
An online auction 'Mabioku!' Was held at the online RPG 'Mabinogi', and the item 'Fergus Wings' created by the blacksmith Fergus ...

Bids such as 'Ilsha Photobook-Krombus Holiday-' are being held.

◆ Rejekuro! Introducing the magic stone clicker of magic stone Zakuzaku
A mini game 'Magic Stone Clicker' has appeared in 'Rejekuro! ~ Legend Clover ~' that can be played on DMM GAMES.

Click the magic stone in the center of the screen to get the magic stone, and upgrade the items with the obtained magic stone.

It was a strangely addictive game where you could earn a ridiculous number of magic stones in no time with just a little progress.

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