AMD admits that Ryzen CPU was overclocked arbitrarily due to a bug in the GPU driver

It became clear that the cause was AMD's GPU driver in a series of reports from users using AMD's CPU that 'the CPU is overclocked even though I do not particularly agree'. ..

AMD Confirms Its GPU Drivers Are Overclocking CPUs Without Asking | Tom's Hardware

If you are using AMD CPU / Ryzen and GPU / Radeon and want to overclock, you need to set both AMD Ryzen Master utility for overclocking control and GPU driver. However, AMD will support automatic CPU overclocking through the GPU driver in 2021. Now you can overclock with just one click by simply turning on the Precision Boost Overdrive (PBO) feature.

However, there is an explanation that overclocking invalidates the warranty, so the risk and warranty will be invalidated, and it was not possible to overclock unless the user agreed, but when applying the GPU profile, the BIOS It was said that the setting was changed and it was possible to overclock automatically without the consent of the user.

In response to an inquiry from the IT news site Tom's Hardware, AMD responded that it was aware of a problem in some users' environments and was investigating it.

Tom's Hardware has shown how to use Radeon Software Slimmer to remove the Ryzen Master SDK from the GPU driver to prevent changes to BIOS settings, but instead of using AMD official software, third-party software is available. It also calls attention to the fact that it is a self-responsibility because it is the method used.

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