Apple counterattacks 'Meta's hypocrisy has been revealed' when Meta takes 47.5% sales commission in Metaverse

In the social metaverse platform 'Horizon Worlds' developed by Meta, it has become a hot topic that commissions for monetization programs can reach up to 47.5% . There have been many complaints about the fees charged by platforms such as Apple and Google being too high, but 47.5% is an unprecedented number and complains about the 30% fee. Apple has been told that 'Meta's hypocrisy has been exposed' and is fighting back.

Facebook parent Meta set to take nearly 50% cut from virtual sales --and Apple is calling it out --MarketWatch

According to news site MarketWatch, Apple spokeswoman Fred Sainz said, 'Meta has repeatedly accused Apple of setting an in-app purchase fee of 30% on the App Store, and every time it's a small business or creator. Now, Meta is trying to charge the same creator a higher fee than any other platform. What Meta has announced is a manifestation of Meta's falsehood. They are willing to exploit Apple's platform for free, while they are willing to exploit small businesses and creators on their platform. '

As Sainz points out, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg once said, 'We are focused on creating opportunities in the construction of the Metaverse to allow creators to make money with their own creations. The 30% commission that Apple takes makes it difficult, so we're renewing our product subscriptions so that creators can make more money. ' , It is in the form of returning like a boomeran to Meta.

'Facebook holds all uploaded media, all user data, and controls the entire process of selling to marketers,' said Vitaly Ginzburg of Block Party, one of the developers, to MarketWatch. The goal is not to share the value that creators bring to Facebook, but to get half of the sales. I'm sorry. '

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