More than 10 'moving fly larvae' are removed from the eyes of a man who complains of itchy eyes.

The New England Journal of Medicine, a medical journal, found a horrifying case in which more than 10 larvae of moving flies were removed from the eyes of a man who complained of itchy eyes after gardening and was diagnosed by a doctor. Was reported to.

External Ophthalmomyiasis Due to Oestrus ovis | NEJM

A dozen squirming fly larvae cause man's'itchy eye' | Live Science

According to a case report, a 53-year-old man living in France felt something in his eyes when he was gardening near a ranch where horses and sheep were raised. The man then consulted a doctor because he continued to feel itching in his right eye for several hours.

A doctor's eye examination revealed that 'more than 12 living fly larvae' were moving in the conjunctiva and cornea of the eye.

Click the image below to remove the mosaic and see the two fly larvae that actually move on the surface of the eye. The larvae were actively moving around the conjunctiva and cornea, which caused itching in the eyes of men.

The fly larvae found were found to be a type of ' Oestrus ovis ' that parasitize the noses of sheep and deer. Botflies are distributed in regions around the world where sheep and deer inhabit, and cases of parasitism on humans, which are not host animals, have been reported.

The only way to treat this condition was to 'physically remove the larvae,' so doctors used forceps to remove the larvae from the eyes. In addition, the botfly larva has 'hooks and protrusions to prevent it from falling out of the body' on the head, which may have caused damage to the male cornea, which is local to males. Antibiotics were also prescribed.

A follow-up examination 10 days later reported that the man's symptoms had been successfully resolved.

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