It became clear that the Russian military facility was clearly shown in the aerial photograph of Google Maps, and the analysis by volunteers started immediately

From tweets from the official Twitter account of the Ukrainian Army, it became widely known that high-resolution satellite images of Russian military facilities can be checked on Google Maps. Already, some experts are checking Google Maps and identifying interesting sights such as 'fighters are deployed at the airport.'

Russia's military is on full display in Google Maps satellite view [Updated] | Ars Technica

On April 18, 2022, the official Twitter account of the Ukrainian Army said, 'Google Maps has begun to publish satellite images of Russian military and strategic facilities. Anyone can use various Russian launchers, intercontinental ballistic missile facilities, etc. You can see satellite images of the Russian military facility on Google Maps. ' In response to this, several overseas media also reported at the same time that 'Russian military facilities can now be seen without blurring on Google Maps.'

On the other hand, the official Twitter account of Google Maps tweeted that 'Satellite images of Russia were not originally processed such as blurring', and it is said that satellite images of military facilities were originally posted. .. Ars Technica said, 'When I checked with a Google spokesperson, it became clear that processing such as blurring of confidential Russian facilities was not originally done. Apparently no one has ever used Google Maps for Russian military facilities. It seems that he did not investigate in detail about. '

Since the beginning of Russia's invasion of Ukraine, open source intelligence ( OSINT ) analysts have been active, with tools such as the Ukraine Interactive map and Russia-Ukraine Monitor Map that can check the correct information about the situation of the war. It has been created and so on. So if you could check high-resolution satellite images of Russian military installations on Google Maps, 'it could be a huge benefit to OSINT,' Ars Technica points out.

The existence of some interesting satellite images has already been pointed out on Twitter, for example, aerial photographs of airports in Lipetsk, Russia show fighters such as the MiG-31 or MiG-25 with some aircraft disassembled. It is clear that it is reflected.

In addition, at Ramenskoye Airport near Moscow, you can see what seems to be a prototype of the Soviet-developed spaceship Blanc and the jet fighter Su-47 .

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