Being struck by anonymous accusation using the Internet and SNS

I feel that anonymity is an 'invincible person.' No matter what you say, if you don't get caught, it will fade out. You can start over if you reincarnate into a new anonymity. But can that keep a healthy society? At least I can't overlook the one-sided remarks made by anonymous people so far.

I'm sorry. I'm

Takuya Suto @ Chariderman who went around the world by bicycle . Recently, I've been working towards publishing paper books . Another dream will come true. However, even when this paper was published, I received a lot of words from an anonymous person.

Here are some examples of what kind of words actually arrived to me.

◆ 4 cases
・ 1: Email (around November 2012)

First of all, I apologize. Perhaps this sentence seems offensive to you.
I just couldn't help writing it. I'm sorry.

It's your personal freedom to keep a record of your trip and I don't really think about it, but I don't want to read it.
There are several reasons, such as unnatural Japanese, excessive kuten '.' And its influence, 'massive', simple lack of interest, and 'sickness' due to a series of monotonous contents.

If you don't want to read it, don't browse your site, but the problem is Gigazine.
Your post is mixed with a regular article.
It's because of Gigazine that you started seeing your articles in the first place.

We readers are forced to carefully sort out your posts from Gigazine articles so that you don't click on them.
Hopefully, I'd like you to install something like a tag to sort by title, but what was your ... that? I don't even want to see the strange word 'Chadalyman'.
(As a preliminary knowledge for writing this text, I have investigated the meaning of the word 'Chadalyman'.
It's a pain to devote effort to things you don't like. )

Looking back, Gigazine's article is a style that does not bring the reporter's individual to the forefront.
Suddenly, 'Hello, I'm Takuya Suto @ Chariderman, who goes around the world of bicycles.'
'Who are you, or Charida ... what? A charity person?'
It may be the beginning that I felt an antipathy.

No reply is required.
If you think that there are readers like this, that's enough.

This seemed to be a shame for clicking on my article. If so, you have no choice but to write an interesting article to counter it. But this is also one opinion. I thought it wasn't fair not to tell, so I told the editorial department that there was such a voice.

・ 2: Blog comment (around October 2013)

I wanted to travel around the world in 2009 and publish the travelogue (which was updating my blog in real time).
I had several publishing acquaintances.
I consulted with an acquaintance because it is in some form on the blog.
I 'I'm wondering if I can publish this, what do you think?'
Acquaintance 'I think it's interesting. Please bring the story again after completing all the manuscripts.'
I 'It's not a promise of publishing, right?'
Acquaintance 'Isn't it natural? You have to look at the manuscript to talk about it.'
I said, 'That would make the money so tight that I wouldn't be motivated ...'
An acquaintance 'Hey, you hey. An amateur was writing a novel on a blog. There were hundreds of readers on the blog. So, based on the achievements of the blog,' I have readers '. Does the publisher promise to publish a novel by a writer who hasn't finished the manuscript? No. In the world of publishing, there is a completed manuscript. Even so, if you can't complete the manuscript, you can't publish it. '
Yes, I'm sorry.
It turns out that it is impossible for an amateur who has never written a single book to get a promise to publish.
I'm sorry.

I think it was difficult to understand, so I made the publisher's statement simple.
・ I don't want to deal with projects brought in by (self-proclaimed) travel writers who have no publication record.
・ If you want to be a partner, bring a 'completed manuscript' instead of a project.
・ It's easy to imagine that your blog has a lot of typographical errors and typographical errors, and it's difficult to proofread.
・ There are many typographical errors and typographical errors because they are uploaded from overseas. I'm not writing the manuscript online, and it's your Japanese ability that has a lot of typographical errors and typographical errors.
・ Do you want to publish a book with this level of Japanese ability? If so, bring the completed manuscript.
・ Well, there was a Japanese charider who went around the world called Yusuke Ishida, who wrote many books, and he was good at writing. Each episode is also interesting, isn't it?
・ Can you write more than those?
That's it.

It was a comment on an article I wrote on my personal blog, '

If you want to publish, you absolutely need a contract .'

As you travel, you'll find stories about publishing and work. That doesn't mean you can trust it. Emotional misunderstandings can occur. This article was therefore an article as a commandment to myself.

Yusuke Ishida, who is famous for his book ' Do you die without going! ', Has outstanding writing skills. I totally agree with that point. That's why I managed to write the text to make a book, recognizing the connection.

・ 3: Twitter (around September 2015)

Chariderman. Don't say inefficiencies in other countries. You may or may not be a traveler in the world. What you're doing to get a visa is already a hindrance to the world. Maybe you're reducing efficiency yourself.

At that time, it was a tweet I found while doing an egosearch. When I sent a DM saying, 'I don't know how I feel, but it's a little easier,' the other person deleted it, saying, 'I'm sorry. It's too much.' However, this is only the other person's cleanliness, and the unpleasant words of the other person who do not know who they are are still a considerable stress for me. It doesn't make any sense to be anonymously reflected.

・ 4: Email (January 2018)

Message: My name is XX, a 22-year-old college student.
At the age of 20, I started up as a sole proprietor and went to college while working.
Sorry for the unscrupulous contact.

I've been reading Mr. Suto's article at GIGAZINE since I was a high school student.
I always read a little, but I enjoyed the text because it was easy to read because of the photos.
The reviews of old bikes were helpful. I recommended Doppelganger to my friends at the time, and I bought it.
The story of the barber is also impressive.
I think I'm a favorite reader. (I haven't read the book yet. I'm sorry.)

This time, I contacted you because I had something to tell you.

There was a backpacker I knew who had been around the world all the time.
I went to so many countries from North America to Africa, and while working locally, I almost wandered abroad.
When I was over 35 years old, I became a dispatched driver and saved a lot of money.
About two years later, I borrowed some money and started a guesthouse in the Kanto region.
It's not that big, with one student helping out with a part-time job.
I've never been there directly.

According to him, the opening of the guesthouse is an idea that has been warmed up for several years, and it is a wonderful space that incorporates his own ideals.
When I met him at a drinking party, he said happily.

From here on, it's a little dark story.

He committed suicide the other day.
It seems that the reason is that he got stuck in the management of the guest house.

Well, I was sad when I heard it, but I wasn't surprised.
Maybe that person didn't work because the guesthouse was the first and last concrete goal and ideal of his life.
My physical strength is steadily declining, and I have no motivation, material, or reason to find my next dream.
He wasn't good at making special money either.
I wasn't married and I wasn't in a position to take responsibility for anyone.
I wonder if he died for a simple reason because he was a simple person.

Life is managed with a slightly biased limited experience and ideas, and although there was a time when it was possible to manage it to some extent, I made a mistake in changing direction, I could not recover in terms of time and physical strength, and alternatives came up. I think I died because I didn't have any particular reason to live.

I wasn't a depressive person, and he looked healthy.
I was fine when I was about a month before I died.

I'm sorry for the story of pouring water.
To be honest, I think this story was unpleasant.

However, I don't have to worry because Mr. Suto and that person are too double.

'Dream of building a guesthouse for travelers who travel around the world by bicycle'
I also read the article.
・ I want to create an oasis for chariders
・ A place to stop to advance the journey
I think it's nice. I want to go if it's close.

However, how many people are traveling to Fukuoka on bicycles in a hard environment that requires maintenance? I doubt.
How often is Fukushima one place to continue a long-term journey? Don't be wondering. I'm really worried.

Mr. Suto isn't thinking about what happened after he built the guesthouse. Isn't it attractive from such an owner's guest house, a travel expert?

Publishing didn't go well because the quality of the output was low from the perspective of a publishing expert. You're worried, but you've made your tea muddy with an e-book.

So what is the reason for the quality of the guesthouse?
Also, after doing Airbnb for several years, there is a high possibility that the tea will become muddy.
If that's the case, I'm really disappointed.
If you inadvertently open it and crush it, it will be very disappointing and you will be very sad.

The end is an article about the lecture.
Show off the reason for refusing the lecture to the readers so far via GIGAZINE,
'I stopped publishing, and while observing my policy for lectures, I am now working and planning a guesthouse.'
I don't know what I want to convey.

It's completely worthless and selfish information that programmers in their 20s might write on the Hatena blog. To be honest, I felt dark.
Why don't you reread the article from the travel era and look at the current article again?

I've been reading travel articles for many years, and when the articles were written in a comprehensive manner, I felt that this was the content.

When I started working at guest houses in Japan and overseas, I was still absorbed in reading it. I don't think it's good for anyone to express what an individual did while thinking it wasn't fun.

Who are you going to do and what are you doing now?
By the time I went around the world, I couldn't feel the wonderful attitude that was transmitted through the letters from this article.

Most of the articles so far have really inspired me. I am grateful. It was really interesting. It is no exaggeration to say that the only blog I have been reading.
I liked it more than Harry Potter.

I'm really sorry for this sentence.
I think it made me uncomfortable. You don't have to reply.
I have a good feeling.

It was just a fan letter that conveys the impressions of many years from readers.
We support you in the future. I feel like I'm not lying.
Please do your best.

It was a

messy article about the lecture I wrote in 2018. However, as a result of writing this article, it led to a photo exhibition in Tokyo and a talk show in Kitakyushu . Shinmoji in Kitakyushu, where the talk live was held, is now becoming a candidate site for a guest house, and it was meaningful enough.

After that, I exchanged emails with him. I received the following email from him.

I deeply apologize for causing discomfort in my remarks.
I read it again for the first time in more than two years, but I am full of embarrassment.
I presume that he was indignant based on his irrelevant thoughts.
At all, I'm wondering what I meant.

In addition, 'acquaintance backpackers' and 'running a guesthouse and committing suicide' were all lies. But even so, his point was peculiar. There was love though it was harsh.

I replied as follows.

I may have drawn a hopeful future like XX in the past.
But the ability can't keep up.
Even if you can't do it,
There is also a life of spending time while making the tea muddy.
If you blame yourself too much, it will collapse.

Let's say you've made a lot of bloody efforts to become a Superman.
Standing there will be frustrating to those who can't become a superman with a lack of effort. I understand that feeling.
But no one can be a superman.
Even if you look unsatisfied with Superman, even those who can't become Superman are desperate.

◆ Real name anonymous controversy

Because of this experience, I don't really like using anonymous social media. Even if you are anonymous, you can use SNS peacefully without having to contend with anyone, but there is constant controversy in some areas. Some people say, 'The important thing is the evidence' and 'What did you say rather than who said it?' But people are not gods. People have different emotions. If you really want to discuss something anonymously, you should try to say something that is not embarrassing even with your real name. I want you to think firmly whether that behavior in anonymity is something that makes your child proud when you are a parent.

The real world is made up of real names, not anonymous. It is necessary to have a sense of balance so that various people do not collide with each other because they have various ideas. I do that. That's why, how meaningful is an anonymous voice that you can't speak with your real name? If you 'accuse fraud,' you know that you are anonymous for security and security. But most of them shouldn't be like that. If you can respect others, you may be anonymous. However, a one-sided statement from a safe position that hides anonymity, even if it is irrelevant, is heart-wrenching just by looking at it. The world of the internet lacks reality, but it is part of the real world. Don't forget.

All of the cases mentioned this time will have real names. I get angry, but the other person also bears a certain risk. However, if it was really a statement with a real name, I think I would have chosen more words. Partly because of this, I haven't done any egosearch in the last few years. I felt stronger, 'I don't care what you say,' but I was really scared. I don't want to be overwhelmed by the irresponsible words of anonymous people anymore.

The real name anonymity debate never ends, but we don't want anyone to be a victim or a perpetrator. Let's live together.

(Sentence / Photo: Takuya Suto @ Chariderman
Bicycle around the world coverage
Twitter: @shuutak
DMM lecture request: )

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