[Free manga] My husband smells garlic! Episode 4 'Garlic Salad and Werewolf' & I tried to collect special dishes and meal scenes

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◆ I tried to collect the special dishes and meal scenes
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◆ Synopsis
Vampire (Kyuketsuki / Vampire). It has the highest ability among the demons and lives eternal life by sucking human blood. The weak point is 'garlic'.
The noble and powerful vampire, mint-loving maid Kaori, serves garlic dishes 'to overcome her weaknesses.' I hate mint, but the temptation to cook garlic that looks too delicious is powerful ...?
A gourman with a 'cute' and 'delicious' maid who loves garlic and vampires. manga!

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It smells like garlic! Episode 4

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◆ 'My husband smells garlic!' Author profile
Manga: Yumeki

◆ I tried to collect the special dishes and meal scenes
'My husband smells garlic!' Is a gourmet manga of garlic and vampires as well as storyteller characters, so the food drawings and meal scenes are drawn with great care. Therefore, I collected the cooking and dining scenes from episodes 1 to 4 that color the charm of the work.

First of all, in the first frame of the first page of the first episode, a ramen with plenty of garlic that suddenly gives an impact appears.

Along with the scene where a maid who loves garlic happily sips ramen, the rich taste of ramen spreads in your mouth just by reading.

The theme dish of the first episode is 'Fried garlic'. It's difficult to make it look good because it's a simple dish that is both cooked and seasoned, but it's a piece that makes you squeak involuntarily due to the special drawing.

In the meal scene, in addition to carefully describing the mint that eats garlic for the first time, the second frame of the image below is particular about it. By drawing from the perspective of mint, which eats food, it is a device that enhances the presence of meals and brings out more 'deliciousness'.

The theme dish of the second episode is 'Garlic oil ajillo'. With terra terra, shiny oil and ingredients with plenty of seafood, it is quite a 'shining dish'.

In the second episode, we also offer 'Garlic Oil Peperoncino'. We are particular about serving, and the chili peppers on the top stimulate your imagination.

In the third episode, 'Garlic sprout beef bowl' suddenly appeared.

In the garlic sprout beef bowl meal scene, the first bite of reaction, the taste of mogumogu, the realism just before eating from the mint perspective, and the camera work that brings out the 'deliciousness' anyway ...

Mentha used to eat elegantly, but since beef bowls can't be helped, a depiction of chopsticks not stopping and eating has been added.

In the fourth episode, 'Garlic Plenty of Salad', which is colored with garlic dressing and garlic chips, appears. Please keep an eye on the garlic dishes and meal scenes in the future.

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