McDonald's 'Oreo cookie chocolate mint frappe' tasting review that Oreo chocolate frappe became refreshing chocolate mint

From Wednesday, June 15, 2022, ' Oreo Cookie Chocolate Mint Frappe ' will be added to McDonald's 'Oreo Cookie Chocolate Frappe' series, which became a regular in 2021. The new flavor, which is topped with creamy and smooth mint-flavored whipped cream and cocoa-flavored Oreo cookies on a chocolate mint drink base with chocolate sauce and mint syrup, has a refreshing taste of crispy Oreo cookies. It is a refreshing frappe with a mint flavor. On the same day, a new cake ' Oreo Cookie Banana Roll Cake ' that you can enjoy the tropical sweetness also appeared, so I tried it at the top of the two.

Perfect for summer! Introducing a new roll cake of refreshing chocolate mint and banana cream in the Oreo® series 'Oreo® cookie chocolate mint frappe' Tropical sweetness of banana 'Oreo® cookie banana roll cake' From Wednesday, June 15 Limited time sale | McDonald's Japan

Oreo® Cookie Chocolate Mint Frappe | Menu Information | McDonald's Japan

Oreo® Cookie Banana Roll Cake | Menu Information | McDonald's Japan

Arrived at McCafé by Barista's McDonald's.

I ordered 'Oreo cookie chocolate mint frappe' and 'Oreo cookie banana roll cake' at once. 'Oreo cookie chocolate mint frappe' can be selected only in M size.

'Oreo Cookie Chocolate Frappe' is a chocolate mint drink topped with mint-colored whipped cream and crushed Oreo cookies.

The cream on top is impressive with a refreshing scent of mint and a light mouthfeel. The cocoa flavor and crunchy texture of the Oreo cookie is a nice accent.

The drink is cold and has a rich sweetness and mint scent, so it was a refreshing frappe that was perfect when you wanted to replenish sugar while blowing away the heat.

'Oreo cookie banana roll cake' is a cake made by wrapping cream with banana puree mixed in sponge dough using cocoa. A cup containing Oreo cookies for toppings is also included.

I'll put a cookie on it and eat it.

When I ate a bite, I enjoyed the contrast between the smooth texture of the cream wrapped in a fluffy sponge and the crunchy texture of the Oreo cookie. The bittersweetness of the sponge and the cocoa flavor of Oreo complement the rich sweetness and aroma of the banana, so you can fully enjoy the tropical flavor.

'Oreo Cookie Chocolate Mint Frappe (490 yen including tax)' and 'Oreo Cookie Banana Roll Cake (400 yen)' will be available at McCafé by Barista's McDonald's store from Wednesday, June 15, 2022.

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