Meta Avatars Store, where you can buy digital clothing for avatars, will soon open on Facebook & Instagram & Messenger

On June 18, 2022, it was revealed that the service 'Meta Avatars Store' that will make it possible to purchase clothes for avatars will be available soon on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, a social platform developed by Meta.

We're launching our Avatars Store on Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger ...

According to Meta's CEO Mark Zuckerberg, the Meta Avatars Store will be a platform where developers can create and sell digitally designed clothing, with users avatars in 'digital clothing' from a variety of brands and designs. It will be possible to dress up.

The Meta Avatars Store will be available in the US, Canada, Thailand and Mexico for Facebook, Instagram and Messenger and is scheduled to begin service in June 2022. Clothing brands such as Prada, Balenciaga and Tom Brown have already entered the market and will sell motocross costumes, hoodies and suits. Details such as price have not been revealed.

The company, which has a history of changing the company name to 'Meta' in order to promote 'Metaverse', introduced avatars that can be used on Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger in February 2022, and with others on the online platform. We have taken a strategy to further improve the quality of communication. It is said that this avatar can create more than 100 billion appearances by combining it, and with the introduction of digital clothing this time, users will be able to express themselves even more richly in virtual space.

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