Report that the real name was output as the full name when the handle name was entered in the sentence generation AI 'GPT-3'

The text generation AI ' GPT-3 ' developed by the AI research group OpenAI is attracting a lot of attention because it can generate texts that are indistinguishable from humans. A horrifying story about GPT-3 was posted on the news sharing site Hacker News, saying, 'When I entered my handle name, a sentence containing my real name was generated.'

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GPT-3 developed by OpenAI is an AI that generates sentences according to the instructed content, and because of the high accuracy of the generated sentences, it is attracting a lot of attention such as being adopted by Microsoft's business services . On the other hand, since GPT-3 is trained based on a huge amount of texts on the net, it has been pointed out that it produces dirty words and sentences with discriminatory content.

Regarding such GPT-3, Mr. BoppreH, a user of Hacker News, reported a case that 'when I entered my handle name (BoppreH), a sentence containing the real name was generated'. According to BoppreH, BoppreH's real name is unusual and unlikely to be a coincidence. BoppreH also states that he rarely uses his real name online, and it is difficult to associate his real name with his handle unless he searches in detail.

BoppreH is not the only one claiming the risk of personal information leaks due to AI. For example, in 2020, 'a research paper discussing the risk of personal information leakage due to learning data of machine learning' was published, and Google also pointed out the risk of personal information leakageabout GPT-2, the predecessor of GPT-3. Is posting.

Google and Facebook have a contact point for requesting deletion of data that invades privacy, but OpenAI does not have a similar contact point. 'Personally, it's not a big deal for my real name to be revealed, but AI can also know my political ideas, sexual interests, and black history when I was 13 years old,' BoppreH said. There is a sexuality. In the era of GDPR enforcement, AI feels like a setback in terms of privacy, 'he said, blaming the current state of privacy being compromised by AI.

BoppreH's post has a lot of comments discussing AI and privacy, including users who report that the personal information 'I moved to Poland in 2008' was output as a result of entering my name. Is also appearing. On the other hand, as a result of searching for 'BoppreH' on Google, he pointed out that he could easily reach Mr. BoppreH's real name, and there is also a comment recommending to hide his real name as much as possible and keep anonymous when working on the Internet.

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