Netflix conducts new tests to get 100 million account-sharing users to pay correctly

With paid subscription services such as Netflix, there are almost always users who share their account passwords and consume content illegally. In the case of Netflix, it seems that there are as many as 100 million users who share an account and use it, that is, users who are watching content without paying the usage fee to Netflix, and it is a little for these users. But Netflix continues to try and error to get you paid.

An Update to Paid Sharing --About Netflix

Netflix (NFLX) Tests Another Way to Charge for Password Sharing --Bloomberg

In March 2022, Netflix announced the ability to share accounts and force users to watch content fraudulently. Netflix has a paid plan that assumes account sharing with multiple people, but until now it was unclear when 'when can I share an account', so it seems that Netflix does not intend it. It seems that account sharing was being done. Therefore, Netflix has created an option that allows users who share accounts with non-family members to easily and securely participate in account sharing, and for users in Chile, Costa Rica, and Peru, 'Add sub-account' and 'Add sub-account'. Announced that it will provide 'Transfer Profiles to New Accounts'.

Netflix is testing the ability to share accounts and pay users who watch fraudulently-GIGAZINE

However, some users who actually used this feature complained.

Netflix reports that 'experiments to prevent account sharing' in some areas are causing confusion for users-GIGAZINE

Apart from the 'experiments to prevent account sharing' conducted in countries such as Chile, Costa Rica and Peru, Netflix is a new Netflix user in five Latin American countries: Argentina, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Dominican Republic. Announced that it will conduct a test asking you to pay an additional fee if you use your account outside of your home. This is a measure to prevent users from sharing your Netflix account fraudulently, which could allow Netflix to make more money.

In tests conducted in five Latin American countries, 'If you use your Netflix account outside your home for more than two weeks, you will be required to pay an additional fee.' Please note that this limitation is provided as an 'Add Home' feature, and you will not be asked to add a home when using Netflix from mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops. The additional charge for non-home use is 219 pesos (about 240 yen) per house in Argentina, $ 2.99 (about 410 yen) per house in other countries, and for the basic plan. You can add one house, two houses for the standard plan, and up to three houses for the premium plan.

In April 2022, Netflix reported that the number of paying members decreased for the first time in the past 10 years, and claimed that the reason for the decrease in paying members was '100 million people share accounts.' Increasing the number of paid Netflix members and monthly usage fees per account will directly improve Netflix's revenue. That's why Netflix has come up with a variety of initiatives to get as much money as possible from account sharers.

The number of Netflix members has decreased for the first time in the past 10 years, and we are considering a plan with advertisement as a countermeasure, and it is because 100 million of users are sharing passwords --GIGAZINE

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