[Get PS5 for free] GIGAZINE summer gift large release project 'Please answer the questionnaire and bring them all!'

The time has come for a summer gift project from GIGAZINE, which is good news for those who say, ``I want a reward to blow away the summer heat!'' ``I want to enjoy indoor life!'' This time, GIGAZINE will release a large number of items reviewed from spring to summer and items that were sleeping in the editorial department as gifts.

This time's gift is Sony's latest game console '

PlayStation 5 (PS5) ' that achieves 4K resolution and maximum 120fps, air purifier ' AIRROBO AR400 ' that can handle 35 tatami mats and removes 99.97% of fine particles, with the power of air. ' AeroPress Go ' that can extract full-fledged rich coffee, high-performance wireless mouse ' MX Master 3S ', wireless mechanical keyboard 'MX Mechanical Mini ', web camera with microphone, speaker and light ' AnkerWork B600 Video Bar ' ”, and a total of 27 types, including an Amazon gift card worth 30,000 yen.

The application for gifts also serves as a questionnaire for researching points that cannot be understood only by access analysis, ``What kind of people are reading GIGAZINE?'' !” I would be very grateful if someone could answer. See below for how to enter and a list of prizes.

◆ Application period
From July 23, 2022 (Sat) to August 14, 2022 (Sun) 23:59.

◆ Announcement of winners
After Monday, August 15, 2022, GIGAZINE will send a winning notification email to the winner to the email address at the time of application. In response to the notification email, please fill in the information such as the address necessary for sending the gift and reply. Also, there is a high probability that winning notification emails will be treated as spam. . We plan to notify the winners by August 15th, but if the winner does not respond by the deadline, the rights will move to the next candidate. For this reason, there may be a gap between the application deadline and the notification of winning.

So, the list of gifts is from the following. Basically, the reviewed product has a link to the review article, so if you are interested in 'What kind of product is it?' Please click on it. Since you will enter the gift number when you apply for the questionnaire, it is better to write down the gift number you want. In addition, it is not an unopened item because it was opened once when the item was photographed. Also, unless otherwise noted, it is an unused item.

◆ 01: Sony ' PlayStation 5 Digital Edition ' (1 person)
It is a next-generation game console released on November 12, 2020. You can play the popular game software ' Ghost of Tsushima ', whose cumulative sales will soonreach 10 million units, and ' ELDEN RING ', which boasts an extremely difficult death game, in high definition.

Because it is a model without a disc drive , you cannot play packaged software or use it as a Blu-ray player.

In addition, you can check the review that actually played PS5 from the following article.

Review of actually playing 'PlayStation 5', enjoy beautiful graphics of 4K HDR & realistic vibration of DualSense - GIGAZINE

◆ 02: AIRROBO ' AR400 ' (1 person)
I got it from AIRROBO as a present. It is an air purifier equipped with a HEPA filter that removes even the new coronavirus and pollen in the air while supporting the overwhelming size of 35 tatami mats. In addition, I use it for review article creation.

◆ 03: Ogawa Coffee ' AeroPress Go ' (2 people)
I got it from Ogawa Coffee as a present. This product is a smaller version of the AeroPress , which extracts rich coffee using the power of compressed air.

◆ 04: Anker '

Soundcore Life Note 3S (Black) ' (1 person)
It is an inner ear type wireless earphone. It is black in color and comes with its own case.

The playback time is up to 5 hours with the earphones only, and up to 35 hours when using the charging case. Compatible with Bluetooth 5.2 and waterproof standard IPX4.

The charging terminal is USB Type-C, and the charging time is about 1.5 hours (earphones) and about 3 hours (charging case). The weight including the charging case is about 59g.

◆ 05: Anker '

Soundcore SPORT X10 (Black) ' (1 person)
It is a canal type wireless earphone. It is a sports model designed to prevent the ear hooks from falling off.

The playback time is up to 8 hours with the earphones only, and up to 32 hours when using the charging case. It supports noise canceling, Bluetooth 5.2, and waterproof standard IPX7.

Four types of ear tips are included in addition to the ones already attached to the main unit.

The charging terminal is USB Type-C, and the charging time is about 1.5 hours (earphones) and about 2 hours (charging case). The weight including the charging case is about 54g.

◆ 06: Mattel '

ONO 99 ' (1 person)
I got it from Mattel as a gift. A new type of card game that competes for survival by adding and subtracting numbers, which appeared from Mattel, which sells 'UNO'.

◆ 07: Mattel '

Uno All Wild ' (1 person)
I got it from Mattel as a gift. It is a card game that eliminates the number cards of 'UNO' and changes all cards to wild cards without colors or numbers.

◆ 08: Logitech '

MX Master 3S (Pale Gray) ' (1 person)
Logitech gave it to me as a gift. It is the successor model of the high-end high-performance wireless mouse ' MX Master 3 '.

◆ 09: Logicool 'MX Master 3S (graphite)' (1 person)
Logitech gave it to me as a gift. It is a different color version of the above mouse.

◆ 10: Logitech '

MX Mechanical Mini Linear (Red Axis) ' (1 person)
Logitech gave it to me as a gift. A tenkeyless keyboard with mechanical switches, this 'red axis' has a light feel when the keys are pressed and is smooth to use.

◆ 11: Logitech 'MX Mechanical Mini Clicky (blue axis)' (1 person)
Logitech gave it to me as a gift. The blue axis has a clicking feeling like a click, and you can get the feeling of pressing the key more reliably.

◆ 12: 'MX Mechanical Mini Tactile Quiet (brown axis)' (1 person)
Logitech gave it to me as a gift. The keystroke feel of the brown axis is between the red axis and the blue axis. The feel is smooth and smooth, but the touch gives you feedback, so you can feel as if you are pressing the keys firmly with your fingers.

◆ 13: Sony ``

BOOK (BLACK) with full-size multi-pouch of the first PlayStation ' ' (1 person)
It is a book that comes with a pouch that reproduces the original PlayStation in full size. Basic information and chronological table of PlayStation, recommended software of celebrities, etc. are described. Product used for review.

◆ 14: Anker '

AnkerWork B600 Video Bar ' (1 person)
It's a versatile webcam with a camera, a speaker, a microphone, and even a light that illuminates you. You can check the reviews you actually used with the products used in the review from this link .

◆ 15: Agney '

Jigsaw Plate ' (1 person)
Agney gave it to me as a gift. A wooden plate that can be used in combination with several plates, 2 small plates and 1 large plate engraved with 'Gigajin'. Used once for review and washed after use.

◆16 “LEGO® City Mission Mars Exploration Mission” “LEGO® City Mission Water Police Mission” “LEGO® City Mission Wildlife Rescue Mission” (2 people each)
Lego gave it to me as a gift. You can assemble according to the instructions of the dedicated app or practice your own way of assembling, so you can experience a different way of playing with LEGO so far. Which one you get depends on your luck.

◆ 17: Anker '

511 Power Bank (PowerCore Fusion 5000) (Black) ' (1 person)
It is a stick type mobile battery and charger. I am using it for review.

◆ 18: JVC Kenwood '

DRV-C770R ' (1 person)
I got it from JVC Kenwood as a present. It is a drive recorder that covers a wide range with a front camera with a 360-degree viewing angle and a rear camera with a 163-degree viewing angle.

◆ 19: Anker '

711 Charger (Nano II 30W) (Black) ' (1 person)
This is a USB adapter that supports USB PD and can output up to 30W.

The size is about 32 x 28 x 27mm (excluding the plug part) and the weight is about 34g. The output is 5.0V=3.0A/9.0V=3.0A/15.0V=2.0A/20.0V=1.5A (maximum 30W).

The actual feeling of use is like this. Please note that the cable is not included.

◆ 20: Domina Games '

Blade Rondo Gaiden Cross Lords ' (1 person)
This is a card game that is a side story of Domina Games ' popular fighting card game ' Blade Rondo ' series.

◆ 21: Anker '

633 Magnetic Battery (MagGo) (Black) ' (1 person)
It is a mobile battery with a capacity of 10000mAh and magnetic/wireless output.

The size is about 107x66x18mm and the weight is about 218g.

Equipped with USB Type-A port x 1 on the bottom. The output when using a single port is 5V=3A/9V=2A (maximum 18W).

USB Type-C × 1 is mounted on the side. The output when using a single port is 5V=3A/9V=2.22A (maximum 20W), and the total output when using multiple ports is maximum 18W.

A stand is mounted on the back ... ...

You can charge the iPhone 13, etc. that supports wireless charging by standing like this. Wireless output is up to 7.5W. Compatible models for wireless charging are iPhone 13/13 mini/13 Pro/13 Pro Max, iPhone 12/12 mini/12 Pro/12 Pro Max, and are not compatible with anything other than the iPhone 13/12 series.

Also supports horizontal orientation.

Looking from the back, it looks like this.

◆ 22: IO data 'Wired keyboard

IS-KBJ ' 'micro SDHC card MSDU1-32GR ' (1 person)
It was provided by IO Data as a gift. A set of 2 and a gift for 1 person.

The size of the keyboard is length 12 x width 28.4 x height 1.9 cm. Weight is about 381g. Neat key design with no numeric keypad and no printing of 'Kana'.

You can see that it is slightly tilted when viewed from the side. In addition, angle adjustment is not possible.

The micro SDHC card is a not-for-sale model. It has a capacity of 32GB and supports UHS Speed Class1 and Speed Class10.

◆ 23: Anker '

PowerHouse ' (1 person)
It is a portable power supply with a capacity of 434Wh. It is an item that has been used at GIGAZINE.

16.8 V / 3 A input port on the far left, cigar socket from the right: 12 V / 10 A, USB port x 4: 5 V / 6 A (maximum 2.4 A for each port), AC: 110 V / 1.09 A.

The size is about 200x145x165mm and the weight is about 4.2kg.

◆ 24: PRINGLES '

Vacuum insulation sour cream & onion 500mL water bottle BOOK ' (1 person)
A set of a vacuum-insulated bottle that perfectly reproduces the appearance of potato chips ' Pringles Sour Cream & Onion ' and a booklet that includes Pringles' arrangement recipes.

Product used in review. You can check the feeling of use of the bottle and the comparison with actual potato chips from the following article.

I tried using `` PRINGLES Vacuum Insulated Sour Cream & Onion 500 mL Water Bottle BOOK '' with a vacuum insulated bottle that looks like it contains potatoes - GIGAZINE

◆ 25: Megahouse ' Mosasaurus Restoration Puzzle ' ' Triceratops Restoration Puzzle ' ' Tyrannosaurus Restoration Puzzle ' ' Mammoth Restoration Puzzle ' (1 person each)
Provided by Megahouse. Which one you get depends on your luck.

No glue is used, so you can take it apart and reassemble it from scratch.

◆ 26: Red Bull Box Cart Race 'Hat/T-shirt' (1 person)
This is a souvenir I bought locally when I covered the '

Red Bull Boxcart Race ' held in London, England on July 2, 2022.

The T-shirt size is XL and the fabric is 100% organic cotton.

The Red Bull Boxcart Race logo is printed on the left chest.

The back looks like this.

When an editorial staff with a height of 164 cm actually wears it, it looks like this. In addition, the new item that has not been worn will be offered as a gift.

The hat has hooks that allow you to adjust the size.

◆ 27: '

Amazon gift card (for 30,000 yen) ' (1 person)

Also, the GIGAZINE editorial department is also getting hit by this heat and it's getting hotter, so I'm thinking that I want a gift to keep updating the article from now on, so I'll give you something from the Amazon wish list below please!

Amazon Wish List

The giveaway project has ended. Thank you for all the applications!

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