'Chim Chim God Mini' with a cute buttocks that stick out

A mini version of the ceramic art work 'Chim Chim God' by potter

Ryota Aoki 'Chim Chim God Mini' has appeared at the venue of Wonder Festival 2022 [Summer] . A variety of variations are used to express the sexy appearance, the appearance without hail, and the appearance of being uncertain about how to express it.

CHIM CHIM GOD MINI --Ceramic artist Ryota Aoki

The eye-catching, standing-up guy at the booth is 'Chim Chim God.'

It doesn't feel like a 'shintai', but it can be purchased for 2 million yen.

This is Chim Chim God, which is characterized by its shiny platinum plating. It can be purchased as well.

The head (?) That gives a firm impression.

There is a hole at the tip.

Gacha Gacha has appeared at the Wonder Festival venue, and you can draw Chim Chim God Mini for 1000 yen each time. It's a pretty big game.

Seen from a distance, it looks like soft vinyl, but it's all pottery. Individuals with 'dripping' on their heads are baked with a different glaze. It seems that each color has various powers, such as gold for increasing luck and platinum for increasing talent.

The appealing point is that it is a slippery and sexy butt that sticks out.

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