I saw a life-sized figure in the state of 'Nanachi appeared in front of me' at Wonder Festival 2022 [Summer] venue

A 1/1 scale, life-size figure of the popular character Nanachi from '

Made in Abyss ' has appeared at the F: NEX booth at Wonder Festival 2022 [Summer].

F: I came to the NEX booth.

Nanachi stands in a corner of the booth. He is about 155 cm tall.

It seems that you can not tell the size at all in the photo, so I put Suica in front of the case to convey the scale. …… In short, it is a size that is not easy to express as “how many Suica cards”.

If you look straight ahead, your eyes will meet.

Looking up Nanachi


Made in Abyss Nanachi 1/1 Scale Life-size Figure ' (Prototype / Coloring: Design Coco, ©つくしあきひと・竹書房/メイドインアビス「烈日の黄金郷」製作委員会) is a completely made-to-order product and reserved. The reception period is from July 22nd to October 31st, 2022. Shipped sequentially from September 2023. The price is 484,000 yen including tax.

There is also a 1/4 scale Nanachi that is smaller than life size but is big enough.


Made in Abyss Nanachi 1/4 Scale Figure ' (prototype / body coloring: Design Coco, ©つくしあきひと・竹書房/メイドインアビス「烈日の黄金郷」製作委員会) is also a completely made-to-order product. The reservation period is from July 14th to October 31st, 2022, and will be shipped in July 2023. The price is 84,700 yen including tax.

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