'OIRAN' is a three-dimensional work that combines Japanese elements that foreigners like, such as kimono, hairdressing, and Buddha statues.

'OIRAN' and others who said, '

I tried to create a three-dimensional work by combining Japanese elements (Japanese clothing, hairdressing, Buddhist statues, manga, anime, figures) that overseas people like ' appeared at Wonder Festival 2022 [Summer] . ..

Three glittering life-sized figures.

As the name 'OIRAN' suggests, it looks like an Oiran and a Buddha statue, a mysterious feeling.

OIRAN (Ichi, II, San), a set of 3 bodies costs 25,000 yen, and a single unit costs 10,000 yen.

The painting example is by

Jun betty , and the theme is 'Oiran, mannequin, Buddha statue'.

OIRAN bust (1/6 scale), 5000 yen.

The Chibiran (Ichi) figure is 8000 yen with a pupil decal.

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